Kitchen design combined with balcony

Too much useful living space does not happen - each hostess agrees with this statement. If the kitchen in the apartment is small, it can be combined with a balcony, and as a result, a rather spacious room in which you can freely place all the necessary furniture and appliances.


Advantages and disadvantages

The balcony adjacent to the kitchen is an excellent opportunity to enhance the functionality and decorativeness of the room. By combining the kitchen and the balcony, you can significantly optimize the overall space: increase the sound and heat insulation of the kitchen, increase its area, fill with light.

With the help of the redevelopment of the premises, the owners of the dwelling receive the opportunity to create a non-standard interior, turn the balcony into a bay window or equip a large panoramic window.


Unfortunately, this solution has some drawbacks: the redevelopment of the premises must be legalized with the appropriate state authorities (collect all documents, obtain the necessary permits and order the project).

This entire procedure takes a lot of time and effort, in addition, it is also possible to avoid financial waste. We will have to provide a budget for installing a "warm floor", the insulation of the balcony itself, its decoration and glazing.


How to combine kitchen with balcony - general rules

To begin with, it is necessary to understand that the balcony and the balcony are not the same, there are significant differences between them. In short: the balcony appears in the building, and the loggia is not. The re-planning of these two objects will be different. If necessary, the heating battery can be carried to the loggia, whereas with a balcony this can not be done.


When reworking a balcony, it is necessary to accurately calculate what maximum load it can withstand, because if you exceed this figure, the balcony may simply collapse. Since the loggia is part of a building with three walls in common with it, it can not collapse even under the biggest load (this means that it is not necessary to make calculations).


You can connect the kitchen and the loggia in such ways:

  • partially - leave the lower part of the separating wall, and remodel it into the countertop, doors and windows should be removed;
  • completely - all the walls that separate the loggia and the kitchen are cleaned and a single room is formed.


You can remove only the window - in this case, no official permission to receive will not have to. However, if the owners of the apartment wish to sell it, they will have to recreate its original appearance.

To demolish the wall completely, it is necessary to prepare documents and contact the appropriate authorities. It is important to understand that no one will give permission for demolishing the load-bearing wall between the kitchen and the loggia, and such a venture will have to be abandoned.


You can not carry out work that provides for re-planning in the apartment, without the permission of government agencies - violation of this rule will result in punishment in the form of serious penalties. In addition, after paying all the penalties will have to return the kitchen to its original appearance (that is, again to invest a lot of money in repairs). The first thing you need to do before you start to redesign your own home is to contact the BTI, as well as get a competent consultancy for the designer.


To demolish the partition between the kitchen and the balcony or loggia, and to do it legally - is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Without special preparation and careful study of the issue with this task can not cope. And even if you collect all the necessary documents, and then invest a lot of money in resolving the issue - this will not guarantee a positive result.


To save your own strength and nerves, it is worthwhile to ask for help from specialized companies that take care of the registration of documents and obtaining the required permits. Costs in this case will be slightly higher, but you do not have to spend your own time to solve a rather complicated task.


Competent balcony insulation

To glazing a balcony or loggia was the most effective, it is necessary to use high-quality materials - special profiles of PVC or aluminum, which perfectly hold heat in the room.

To insulate the ceiling, walls and floor should be used mineralized cotton wool, also need to provide a good waterproofing. With this task, a material such as expanded polystyrene plates will do well. Another way of warming a loggia or a balcony is to arrange a heated floor (heating can be provided by an electric convector or a fan heater).


The border between the balcony and the kitchen

Combined with the balcony of the kitchen has a common transition, and it must be properly integrated into the interior. To divide the balcony and the kitchen you can use the so-called "French window". It is also ideal if the owners decided to turn the balcony into a winter garden or a study.

In this case, it is necessary to provide space under the window so that it can be opened freely. If down below the wall you want to arrange flower pots with indoor plants, or pieces of furniture, you should install a window with a sliding system.


The border between the kitchen and the balcony can also be decorated with an arch - this option is perfect for rooms made in different styles. For example, in an urban interior, the square-shaped arch will look harmonious, and the interior made in the modernist style will be decorated with an arch of an abstract form.

