Kitchen design in beige tones (photo)

A huge palette of shades of beige often makes this color ideal for modeling the design of your kitchen.


It can be beaten in different ways - the beige can be strict and soft, cozy and "playful", warm and cool, it can advantageously emphasize the bright details of the headset. If you, choosing the color range of the kitchen, chose beige color, you did not lose.

Pros and cons of the kitchen in beige color

Why is beige color so popular and quite often used in decorating kitchens?

The answer is simple - it has a lot of advantages:

  • This is a universal color. Beige looks great in any style, whether it's avant-garde, classicism, minimalism or the now popular hi-tech.
  • Playing shades of beige, you can create a warm, cozy kitchen, because beige is associated with a person with a pleasant taste of cream-brule, morning coffee, sweet caramel and other delicious "delicacies."
  • Beige well neighbors with other colors in the interior, favorably emphasizing or muffling them.
  • As you know, light colors are "full", so beige is the best solution when designing a small kitchen. Visually, this color will increase the room and make it more spacious.
  • Beige - neutral color, he acts soothingly, adjusts thoughts to positive, which is important for modern man.
  • Beige is suitable for both sunny and light kitchens, and for shaded and devoid of solar heat.
  • With the selection of accompanying colors and bright accessories you can handle on your own, as the beige color in this respect is not demanding, with the exception of some colors.

Yes, the beige color in the interior of the kitchen has a lot of advantages, but it has some drawbacks that are lost against the background of the advantages:

  • Light color - brandy, but because the beige kitchen will require you to daily and thorough cleaning. Even the slightest dark spot on the beige floor immediately catches the eye.
  • Many people consider beige to be boring and uninteresting, as it is often used in the design of kitchens and interiors of other rooms. But do not immediately put a cross on it.

Here, perhaps, and all the disadvantages of beige cuisine. Agree, the benefits are much greater.

Beige Kitchen Wallpapers

Beige is often used as a base color when creating an interior kitchen, so often the walls of the kitchen are also made out in some shade of beige.

As we have already said, the palette of this color is multifaceted and extensive: the color of ivory, coffee with milk, straw, creme brulee and others belong to the beige.


Choosing wallpaper in cream colors, first of all think about how much your kitchen is lit:

  • If the windows are on the sunny side, then among the 1000 shades of beige, it is better to choose cool colors: for example, grayish or olive beige.


  • For kitchens whose windows are on the north side of the building and poorly lit, choose ivory wallpaper, melted milk and other warm shades.


The texture of the wallpaper also depends on the light and "warmth" of the kitchen: fluffy, with a convex ornament wallpaper is best to buy for the "northern" kitchens, while the smooth wallpaper will ideally look in a well-lit kitchen on the south side.

When modeling the interior, think about whether you need a monochrome beige kitchen, that is, the entire interior of the room in this case is performed strictly in beige tones.

If your choice is exactly this, then, to make the kitchen cozy, it is worth choosing a few shades of beige.

For example, wallpaper should be different in color from the kitchen set or household appliances, otherwise your stronghold of cooking risks to become boring and unprepossessing. Choose a wallpaper a little lighter or a little darker than the color of the furniture in the kitchen.

If the kitchen will be a set of beige colors, then do not glue the wallpaper wallpaper with screaming colors - they will absorb the entire beige color, and the room will lose its charm and charm.


The interior should harmonize everything, including the floor covering must be combined with the main color scheme.

Advice! Beige is well combined with natural "natural" colors - wood, stone and so on. Therefore, if you choose the color of the floor covering, you will choose the colors, then you will definitely win.

The ideal variant of a floor covering for beige kitchen - a laminate under color of a freshly cut wood. He will give the kitchen warmth and comfort. The color of the tree in this case depends on the shade of the wallpaper and furniture: with a light creamy shades, a dark tree is well combined, but with dark ones, on the contrary, it is light.


It will look good in the beige kitchen and light tiles, but only if the kitchen is sunny and warm. Otherwise, the stronghold of cooking and coziness will remind, rather, the operating theater.

Depending on the color of the countertop and furniture, you can also choose a marble tile, gray, beige or, in some cases, even close to black tones.

Apron and table top

As we have already said, the beige color is in perfect harmony with natural colors, and therefore the color of stone or wood becomes a win-win option when choosing the color of the table top.

Looks good and the "working field" of dark (down to black), red, orange, or rich caramel shade.

Apron for beige kitchen can be both usual white color, and juicy, bright orange, red and violet, provided that elements of such color are in an interior. Such original inserts will make the beige cuisine bright and unusual, give it energy and life.

The simplest and no-lose option is to choose an apron in the color of the countertop.

The ceramic apron, porcelain stoneware, artificially aged surfaces looks good too.

apron-dlya-begevoi-kuhni01 apron-dlya-begevoi-kuhni02 apron-dlya-begevoi-kuhni03 apron-dlya-begevoi-kuhni04 apron-dlya-begevoi-kuhni05 apron-dlya-begevoi-kuhni06 apron-dlya-begevoi-kuhni07 apron-dlya-begevoi-kuhni10

Sink, faucet and fittings

When choosing a fittings or mixer for beige cuisine, focus primarily on the style of the interior: if it is high-tech, then the sink, and accessories, and plumbing should be in a modern style, steel-colored or chrome-plated.


