Kitchen design 8 square meters

American architects call the kitchen of the home workshop. It is proved that the correct organization of space in this room increases its functionality, and allows the hostess to save about 30% of the time and effort.

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It is especially difficult to correctly place all necessary furniture and household appliances in the kitchen, if the room is small. However, this task can not be called impracticable.

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Choose a layout

To begin with, it is necessary to take into account all the features of the available interior conditions of the room. The easiest way is to equip the kitchen, which has the shape of a square or rectangle, but there are often complex options: direct long kitchens, or kitchens with niches or boxes.

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Whatever the room, you should initially carefully measure it, then scale the resulting dimensions and transfer them to the diagram.

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The most popular types of layout in a small kitchen:

  • Linear - when the headset is installed in one line along the wall;
  • L-shaped, or angular - when the headset is set by the letter F along two walls in contact with each other;
  • U-shaped - when the set is installed with the letter П along three adjacent walls;
  • G-shaped - when the set is installed along one wall, partially occupying two parallel walls;
  • two-line - the set is installed along two parallel walls to each other;
  • kitchen island - in the middle of the room is installed the so-called island with a working surface, into which can be mounted a stove, a sink and other household appliances, it is this island that becomes the main part of the headset.

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In a room measuring 8 square meters, it is most reasonable to install linear and L-shaped headsets, abandoning the remaining options, since they require too much space and space.

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Organization of a comfortable working area

Prepared a plan will help to take into account every centimeter of the room and use it competently in the organization of the kitchen space. On the sketch you can draw all the design of the kitchen, calculate the options for installing the facades, determine the height and width of the furniture, place the set and household appliances correctly, arrange the ceramic tiles on the working apron, and calculate the required materials.

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You can draw the diagram manually, using an ordinary pencil and scale ruler for this. You can also use a specialized computer program, which itself will quickly calculate and create a model of the future kitchen in 3D format. Particular attention should be paid to the organization of the work area.

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It is recommended to use headsets with high cabinets, deep niches and a lot of drawers, shelves and modules. Due to the greater capacity, such a set will significantly save space. As for household appliances, it should be built-in. Ideal furniture options for kitchen arrangement 8 sq. M. meters: a mini-suite, modular furniture, mobile kitchens and headsets-transformers.

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Selection and placement of a dining table

For a kitchen of this size, a folding table is excellent, which is an ergonomic, comfortable and stylish model. Its main advantage is that it does not take up much space. This option allows you to significantly save space when staying in folded form.

When the guests appear such a table can be expanded in a few minutes and the surface of the countertop is increased by 1.5-2 times. To fold a model equipped with a high-quality mechanism, it takes a maximum of three movements.

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The frame of such a table should be strong enough, then it will last a very long time (the use of reliable metal parts is welcomed). Massive and reliable should also be the legs, so that the table can easily withstand the additional load. Tables folding design are made in different forms: oval, round, square, rectangular. They are made of wood, plastic, chipboard.

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The transformer table is also great for a kitchen of 8 sq. M. meters. The main feature of this model lies in its ability to increase not only in length and width, but even in height. If required, the table immediately turns into a compact product that can easily be pushed into any corner of the kitchen.

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Models of transformer tables are equipped with special devices, thanks to which the operation of the product is very simple and easy. The main disadvantages of this design include high cost, inconvenient location of the legs, some cumbersomeness and heaviness. However, the massiveness of the model will be perfectly combined with all classical interiors.

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In the kitchen 8 sq. M. meters can also use a round table, while it is recommended to choose furniture from light materials, abandoning the massive and cumbersome items that occupy a lot of space.

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Every thing in the kitchen should be as functional as possible. For example, a sofa corner must necessarily be equipped with a niche under the seat, in which you can store different kitchen utensils. All lockers should reach the maximum as far as possible, thereby stretching the space of the kitchen. Visually expand the room will help horizontal stripes on the walls.

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Placement of a refrigerator and other household appliances

Placement of household appliances will depend on what layout of the kitchen is used. If it is L-shaped, the refrigerator can be placed near the window, placing a sink in the corner of the headset - the hob may be located between them. Thus, the working triangle will be created in the short line of the letter G.

