Kitchen design 5 sq.m. meters from repair to decoration

Kitchen area of ​​5 square meters. meters is often found in the Khrushchev, typical panel houses and houses of the old foundation. To fit in such a tiny space working and dining area is quite difficult, but it is possible. From this material you will learn how much depends on what furniture is chosen and how it is arranged, what color the walls are painted, how the light is built and what curtains hang on the windows. And here you can get a lot of super-ideas for design, repair, planning and redevelopment from a selection of 50 photos of real interiors.


To the kitchen 5 square. meters fit both the working and dining area, there is no other way out, how to plan the arrangement of furniture G-shaped or linear.

  • L-shaped (angular) lay-out is good in that it allows you to place a plate, a sink and a refrigerator according to the rule of the "working triangle", and also to use the angle and two walls. By assembling kitchen furniture in this way, you will get a roomy work area and enough storage space. True, the size of the dining area will have to "save" and choose a table / bar for 2 people. An example of a corner kitchen 5 sq.m. meters is shown in the photo below.
  • Corner kitchen in Khrushchev
  • Corner kitchen in Khrushchev
  • Corner kitchen in Khrushchev
  • Corner kitchen in Khrushchev

Corner kitchen in Khrushchev

  • The linear layout is more compact, but a little less convenient, since for cooking, the culinary will have to run along the entire kitchen line many times. However, in such a small room it is not so difficult. But the dining table can be placed and more roomy - designed for 3-4 people.

Linear layout of a small kitchen

If the kitchen is only a utilitarian room, and the dining area is moved to another room, then you can consider a U-shaped or two-row layout.

  • Two-row scheme of furniture arrangement is an excellent option for a narrow room. Typically, the kitchen is configured as follows: the cooker, sink, food preparation area and dishwasher are located on one side, and the refrigerator, oven and microwave oven are on the opposite side.
  • U-shaped layout - the most convenient, because everything you need for cooking is at hand. The disadvantage is the cumbersomeness of the U-shaped headset. Most of all, this option is suitable for a square kitchen. In the next photo slider you can see the interior of the kitchen 5 sq. M. meters with a U-shaped set and a dining area, taken out into the living room.
  • U-shaped kitchen layout in Khrushchev
  • U-shaped kitchen layout in Khrushchev
  • U-shaped kitchen layout in Khrushchev
  • U-shaped kitchen layout in Khrushchev

When designing your kitchen in U-shape or in two rows, remember that the passage between the furniture should be at least 90 cm.

Color spectrum

Kitchen area of ​​5 square meters. meters must necessarily be light and more monochrome than multi-color or contrast.

  • Best visually increases the space and solves the problem of lack of light white color. In a small kitchen 5 sq.m. meters of it should be more than any other colors. In fact, white can be a facade and a headset, and decoration, and a dining group, and even curtains. Do not be afraid of the march of white surfaces. In fact, they are as practical as any color ones. And that this interior does not seem too "hospital", use a few shades of white (from milky to ivory) and different textures (from gloss to stone).
White kitchen 5 sq.m. meters

Design of a small kitchen 5 sq.m. meters in one-room Khrushchev

White kitchen 5 sq.m. meters

  • In a pair of white you can choose other light shades: light gray, light blue, cream, beige.
  • Try not to use more than 3 colors in the interior, otherwise there is a risk of "overloading" the interior.

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  • "Spread" the walls will help correct laying the floor. If you have chosen a ceramic tile, then it should be laid diagonally. Wooden floors and laminate flooring in narrow rooms are placed either diagonally or across the room. Ideally, the flooring dies should be small, folded into a descent or "herringbone".
  • The famous lack of kitchens in the Khrushchev's is not only a small area, but also low ceilings. "Raise" them will help wallpaper in a diamond or in a vertical strip. But be careful, the narrow kitchen abundance of vertical lines will narrow even more.
Design a small kitchen design with striped wallpaper

Design project of a small kitchen with striped wallpaper

  • It is desirable that the walls are solid and without patterns. But if you want to paste wallpaper, then choose a cloth with a small pattern of muted shades. Wallpaper with a large and colorful print is the most secure to glue on only one wall.
  • Create the illusion of a large space help wallpapers with a perspective image. For example, it may be a city street, a road leading to a distance or a forest path.