If your kitchen is performed in one of the classic styles, then yellow or copper bronze metal surfaces will look more profitable.

imagemoika_v_dizaine-beg-kuhnil01 moika_v_dizaine-beg-kuhnil02 moika_v_dizaine-beg-kuhnil04 moika_v_dizaine-beg-kuhnil05 moika_v_dizaine-beg-kuhnil06washing-for-kitchen-kitchen01 washing-for-kitchen-kitchen02 washing-for-kitchen-kitchen04 washing-for-kitchen-kitchen05 washing-for-kitchen-kitchen06 washing-for-jogging-kitchen07

Extractor hood

Extractor hood, как вспомогательный элемент, должна быть в каждой кухне. Но она должна быть максимально незаметной. Идеально, если по цвету и стилю оформления она будет подходить к кухонному гарнитуру.

If the kitchen is made in a modern style, then the hood can be installed without unnecessary elements, simple, with clear lines, metallic color (if there is no possibility to beat it and make it "under the headset").


For classical styles, hoods decorated with ornaments, monograms, rounded shapes, with a copper and gold color decor will be suitable.



Unlike the hood, the refrigerator and all other household appliances for beige kitchens, it is better to choose a different color: solid beige is a bust.

If you want to add a beige kitchen of bright notes, then buy a refrigerator of red, blue or other bright color. In this case, he will either "solo", or supplement any bright accent of the kitchen, for example, chairs or countertops of the same bright color.

Kitchen design in beige tones (photo)

If you want to keep the tenderness and warmth in the kitchen, then in this case your choice is a refrigerator of white or beige color.

Kitchen design in beige tones (photo)

But be careful - the wrong color of the technology can spoil the kitchen: a pale or too yellow shade of beige can give the fridge an "age" or "age" your furniture.

A steel or silver refrigerator should be taken in case there is something else of the same color in the kitchen. Otherwise, it will destroy the charm and charm of the beige interior. If the kitchen is made in a classic style, then a silver fridge to buy is undesirable.

Kitchen design in beige tones (photo)


Of course, beige furniture can also be beige furniture. The main thing is that the color of the headset, table and chairs differed in color from the color of the walls and floor, so as not to merge into one. But also colored furniture will look organically.

A very popular modern solution is a combination of "light top and dark bottom". Of course, light is a beige, but a dark bottom can be any one depending on your color preferences. In the case of beige kitchens, dark is brown, sand, gray or black, often violet, red and other colors.

Pay attention to the texture and material from which the furniture is made:

  • for the kitchen in the classical style there is nothing better than wooden tables and chairs;
  • for modern kitchens fit glass tables or tables "under the stone" with a glossy surface;
  • in large kitchens cozy sofas look good;
  • chairs in a classic or historic style kitchen can throw a couple of pillows from a simple cloth.

furniture-for-kitchen-kitchen01 furniture-for-kitchen-kitchen02 furniture-for-jogging-kitchen03 furniture-for-kitchen-kitchen04 furniture-for-kitchen-kitchen05 furniture-for-jogging-kitchen06 furniture-for-jogging-kitchen07

The combination of beige in the interior of the kitchen

Beige color is "loyal" to many other colors, often harmonizing with them harmoniously and pleasantly. But there are also shades with which the beige does not want to "be friends". Consider several options for combining colors.

  • Brown and beige - one of the best combinations. In the kitchen, made in such colors, you just want to sit down and have a cup of aromatic coffee, biting a piece of chocolate. It does not matter which brown color to choose - dark or light.
  • White and Beige - the best option, easy to perform. Just do not choose a cool white color, otherwise the kitchen will be uncomfortable.
  • Gray and beige - a good combination for both classical interiors and modern. Unobtrusive and delicate gray perfectly complement the gentle beige.
  • Green and Beige - here you need to be careful. As a blonde does not fit every green hue, and in a beige kitchen, you can not always use green. If the green is selected carefully, it will create a pleasant setting for the summer forest or meadow. Otherwise, the kitchen will look dirty (this applies, in the first place, to unsaturated green flowers).
  • Black and Beige - Stylish and simple. The kitchen, made in such colors, looks very bright and modern. But the main rule when using this color scheme is to dominate the beige.
  • Red and Beige - the kitchen in this range, depending on the shade of red, looks spectacular and juicy, but it does not lose its elegance.
  • Orange and Beige - also a good combination, provided that the shades are chosen correctly. It is better, if there is not much orange (if it is a bright orange color), but such accents will revive the beige kitchen.
  • Blue and Beige - a good combination, if the blue hue is heavenly. Dark blue, almost blue, color in combination with beige is best avoided to use - in this case, the beige will look dirty and dull.

Designers estimated that beige has more than 1000 variations, ranging from almost white and ending with a dark cream, which are combined with other colors in different ways.

To avoid mistakes when choosing the color scheme for the kitchen in beige tones, use color circles, judging how much this or that shade harmonizes with the chosen color accents.

In doing so, adhere to the principle that at the bottom of the room should be more dark colors that lighten to the ceiling (especially important for a beige monochrome kitchen).

And remember - the kitchen in the color "beige" requires that it had pleasant little things that give it a cozy and peculiar charm. It can be a clock encrusted with cereals or coffee, napkins with a picture of a coffee cup, a vase with a warm "edible" print, or soft pads on chairs with a pattern of capkeys.

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