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With a linear layout, the refrigerator can be placed near the wall, next to it you can install a plate, then a working surface and a sink. Do not forget about other household appliances, without which you can not do in the kitchen. It is better if it is built-in.

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Wall, ceiling and floor finishing

Variants of wall decoration in a kitchen measuring 8 sq. M. There are a lot of meters, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Each of them should be considered in detail:

  • Vinyl wallpapers - a good way of finishing the walls. The main thing is to choose a wallpaper of light colors. You can use it to create a classic interior style, art deco style, provence and country.
  • Decorative plaster - A great way that is perfect for a small kitchen. Can be used when creating country styles, Provence, Classic.
  • Decorative panels - suitable for creating in a small kitchen styles of art deco, high-tech and modern.
  • Ceramic tile - from this method of finishing the walls in a small room is better to refuse, as the tiles visually make the kitchen even smaller and will create in it the effect of the box. Use ceramic tiles can only be done when finishing the kitchen apron and work area.
  • Decorative concrete - a wonderful way to finish the walls in the kitchen 8 km meters with the arrangement of high-tech style and minimalism. Concrete can be painted, or leave its natural color, which perfectly fits into the industrial design.
  • Painting walls with water-based or acrylic paint - this method of decoration is ideal for arranging a small kitchen. It will be nice to combine with the styles of country, Provence, high-tech, minimalism.

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For finishing the floor, you can use materials such as porcelain tiles, laminate, tiles. Not bad in the interior will look like a bulk floor. It is important that in color it is combined with the general interior of the room. As for the ceiling, it is recommended to make it simply white (for this you can use a tensioning structure).

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How to make a window

The less texture in the finish of such a kitchen, the better. Ideally, you should use one or two materials that are close in texture, in a single color scheme. The simpler the room looks, the more spacious it seems.

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This applies to curtains too - you should not use large heavy curtains that restrict light access to the kitchen and make it close. Much more suitable light short curtains, or Roman curtains. You can also use a muslin or blinds.

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Organization of lighting

When lighting the kitchen 8 sq. M. meters should adhere to the basic rule: it should be a lot. This means that several lighting sources should be installed in the room. Be sure to have spotlights built into the headset, above the dining table you need to place a large chandelier. You can use LED backlight.

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To maximize the reflection of light and create the illusion of a large space, designers recommend installing more glossy and mirrored surfaces in a small kitchen, using glass and translucent plastic for facade equipment.

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Choice of colors

To put the kitchen 8 square. meters looked more spacious, it is recommended to paint walls only in light colors, or to use for their finishing materials of light tones. Ideal colors: pastel, white, beige, light gray, light blue, pale pink, and so on.

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When choosing wallpaper, you should prefer materials with a monochrome coloring, as large patterns and drawings visually steal space and compress it. The choice of the basic color scale will also depend on the style of the interior of the kitchen 8 sq. M. meters.

The options can be:

Country - favorite by many a country style, simple and uncomplicated. To create it, you can use natural materials of natural shades (for example, wood).

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Classic style - Ideal for kitchen arrangement 8 sq. M. meters. Elegant and uncomplicated interior looks great even in a small room. The best shades: beige, white, sand, ivory, coffee with milk.

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More photos of the kitchens in the classical style can be found in our photo gallery.

Provence - the easiest and romantic style. Thanks to the use of white and light shades at its creation, the kitchen 8 sq. M. meters will look more spacious and full of light.

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High tech - a strict style that includes the use of light synthetic materials, metallic shades, contrasting natural tones. You can use a combination of white and black, gray and yellow, blue and red. Suitable for people who like the brevity of the forms and the maximum functionality of the space.

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Minimalism - the name speaks for itself. To arrange such a kitchen requires a minimum of decor, used in the interior colors should be strict and muffled. Suits shades of marsala, white, gray, black, purple, blue.

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If you like minimalism style you can see our photo gallery.

Modern - This style of cuisine 8 square. meters suitable for lovers of so-called luxury simplicity. The interior is created with expensive natural and cheaper synthetic materials, it looks elegant, stylish and at the same time quite practical. The color scale can be either saturated or muted. The most incredible combination of shades is allowed.

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No matter what style was chosen to equip the kitchen 8 sq. M. meters, it is worth making so that the dominant and background shades in the interior were still light colors.

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