Photo wallpapers in a small kitchen

  • Another super-effective technique - facing the walls with a mirror. If you decorate the whole wall or a large area (for example, an apron or a wall near the dining area), the space will appear more visually. And if the window reflects in the mirror, then the natural light will increase.

Mirrors in the interior of a small kitchen-dining room

  • To add a small space feeling of airiness and lightness, use in the finish of the apron shiny, glossy or "satin" surfaces. For example, tile-ham or glass.

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Remodeling and zoning

Перепланировка – это всегда трудо-, время- и финансово затратное мероприятие, однако с ее помощью вы сможете кардинально изменить и увеличить маленькую кухню. Есть два варианта перепланировки: объединение кухни со смежными помещениями or перенос перегородок.

  • Moving the partition and increasing the kitchen due to adjacent rooms. Pros: increase the kitchen by a couple of square meters, which makes it possible to equip a full dining room and work area. At the same time the kitchen remains isolated - odors and noises will not penetrate into the remaining rooms. Minuses: the area of ​​the living room / corridor is reduced, the repair is complicated and expensive due to the erection of new partitions.

Below is a plan of the apartment with the transfer of the partition and the increase in the area of ​​the kitchen due to adjacent premises.

The plan of the apartment with the transfer of the partition and the increase in the area of ​​the kitchen due to the living room and the corridor

The plan of the apartment with the transfer of the partition and the increase in the area of ​​the kitchen due to the living room and the corridor

На следующих фото представлен интерьер кухни в однокомнатной хрущевке, которую увеличor за счет гостиной.

Barstand from the windowsill

  • Interior of living room
  • Interior of living room
  • Bar counter in a small kitchen
  • Bar counter in a small kitchen
  • Bar counter in a small kitchen

Имейте в виду, что передел квартиры даже со сносом ненесущих конструкций требует согласования с жorщными инспекциями.

  • Combining the kitchen with the living room и/or hallway. Плюсы: пространство становится удобным для семейного отдыха, трапез и встреч с гостями, кухня увеличивается за счет переноса обеденной группы в зону гостиной or на границу двух комнат, появляется возможность обустроить полноценную и вместительную столовую зону. Минусы: нет возможности уединиться, шумы и запахи из кухни могут мешать отдыхающим в гостиной (и наоборот), беспорядок в той or иной зоне будет портить общий вид комнаты.

Below are the plans for a two-bedroom apartment in a typical Khrushchevka before the redevelopment and after the unification of the kitchen with the living room.

Plan of the apartment before re-planning

Plan of a two-room apartment in Khrushchevka before re-planning

Layout of an apartment with a combined kitchen and living room

Layout of an apartment with a combined kitchen and living room

And here is a clear example of the design of a combined kitchen-living room in a one-room Khrushchev.

  • Kitchen-living room in Khrushchev
  • Kitchen-living room in Khrushchev

Kitchen-living room in Khrushchev

Plan for replanning a one-room Khrushchev

Apartment layouts "before" and "after" alterations

Чтобы объединенная кухня-гостиная or кухня-прихожая выглядела упорядоченно, ее необходимо зонировать. Границу зон можно обозначить лишь визуальными приемами (с помощью разной отделки стен, полов и потолков, освещения, ковров) or физическими «разграничителями». Например, это может быть мебель, низкая перегородка, потолочная балка, перегородка с арочным or открытым дверным проемом, растения, стеклянная перегородка, раздвижные двери и занавески. В следующей подборке фото представлены примеры зонирования объединённых кухонь-гостиных.