Those who prefer the oriental style, can equip a circular arch that divides the working area from the food zone.


Sometimes there is a difference between the floor of the balcony and the kitchen. Align it is not necessary - this feature should be played by creating an interesting design of the room. For example, for finishing the balcony you should use the same materials as for finishing the kitchen, then set the dining table near the outside wall - you will get a wonderful zone for family gatherings and romantic dinners.


Design of kitchen and balcony in one style

The combined premises should be made in the same style. Special attention should be paid to the process of decoration of the united kitchen area. Some tips and tricks will help create a truly attractive and cozy interior, which will appeal to both households and guests. It is worth following the following rules:

  • The floor in the kitchen and on the balcony must be made of the same type of materials, while the floor itself can have several levels;
  • The walls and ceiling of the balcony and the kitchen should be made in the same style;
  • it is important to correctly use the color scheme in the interior - you can pick two tones of the same color and complement them with a contrasting hue (this can be a combination of purple, pink and chocolate, or light green, pistachio and terracotta).


Organization of lighting in the kitchen, combined with a balcony

It is impossible to properly equip the kitchen combined with the balcony, without providing for the organization of lighting. In such a room of light there should be a lot, and preference should be given to warm and soft lighting, penetrating into every corner.

Most often in such conditions, wall sconces and spotlights on the ceiling are used. It is also possible to arrange several ceiling chandeliers, necessarily executed in the same style. In the coloring of plafonds, you can use contrasting tones, or a gradient effect.


Ways to use the balcony

The balcony adjacent to the kitchen can be used in many ways. Before embarking on its arrangement, it is recommended to think about what it is best to turn it into, to make your home even more functional and comfortable.


Rest zone - there are many options for its creation. For example, a balcony can be converted into a cozy place with a mini-bar, it can also equip a children's playground, a private office. To separate such a zone from the kitchen, it is recommended to use a French window or even a conventional screen. The original racks will also suit both decorative and practical functions.


Pantry - On the balcony you can arrange some household appliances, install a stove, equip the working area. It is important to consider what kind of load the balcony can withstand.

Residents of the first floors have the opportunity to transfer the entire kitchen work area to the balcony, but for this you need to obtain a preliminary permit. The balcony, equipped with high shelves at one of the deaf walls, is perfect for storing some kitchen utensils.


Dinner Zone - on a spacious loggia it is quite possible to equip a full-fledged dining area in which all members of the family can be accommodated during the meal. Thanks to this option, the area of ​​the working area is significantly increased, which is very popular with most housewives.

In addition, dining on the loggia with large windows is very interesting, because you can enjoy the views from the window and watch the vagaries of the weather, enjoying a cup of scalding coffee. To further enhance the attractiveness of the loggia, it is worthwhile to equip it with panoramic windows - they will also allow the kitchen to get even more sunlight during the day.


Bar counter - If the loggia is well insulated, it can be installed a full bar, which also perfectly cope with the role of the dining table. It is recommended to equip it from the bottom of the demolished wall, this method will help to save a little during the repair. Under the bar, special places for storing utensils, cans and various kitchen trifles should be arranged.


Installing the refrigerator - The balcony is an excellent place for this. Located in a niche refrigerator will be completely invisible from the kitchen. The main thing is to provide access to electricity for it (most likely, for this purpose you will have to use an extension cord).


Winter Garden - The balcony adjoining the kitchen can be turned into a green zone that pleases the household at any time of the year. Special glazing will promote good lighting, which is so necessary for plants. It is also important to warm the balcony well so that they do not freeze.


Game room - The balcony will be a great place for children, for games in which the apartment is too small. The loggia should be well insulated (it is best to use the "warm floor" system). Be sure to lay a soft mat and arrange a shelf with toys on the shelves.


Combine the balcony and the kitchen so as to get a harmonious space - is quite difficult. However, you can achieve the desired result if you follow the advice of professionals. Renovated kitchen, after completion of all repair work, will become a favorite place of household.


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