Kitchen design in classic style

Classics never grow old, do not lose relevance and always is a sign of refined taste. That is why the kitchen in the classical style is a simple, but at the same time, competent solution that allows you to combine such important properties of this room as practicality, style and comfort.

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However, the creation of a masterpiece of design art will require strength and great attention to detail.

Basic rules for the design of classic cuisine

1. The classical style is a commitment to clear lines and geometric shapes. Almost always the kitchen in such a design solution assumes a linear arrangement of the headset (sometimes also an angular variant can be used).

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2. Most of all, this style fits the spacious kitchens - it can reveal all the wealth and luxury of the details.

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However, the advantage of the classics is that it will not spoil the small kitchen - in this case it will take a more careful thought of the project, but comfort and comfort will be provided in any case.

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3. For this style is characterized by the use of only natural or zadekorirovannyh under their materials. The most common use of wood arrays, and designers often resort to details from natural stones.

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Most often, classical-style sets are made of oak, cedar, nut and cherry trees. However, the use of fully natural elements involves large financial costs, so more democratic options usually only imitate the above options.

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4. Much attention in the design of the room is drawn to the selection of lighting fixtures. It is clear that modern plastic and similar chandeliers to this style do not fit.

With caution, you need to approach the introduction of point lighting - it is functional, but it can disrupt the unity of the style of the room.

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5. Most often the classic does not involve a lot of small details - there should not be a sense of congestion. However, the interior items that are appropriate and appropriate to the general coloring will be a good purchase even for such a room.

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Important! The dishes in the classical kitchen should correspond to the overall design, so it is better to stop the choice on porcelain or ceramic items of uniform design.

What color to choose?

The color solution of such a kitchen most often involves the use of monochrome tones. In the interior there are two or three colors, while bright, neon and conspicuous shades are completely excluded.

Thanks to this, the classics never irritate the eyes and do not bother. Let's consider in more detail possible color palettes.

Light classic kitchens

This option is popular at all times and, accordingly, never goes out of fashion. Classical cuisine is rarely made in white - it does not have the property of nobility, which is inherent in the classical style.

It is better to choose from a pastel palette: the color of vanilla or caramel, shades of cappuccino and ivory, as well as milk, cream, wheat colors - all this will be an excellent solution for coloring.

Rarely use very light shades of blue and pink. The advantage of pastel shades is not only in getting into stylistics, but also in good compatibility with each other. Good grafts in the bright kitchen will be gilded and silvered details.

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Choosing for the design of light colors, you need to keep in mind their visual properties: they expand the space and facilitate it, so it is better for small rooms.

In the opposite case, it is better to give preference to dark shades, which, on the contrary, visually reduce and "collect" space.

Classical cuisine in dark colors

Among the darker shades, the most common in the design are the shades of brown. Sometimes you can also see dark gray and dark blue tones.

Black color is one of the possible solutions, however only in combination with other shades, otherwise the interior of the classic will turn into a gothic one.

Dark colors always look winning and noble, so this color palette will successfully fit into the classic interior.

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When creating a design, you can use contrasting colors, that is, combine the dark and light shades listed above. The main thing, as noted earlier, is not to add too bright details that are knocked out of the general concept.

The combination of beige and brown has always been the most successful option for decorating the kitchen, and this trend is true today.

Due to the fact that these colors have a large number of shades, which successfully combine with each other, the designers have unlimited space for imagination, which, with a competent selection of tones, can result in a stylish and elegant classical cuisine.

The color of the tree when decorating a classic kitchen

Above we considered light and dark shades without reference to materials, but for a kitchen set the tree is the ideal design option.

Therefore, the colors described above and the rules for using them will be most beneficial when a significant part of the interior is made of wood (or framed under it).

In addition to the headset, they include furniture (table, chairs, etc.), as well as the floor - the best option for him will be parquet. In general, it is the color of the tree - this is the best solution for the classics.

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Small kitchen in classic style

When developing a small kitchen project, the functionality of every detail of the interior is of utmost importance. Classic allows you to combine beauty and ergonomics, so this style can be used to decorate a kitchen with a small area.

In this case, you should follow the following tips:

  • Give preference to light colors that will visually increase the space and avoid the feeling of clutter.
  • Pay attention to corner small kitchens - this is an ideal option in terms of combining functionality and style. To date, there is a huge assortment of such sets on the market, especially Russian manufacturers, so even the most demanding buyer can find furniture to his liking.
  • Pay special attention to the correct selection of lighting - a small kitchen must be light, it is a pledge of warmth and comfort.
  • Avoid heavy parts - curtains, large lamps, massive furniture. Everything should be proportionate - the size of the kitchen should match the size of the interior details.

Adhering to these rules, you can create an ideal classic cuisine, even in a small room.

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Large Kitchens

Kitchen area of ​​a large area - this is exactly what will make it possible to embody the original canons of the classical style. Classics are associated in many with luxury, an abundance of massive details - and this is close to the truth.

Of course, all this should have a strict functional purpose, because the kitchen, in the first place, is a dining and working room, but in a large room you can find a place for both functional and decorative objects.

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The design of the large kitchen is closely dependent on the budget. If you are ready for big expenses, the classic can be presented in its original meaning - real wood furniture, crystal chandeliers in vintage style, built-in appliances, natural laminate and porcelain ware - hardly such a kitchen will leave anyone indifferent.

However, even at lower costs, classical cuisine can look elegant - replacing natural materials for today is quite difficult to distinguish from the original by an unprofessional look.

In addition, the classic can be not only luxurious, but also restrained - the lack of crystal chandelier will not exactly leave the room faceless, but competently chosen furniture and accessories will allow to emphasize the refined simplicity of the classical style.

Summarizing, we can say, that the classics will be a good choice for a kitchen of any size. However, it does not have rigid boundaries, so each designer can create his own interpretation of the classical cuisine, which will include all its advantages - style, comfort and coziness.

And, of course, another undoubted plus is that such a kitchen can serve a very long time and yet it does not lose its relevance.

If you are interested in classical style, you can see our photo gallery where 140+ photos of kitchens in classical style from professional designers are presented.

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