Kitchen 5 sq. M. meters in Khrushchev

Arched opening

Zoning with a glass partition

Sliding glass door in small kitchen

Пример зонирования кухни-hallway в квартире-студии

  • Sliding door
  • Sliding door


A lot depends on the choice of furniture. Here are some tips to help you plan your kitchen set:

  • Since on a tiny 5-meter kitchen there is a catastrophic lack of space for storing things, you need to use its height, that is, the walls. Choose a three-tier kitchen set to the ceiling and place on the uppermost shelves those things that are not needed in the kitchen often (glasses, festive service, grocery stores, bottles for pickles, etc.). By the way, in the additional tier you can hide the air duct.
  • Кроме верха кухонного шкафа можно задействовать и его низ, а именно цоколь. Если встроить в него несколько выкатных ящиков, получатся отличные хранorща для мелочей.

Drawer drawers in the kitchen cupboards

  • Ideally, the kitchen set should be ordered according to individual sizes, because no one centimeter should be wasted.
  • Чтобы визуально облегчить интерьер, фасады кухонного гарнитура стоит подобрать глянцевые or со стеклянными вставками, хорошо подойдут и сплошные дверцы без филенок и даже без ручек.

White small kitchen

  • The universal color of the kitchen set is white. It is also good if in the kitchen there is a gas stove. In fact, among white facades the white box will be almost invisible (see photo).

Kitchen with gas stove

  • Another good option is a set in the tone of the walls.

No less scrupulous need to go to the choice of table and chairs. After all, in the mini-kitchen, they should be maxi-functional and super-compact.

  • The most "miniature" solution will be a bar counter. In an isolated kitchen, it can be equipped on the basis of a window sill (see photo examples below), and in a kitchen combined with a living room, put on the border of the rooms.
Kitchen 5 sq. M. meters in Khrushchev

In the corner kitchen area of ​​5 square meters. meters you can find a place for snacks, refurbishing the windowsill in the bar

Table from the window sill

Example of a table-sill

And here is an example of a design of a combined kitchen-living room with a bar counter.

Bar counter in the kitchen-living room

Bar counter in the kitchen-living room

A bar mini-bar can be integrated into the niche of the headset, as shown in this photo.

Bar counter in a small kitchen in a niche

  • Another mobile solution is a folding table, which, when assembled, turns into a hinged shelf.

Folding table in small kitchen

  • In the 5-meter kitchen will fit and a small round coffee table for 1-2 people.

Coffee table

Если ваш образ жизни никак не вяжется с мини-столами, выберите стол на 3-4 человек прямоугольной or квадратной формы – они более рационально расходуют место. Желательно, чтобы он мог легко складываться и раскладываться.

  • Стулья подойдут легкие, компактные и функциональные. Например, это могут быть складные «садовые» стулья, прозрачные стулья из поликарбоната, скамьи, табуреты or уголки со встроенными ящиками для хранения вещей.

Dining area in a small kitchen


To save space in the work area, choose small-sized and embedded equipment.

The refrigerator is better to choose a narrow, but high, dishwasher suitable for a width of 45 cm, and a cooking surface - with 2-3 burners.

Хорошо, если бытовые приборы будут сочетать в себе сразу несколько функций: мультиварка+хлебопечка, комбайн+мясорубка+соковыжималка or духовка+микроволновка.


Correct lighting is a pledge of coziness. In a small kitchen, it must be a lot.

  • Daylight penetration should not interfere with curtains, furniture, or extra items on the windowsill.
  • Искусственный свет важно распределить как можно более равномерно по всей комнате. Идеально подойдет такой сценарий освещения: точечные светильники по периметру потолка + мебельная подсветка рабочей зоны + бра or люстра над столом.

Example of lighting a small kitchen

  • The lamps you choose are miniature and laconic.

Kitchen interior in white tones


All small kitchens tend to seem cluttered and cluttered. Even magnets on the refrigerator can bring a sense of disorganization into the 5-meter kitchen. Therefore, the most important principle of its decor - "less - it means more." However, it is not necessary to give up jewelry and accessories, otherwise the interior will turn out to be too minimalistic. Pairs of small paintings / posters / photo frames on the wall, a pot with a flower of the room and wall clocks will be enough to create coziness.

White small kitchen in Khrushchevka

White small kitchen in Khrushchevka

As for curtains, then short and laconic kinds of curtains are best: Roman and roller blinds, blinds and curtains-cafe as in the photo below.

Curtains-cafe in the interior of a small kitchen

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