Kitchen design with a window (100 real photos)

In every modern interior design, every detail is important. To ensure that all the details are in harmony with each other, you need to select them correctly. Equally important is the window. Especially it concerns the kitchen.


We make a window in the kitchen

Beautifully decorate the window in the kitchen is not an easy task. After all, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the place: a constant temperature drop, the presence of odors, excessive humidity.

To help come the various options for decorating the window with the help of curtains and curtains. However, their choice must also be thorough and conscious.

Curtains will look out of place in the kitchen of a small square. A good solution can be Roman blinds or blinds.

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But, if you do not have the best battery, it's better to refuse this idea. Then hang a beautiful tulle or curtains of light fabric.

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It is worth taking into account the style of the kitchen when choosing curtains. If this is a modern style, then Roman curtains, photo curtains or drapery from light tulle will be very appropriate.

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The style of minimalism requires lightness and light. Therefore, here and will be very handy Japanese curtains or fabric blinds. They are quickly removed and the room is filled with daylight.

image (86)

Country style involves the use of a large amount of tissue. In this case, all textiles should be definitely from the same sacking.

image (85)

In addition, if there are short curtains on the window, then you can put on the window sill various objects of decor. Most often they are a vase with fruit (fresh or plastic), a vase with flowers, several pieces of different sized pumpkin. In general, everything that lifts your spirits.

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Kitchen with two windows

Planning a kitchen with two windows can not be found so often. However, if you have this kind of planning, you can say that you were lucky.

image (92)

The presence of two windows has its advantages:

  • More daylight.
  • From a long window sill you can make a bar counter or organize a workplace there.
  • Psychologically, the best perception of cooking and cleaning the kitchen, as the hostess does not look at the wall, but on the opening view from the window.

The disadvantages are the following:

  • In case of poor installation of windows, cold air can enter the room in large quantities.
  • The second window occupies part of the wall, along which it would be possible to hang hanging cupboards for storing dishes or food.

Design kitchen design with two windows is not so difficult. The main thing is to combine the opportunities presented with desires.

For example, under the windows you can place niches for storage. If the distance from the floor to the window is within seventy centimeters, it is better to make a dining area out of the sills, since the table top will then be located low and it will be inconvenient to work on it.

image (6)image (10)image (70)

Worktop at the kitchen window

Most often, when the kitchen is small and every meter is important to get it functional, windows are set up on the countertop. To make this reception look harmonious, it is necessary to make the window sill the continuation of the already existing table. For this it is important that both the windowsill and the table top are at the same level.

image (54)

Therefore, before making repairs, you should already know exactly what kind of kitchen furniture you will have. Almost in all room layouts, the batteries are placed under the windowsill.

For our case, it is better to try to transfer the radiators to another place, and under the countertop make shelves for storing kitchen utensils or other necessary items.

image (16)image (20)image (29)

In general, it is necessary to take into account the kitchen area and from this to start from the design of the countertop. In a small kitchen it will be very harmonious and functional, if the table top, which will be installed instead of the sill, will go smoothly into the bar. Then get a fairly large dining area.

For a kitchen of average footage, the table top instead of the window sill may be a separate working area.

You should also remember that you need to leave enough space to open the window leaflets. Therefore, do not put high objects or decorated vases on such a table top.

If you still can not keep so many centimeters, then it is recommended to install a sliding window that opens on the principle of a closet.

image (9)image (14)image (19)image (30)image (80)image (88)

Consider which material is most optimal for the countertop at the window.

Most often used:

  • Chipboard;
  • a rock;
  • marble;
  • MDF.

Самым бюджетным вариантом будет ДСП и MDF. При этом можно сделать столешницу и самостоятельно, так как обрабатывать данные материалы достаточно легко. Но стоит помнить, что ДСП и МДФ не следует слишком много и часто мочить. Иначе такая столешница не прослужит Вам долго.

Marble or stone is used very rarely and most often in expensive interiors. If the kitchen is very small, then you can design a flip top. It is easy to adjust and does not clutter the kitchen space.

Sink at the kitchen window

When a repair is started, you want the result not only to look beautiful, but all the things and details were as functional as possible. Especially it concerns small kitchens. Modern kitchen design includes the presence of a sink near the window. This has its advantages.

image (46)

Very often the place near the window is not involved in the interior. Sink at the window frees the same extra space. So, where previously it was located, you can make a working surface.

This method helps save electricity. Since most washing is located in a corner where there is little light, you always have to turn on the light. If you wash the sink by the window, then this need disappears.

Mood lifting. Unwillingness to wash dishes is caused by monotony of work plus your view always rests against the wall. When washing at the window, you can watch everything that happens on the street, and a beautiful view from the window can bring a little joy in the process of washing dishes.

Of course, with such a planning, difficulties can not be avoided during repairs. But do not be afraid in advance. Everything has a solution. So immediately the question arises, and where to put the battery?

Old layouts do not provide for the possibility to transfer radiators. But the technology does not stand still. An excellent heater can serve as a warm floor. Therefore, the batteries are simply removed.

The transfer of the sink to the window will also require the extension of the pipes that lead to the water riser. You'll have to spend financially and competently to think how to disguise the pipes.

Also, if the sink is removed from the riser further than three meters, it is recommended to install a food chopper that will prevent large waste from getting into the pipe and clog it.

Also there is such problem, as splashes on a window. But this problem is completely solved. So you can maximally push the sink off the window with the window sill.

Another way is to install not a metal sink, but a granite or stone. This material does not allow the droplets of water to repel and fly away for a long distance.

In the old kitchen planning the sill is located above the level of the table top. Thus there is an additional barrier from splashing into the window.

It is worth noting that if there is a sink near the window, its opening may be difficult. Modern design allows the installation of detachable cranes. All you need is just to bend it and then you can safely open the window. Or you can install a mixer of a small height.

image (31)image (24)image (12)image (5)image (89)image (90)image (99)image (66)

We use the window space correctly

It is not necessary to install a table top or a bar counter instead of a window sill. There are many ways how to still use every free meter by the window. For example, you can organize a place for storing kitchen appliances and appliances.

image (79)Do not clutter up anything at the window, but beautifully decorate it with curtains and other decor items. Nearby you can put a small dining table. Then during breakfast, lunch or dinner you will have everything that happens at this time on the street.

image (75)Make a small "green corner". Flowers and other indoor plants will certainly please your eyes while preparing food or cleaning. However, this option is suitable only for the kitchen of large footage.

624705 and

Do not be discouraged if you have a small kitchen. As you can see, the window can help you with furniture distribution and storage.

To make the interior look harmonious, ask for help from a professional designer. If you do not have extra money for this, and their services are not cheap, then you can see photos of real interiors.

Kitchen design with window (real photo)

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