Kitchen in chalet style - photo examples of rural charm in

Romance can vary considerably - it can be sentimental, quite laconic, gentle, and sometimes even harsh.

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The desire for a romantic interior found its expression in a style such as a chalet. Kitchen in the style of the chalet - how to create, what decoration is used, how to give austerity charm?

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To create an incredible interior, it is worth quite a bit of delving into the philosophy that is inherent in the style.

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Features inherent in the chalet

Used such basic materials as stone, wood, and in this very sequence, because it is typical for houses built in the mountains.

Rustic textures set the tone of the room. Rough texture of the interior gives a special depth. Materials without processing can set the tone of both tactile and color. The main colors - moss, tobacco, peat.

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A distinctive feature of the style is the use of beams in the design of wall surfaces and ceilings. The beam can be both wooden and imitation. Colors of the beam coincide with the color scheme of the room, or it acts as a contrast.

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The aura of the interior is a bit rough, and softened by the decor - products made of fur, animal skins.

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Ideally fit into the kitchen interior in the style of a bonsai chalet and succulents.

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Kitchen decoration

Despite the fact that the style is inherent in very brutal features, the style looks cozy in the family kitchen, bringing a fragile world a feeling of special reliability. How to transfer the design of the kitchen in the chalet style to your interior?

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The choice of material for decoration is stunning - the walls are decorated with panels that mimic natural wood, flexible stone. It is often chosen a variant of plaster with a relief on the surface, a structural paint is used.

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In the kitchen, the working wall is framed with ceramic tiles, which again imitates a stone, antique ceramics.

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The ceiling is made by professionals - it is whitened, the surface is painted on its own, but the beams are not so easy to install, and therefore professional help can not be provided to achieve the desired result.

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The floors are decorated with large tiles, granite tiles. The tile is laid carpet, which will become both a decoration of the kitchen, and warming.

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Reliability is the motto of the furniture used in the chalet kitchen. It is optimal when the furniture is made from a dark wood. Budget option, MDF furniture, with a coating that mimics wood.

The facade of furniture is not decorated in any way, but often a set technique is used, furniture can be supplemented with a contrasting geometric decor.

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The furniture should be functional.

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Household appliances are used built-in, in the case, which is ideal for the color of furniture.

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A hood is required above the stove.

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The chalet style in the interior of the kitchen is emphasized by textiles, which is used both for decoration and for warming. Matter is selected as thick as possible, woolen, the floors are decorated with felt, carpets. Seats of chairs are complemented by cloaks.

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Curtains are chosen for a quiet design, without any multilayered compositions. Fabrics are only natural. Optimum use of cotton, linen with embroidery decoration.

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The dishes are made of metal or wood. Ceramics must be reliable and sturdy, terracotta. No glassware.

As the decor use natural elements, paintings. As an example, on the window of the landscape. Often the interior is decorated with hunting trophies, weapons.

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Judging by the numerous photos of the kitchen in the chalet style, we can conclude that this style is perfect for a measured family life.

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It will be cozy in the kitchen in the company of relatives and friends. Actually, because the style of the chalet continues in the living room ...

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Photo of a chalet-style kitchen

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