Kitchen furniture - 100 photos of perfect and beautiful

Choosing kitchen furniture is not an easy task. After all, it should fit perfectly into the overall design, as well as perform many functions. We offer to discuss how to make the right choice and not to lose, to choose the style and color of the products.

Furniture for kitchen

Choosing a kitchen set

If you needed a kitchen set, first you need to understand what kind of material will be made. Modern furniture manufacturers offer an assortment of chipboard and fiberboard, plastic and wood, natural stone. Also there is furniture from the combined materials. But before acquiring it is still important to understand the main advantages of products, as well as what drawbacks they have.


Of these, furniture is attractive enough. First of all, this is due to the incredibly low level of prices for finished products. In addition, such materials in some cases are similar to natural wood. But from the MDF designers create the most interesting, exquisite items.


The kitchen has a high level of humidity, as a result of which the façade parts of the furniture should behave as much as possible durable against water and steam, temperature differences. When choosing similar products, it is important to make sure that their surface is covered with a special film to protect the products.


Despite the presence of such a film, this type of material is still not the most durable, because of its impracticality in the kitchen.



Definitely, a more expensive option, unlike the previous ones. But if the wood is properly prepared, impregnated with all necessary components, etc. in the manufacturing process, such furniture will serve much more! Among other things, furniture from wood looks expensive and impressive. You can see for yourself by looking at the photo of the kitchen furniture in our photo collection.

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When buying furniture, do not hesitate to ask the seller for documents confirming the impregnation with specialized components that provide water repellent and fire-fighting function.


The design of furniture in the kitchen in the style of high-tech, or loft requires the availability of metal products. The surfaces in chrome are especially important here.


If you prefer to experiment, boldly take forged types of kitchen furniture, and design a modern stim-punk.

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For those who do not yet know, the interiors are incredibly stylish with metal combined glass surface.



This material can be used in furniture items not only as a material used for furniture, but also covering facade parts and countertops.


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Plastic практичен и удобен в эксплуатации, на нем не появляется грибок, плесень. Материал бывает разнообразных цветов, форм. Из него получается очень красивая мебель для кухни!


The main drawbacks of the material are that it negatively perceives temperature changes and direct flame, from which it not only darkens, but also changes its shape.


Stony surfaces

The worktops of the stone look rich. They are ideal for the design of Provence, country, ethnics and eclecticism.


Since items made of natural stone are very difficult to weight, respectively, and moving them is not easy. Therefore, before the purchase of furniture should be carefully thought out, where they will be installed and how to be located.


Classically interiors are harmonious

Choosing classics - you choose a style that is relevant at any time, regardless of world and current trends.


Implement it most rationally in large or medium sized kitchens. For small rooms, this style is not very suitable.


Classics are expensive items, at the same time luxurious. Accordingly, metal and plastic are absolutely irrelevant here. And even if you do not have the means to buy furniture from natural wood, choose the most similar materials.

In addition to the fact that natural material is used here, it is also appropriate:

  • Natural shades. For example, cognac, beige, brown, white, sand, etc.
  • Bronze elements, stucco molding and gilding.
  • The forms are strict and respectable.


The tables are large and massive, made in natural materials and natural shades.


The chairs look harmonious with the table, they are made of wood, or a textile version of the upholstery.


The set is also chosen from natural materials, only the doors can be glass. Fittings pick elegant, in silver or gilding.


How can look the classic options, see in the selection of our photo kitchens!

In minimalism, there is nothing superfluous!

Its foundation is a minimum amount of furniture and decor, only necessary items. Colors can be different, but not more than three! Household appliances choose the built-in, and should also think over and carefully plan the lighting of the room. Due to the fact that there is strictness in the design, as well as a minimal amount of any details, the design is quite functional. In minimalism, he welcomes all modern and innovative.


As for materials, it is better to use plastic, wood. Colors should be chosen neutral, in cold shades.


It will be as ever by the way - a transforming type of furniture!

Delicate and fresh Provence

This option is just perfect, if you are a romantic person, like nature, fresh sea wind, peace and dimensionality. Actually, this is the main characteristic features of Provence.


The color scheme can be used the widest:

Turquoise and lavender, sea wave and terracotta, yellow.


You can also use brown, white or gray, but not as basic!


