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Joining the kitchen together with the hall or with the dining room is a very popular way if there is a need to properly organize the space.

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Without a doubt, any repairs begin with planning. The difference between a kitchen and a dining room from a simple kitchen is only in the square, so that the kitchen can be divided into two zones - a working and a dining room.

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Space planning

The layout begins with the kitchen area, and the "working triangle" rule is always used, that is, when close to each other are points such as a refrigerator, sinks and a stove.

The kitchen can be parallel, linear, n-shaped or angular.

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Everything is very clear with the layout of the kitchen part, and a lot of questions arise at the stage of planning the dining room, because such important nuances as the size of the room and its shape, whether the islet or not, what size the table play.

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If a small kitchen, up to 20 m2, then use a universal scheme - corner kitchen.

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If the shape of the room is not a square, a rectangle, then the kitchen is built according to any scheme according to the requests and desires.

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If the kitchen area is 20 m2 or more, then its layout can be any, but it is important to remember that it is more comfortable at times, when the dining room is closer to the kitchen than the hall.

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The layout of the canteen kitchen should be thought through in a special visualization project.

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Visual zoning

Zoning and lighting rules in the kitchen of the dining room are not just created to achieve the desired result. Light sources are most often placed as follows: spotlights are used to illuminate the kitchen area, the dining room is lit with hanging over the table or a modest chandelier, and in the living room use sconces, floor lamps, lamps on the table, and, of course, a chandelier. This kind of lighting will be uniform and soft.

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Accent wall. The dining room is often distinguished by some accent spot, for example, elegant or simply bright, bright wallpaper glued to one wall. With all this, the rest of the wallpaper is either of a neutral color, or simply painted in one tone. The working area is decorated with moisture-proof wallpaper, ceramics.

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Finishing the floor with different materials. Practical owners tile lay out the working area near the stove, and in the dining room put parquet, laminate. So, the examples of modern kitchen design on the photo clearly make it clear that this is not just functional and practical, but also very beautiful, original.

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Zoning with carpets is the simplest of all ways, how to allocate a rest zone, food intake. The carpet gives a splendid dining room, gives coziness. The carpet is ideal in that it moves and shifts in the mood.


Decor. The design of the modern dining room kitchen, in particular the dining area, provides for a huge number of light sources, as well as a décor in which mirrors, paintings, and plants act. In the dining room, not only the family takes food, but guests are also welcomed, and therefore beauty should be in everything.

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Functional zoning

Zoning with a screen and partition of glass, plasterboard, wood, metal. And the height of the partitions can be different, both according to the level of the dining table, and the height from the floor to the ceiling. The screen is made of wood, and it can be foldable, sliding. If we talk about a fabric screen, then it is used as curtains.

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Doors of a sliding type give the needy a private space.

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Furniture. A lot of combinations, how to arrange furniture. Kitchen-dining room is increasingly divided by a bar counter. The room is divided into curbstones, consoles and shelves.

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Architectural zoning - if the beams on the ceiling, columns or partitions are bearing, you want it or not, and inevitably this zoning. The main thing is to play the existing flaw with profit.

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In the below photo of the dining room kitchen in a modern interior, you can clearly see how the supporting column hides the wood paneling. The most unobtrusive kind of zoning is the ceiling type.

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  • In the presence of a spacious room. This kitchen dining room in a modern interior allows you to realize all your plans.
  • Each hostess of such a kitchen has the opportunity to engage in cooking, but at the same time be with guests and family.
  • Kitchen-dining room as it is to receive guests and hold feasts.

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Also worth noting the main disadvantages. Modern kitchen dining room in the interior of the house is not to everyone's liking, because the kitchen aromas interfere with the family. Vapors and smells are eaten in textiles and furniture, and therefore it is important to equip the hood.

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There is a noise that is issued by technique, cooking, dishes, and it also interferes.

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If "negligence" is permissible in a separate kitchen, then it is not permissible in the kitchen-dining room.

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In the kitchen-dining room there is no place for a comfortable stay in silence, solitude. It's not scary, if such a kitchen is in a mansion with ten rooms, and the trouble is in a small odnushka-kopeck piece.

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In general, the basic rules of zoning in the dining room kitchen in the photo below are presented, and so look, be inspired, choose how to make zoning in your apartment and embody the plan.

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Photo of kitchen-dining room design

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