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Coral color for the design of the kitchen is chosen by the original originals. Perhaps few people like to be in a room where the colors of facades, floors and wall surfaces do not like or even cause irritation.

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That is why, if you want to transform the kitchen and make repairs there, then the combination of colors must be thought out in advance.

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To competently harmonize the kitchen in coral color, you need to know several rules for the design of this space:

  • With a small area of ​​the room it is necessary to expand it with visual effects;
  • Bright palette promotes the expansion of the room, dark - narrowing;
  • gentle calm shades favorably affect the emotional state of a person.

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What is the coral tone?

In nature, corals can be found in various colors: white-silver, resin-black, noble blue and red. Of particular value are corals with different shades, for example, pale pink, cherry blossom or orange.

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As a rule, the coral color in the interior of the kitchen is represented by a blending of these shades. In order to accurately choose the color for coating the wall and ceiling surfaces, you must first determine what kind of furniture and what kind of sets will be in the kitchen.

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Admissible combinations with coral tone

Designers prefer to use several groups of colors, which represent an excellent combination of coral color in the interior of the kitchen.

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Red and orange pink or turquoise - all these shades come from the sea, so they perfectly harmonize together, creating an atmosphere of warmth, coziness and freshness. Still, one color must remain dominant.

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Thus, you can decorate the walls with soft pink wallpaper, pick up the suite in an orange-pink tone, and dilute the tandem with turquoise pads or boxes.

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Light blue will be an excellent pair for the color of cherry or pink. Add the game colors to the floor, laid snow-white tiles. And on the background of pale pink wallpaper will play a table, covered with a tablecloth blue.

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Beige palette is also perfectly combined with coral, however, it looks not so bright and eccentric, as in other cases. A furniture group is better to choose light colors with bright cherry tone inserts.

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To better represent the final result, you can find a photo of a coral-colored kitchen with a similar solution.

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A trio of snow-white, black and pale pink is a stylish solution for the kitchen interior. The set of contrasting shades of black and white in combination with a pink palette of wallpaper, will allow you to feel comfort and peace.

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When combining a bright red with a warm orange and a delicate pink, do not overdo it and correctly observe the proportions.

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High-tech styling coral cuisine

The opinion that hi-tech stylization leads to a coldness of space is erroneous. If you make the right design of high-tech cuisine in coral colors, you will get a very nice and functional result.

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Materials that are characteristic of this direction are glass and metal. As for color, in this case it is worth giving preference to a calm pinkish palette, in combination with a bright cherry. The main rule is the use of two colors in one concept.

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Also, you should create a separate light zone in the room, laying a tile of light shades on the floor.

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Furniture for high-tech should not be chosen cumbersome, it is best to choose built-in models. "A highlight" of the interior can be a refrigerator, hand-picked headset.

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Country style kitchen for color coral

It is already clear that coral color is the original solution in the kitchen, but with its help very cozy and warm interiors are created.

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Accommodation in a room of furniture of red color and such shade of a brick will lead to that in the kitchen there will be a warm country style. Supplement the image will help checkered curtains and wooden furniture.

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