With regard to the choice of furniture, in this matter it is recommended to adhere to the basic rules:

  • Substantial pieces of furniture (that is why it is recommended to choose natural wood).
  • Table for the reception of round meals, with the presence of massive supports.
  • Worktops can be made of natural stone or imitating material.
  • Popular products are "antique".
  • You can equip many shelves and cabinets, in which you will store kitchen items, food.

Cozy and comfortable in the style of country!

Classify it in two main ways. One of them interprets the styles of American country houses. The second is the style of the villages.


Speaking about the approach of design under the second way of interpretation, it is necessary to distinguish the basic principles of style:

Country 2

  • The naturalness of materials is absolutely
  • The effect of "antique"
  • In the colors there can be nothing bright or rough
  • The special effect on furniture is welcomed, as if it was made by hand
  • You can use standard ornaments, patterns, geometry, natural motifs

Salaiolo 18-06-08 014

Furniture can be made of MDF, particle board, wood. The fittings are preferably made of metal, forging, and glass. Tables and chairs are made of wood, rattan, forged.

Country 4

  • Using different styles and colors of chairs, you can arrange a laid-back element in style design.

Stylish and modern high-tech

It is practical and reliable, technologically advanced. Here, decor and other diverse details are not used at all.


The headset in the kitchen is simple, without intricate hardware. But, nevertheless, it is worth choosing modular versions of kitchens, the elements of which can be located at different heights, creating a certain zest of the situation.

1361883870_1327500095_dizajn KUHN v-stile-hajtek_1

In Hytek, plastic, glass and metal should be preferred, and wood or stone should not be used.

1327500128_dizajn KUHN v-stile-hajtek_2

In terms of the choice of color, no one restricts anything. The registration of bright contrasts is welcome.


Stylish eclecticism

It implies everything that is incompatible and at the same time, harmoniously. Independently creating this style is not an easy task and, perhaps, you will need to seek help from professional designers.


A style such as eclecticism combines luxury and large ornaments, metal chairs, soft furniture and gilded objects.


Do not get too carried away with the combined colors. It should start with the application of basic shades (for example, beige, white), adding bright accents.


Eclectic - an excellent option for registration, if you are creative in nature while you have a limited budget.


Light kitchen

The choice of furniture for a small kitchen in light colors is an ideal option. After all, light shades visually increase the space, which is very important for miniature rooms.

Interior design of a small kitchen

And it's absolutely not necessary that it is exactly the shades of white, because you will be helped here by beige, ivory, eggshell, the color of sand or cream.


The sun in the kitchen

If you live on the ground floors, or the kitchen looks north, there is not enough natural light in it. Therefore, it is recommended to complement the interior with orange or yellow.


In addition, bright shades of energy, and inspire the creation of culinary masterpieces.

Using a juicy green

It is beautiful to decorate the kitchen, besides it has many different shades, creating you need the mood in any situation.


But fresh forces can be recharged with the help of pistachio or grass. Have a soothing ability, the color of the emerald, marshy, pale green.


This color can be called universal, because it is able to fit into different styles. The use of bright colors is fine for high-tech, minimalism. But as for the quiet, they will fit into the classics, Country.

Blue tint

It is universal, fits into a variety of interior styles.


But do not use it in cold, northern kitchens, to make the room even colder.


Bright and stylish interior

If you are young, or treat creative people, you can safely decorate the kitchen with bright colors. Going into such a room, from the very morning you will be with an excellent, positive mood.


Eclecticism - an excellent style, decorated with bright colors.


By the way, to create a bright and unique interior does not necessarily get rid of the old pieces of furniture! You can quite resume its attractiveness by buying bright colors and refreshing the facades.

Do you have a small kitchen? Not scary!

After all, it can be made cozy regardless of anything, even if it has only 4 or 6 squares! It is worth choosing light shades, visually increasing the room, and also do not use extra furniture, or furniture. Everything should be placed as compactly as possible so that open cabinets do not interfere with each other. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the issue of traumatic danger, choosing furniture with smooth forms.

Kitchens Ikea

This European brand is practical and versatile, produces stylish modern pieces of furniture. And, if you are not too concerned about individuality, then stylish and reliable furniture Ikea - what you need!

Regarding design, now you know the main points of this issue. In addition, you are presented with a variety of options in the photo selection! Look, look and be inspired! Create your own style, the main thing is that you are comfortable, comfortable and practical!

100 photos of modern kitchen furniture

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