Kitchen design green (real photo)

Each housewife spends a few hours a day at the stove. Food is life and passion. But in order to achieve the desired effect of the dish, you need to properly tune in the cooking. And with this the environment is doing very well. The ideal basic tone for the kitchen is, of course, green.


After all, it is the green color of the kitchen that will emphasize all the cheerfulness in the house, and dishes will fill with love and summer warmth.

So, how can you achieve a summer mood in your kitchen? Of course, you can choose something from online catalogs, offers of construction companies. And you can try to make yourself something interesting.

Dilute the summer greens with bright rainbow colors

How many people in the world, as many shades. Thanks to the Russian language, poisonous-green, fiery-green and similar colors appeared on the light. And accordingly, more and more wonderful and surprising design decisions are born. Green cuisine will always attract and fascinate the views of guests.


But one green color is monotonous and boring. And you need to dilute it. How can I do that? Everything is very simple - decor elements, glass inserts, various drawings can become decisive additions in the final image of the kitchen.


What can be used as decor elements? Regular jars with spices, chandelier, table. Everything that can get on hand, will certainly play a role in the development of design. Next, we'll talk about what colors really make the kitchen even more attractive.


White color is combined with almost any other shade. Not an exception and green. But, how to use it correctly?

A few tips on how to properly dilute the green tone of the kitchen:

  • Floors. White tiles will look great with green furniture.
  • Ceiling. Stretched white ceiling will emphasize the summer mood and create a three-dimensional kitchen.
  • Wall tiles in white tones emphasize all the richness of the kitchen.
  • And, of course, small details, such as decorative dishes (plates, for example), a set for spices and much more in white color will create a cozy kitchen.
It's also interesting to look at the kitchen in different shades.

Advice! Choose shelves of white color, and the bottom of green. A brown countertop will create a tree effect. Thus, we obtain a forest among the white clouds.

By the way, further we will talk about the brown color and its role in the design of green cuisine.


The combination of green and brown colors is a classic. As already mentioned above, the brown table top is an excellent option for diversifying and improving the design of the entire kitchen.

Speaking of small details, a variety of pepper mills, saltworts and brown shades can complement the entire entourage of the kitchen. After all, these are the colors of nature, which always liberate the spirit and create the right mood.

Brown table, white floor and green kitchen. That's what we advise to buy if you are inclined towards brown shades. Also, an excellent color that blends well with green is black.

1320green-cinnamon-kitchen (1)green-cinnamon-kitchen (4)green-cinnamon-kitchen (5)green-cinnamon-kitchen (6)green-cinnamon-kitchen (8)green-cinnamon-kitchen (14)green-cinnamon-kitchen (15)green-cinnamon-kitchen (18)green-cinnamon-kitchen (19)

Kitchen of black and green color

As in the case of white, the black color is perfectly combined with all colors. Green kitchen can be diluted with black decorative dishes, small wall tiles and many others.

Excellent will fit into the decor of the black table and chairs. And it does not look gloomy, even spectacular.

black and white linen (1)

Dark electronic technology will also enter the entourage of green cuisine. Black refrigerator, dark hob, black oven - everything will stand in its place according to the idea of ​​the master.

1black and linen_quanties (10)

And, of course, you can divide the kitchen furniture into black and green halves.

black & linen_cooking (12)

Let's notice, that black chairs with red inserts look as it is impossible by the way. And our next point is the red color and its role in the development of the design of green cuisine.

black and linen_quanties (8)black and linen_cooking (I)black and linen_quanties (11)black and white_quanties (13)


Red color is combined not only with green. As already mentioned above, the combination of three colors is a winning option. But, now let's talk about red and green.

Kitchen design green (real photo)

Red tile - looks impressive and rich. Also, among the white tiles may be a tile with a pattern (for example, coffee beans, cinnamon or other spices).

We offer this option - green furniture, black electronics and red tiles. This combination looks most effective. And you can dilute this decor with various elements - dishes, containers for spices, dishes, dishes, towels and much more.

By the way, it will be great to look a plafond or a chandelier of red color. A bright light will fill the room with red fire tones. And you can decorate the window in the kitchen with curtains of red tone.

Interested? That's not all. Next, we'll talk about the gray color and how to apply it in the decor of the green kitchen.

red-greenery-kitchen (1)red-greenery-kitchen (2)red-greenery-kitchen (5)red-greenery-kitchen (6)red-greenery-kitchen (8)


Gray is the color of metal. And the most successful in the green kitchen will be fitting household appliances in the color of the metal. Also, the gray corners on the furniture will perfectly separate and emphasize each compartment of the kitchen.


We advise you to pick up small household appliances of gray color - harvester, electric kettle, microwave oven.

Also, the attributes and utensils of gray color also merge well with green.

8gray-greenery-kitchen (1)


In order that the purple color does not look ridiculous on a green background, it is worth turning to professionals. We can only suggest a few options for how you can beat the violet tones in the green surroundings.

For example, it will look great wall-mounted photo-tile, which depicts a summer landscape with purple tulips. Thus, a whole plot is played, which will always delight and inspire the mistress during the preparation of culinary masterpieces.

Speaking of colors, also perfectly complement the design of the kitchen and fresh violet tulips on the table. It will be interesting and dishes of this color or a lamp in purple.

And, of course, the green table and soft chairs with purple seats will fit perfectly into the entourage of the whole kitchen. A bold and unusual solution will play a key role in the design.


In conclusion, I want to add - experiment. What we can create, invent and is called progress. In this article we gave only a few tips based on personal experience. Who knows, maybe they will help you and push you to create and implement your ideas.

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