Kitchen in khrushchev - 100 photos of small kitchen design

The average area of ​​the kitchen space in Khrushchev - a maximum of 6 square meters. In the same room, a gas column is placed, which immediately catches your eye.

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Is it possible to make the room comfortable and functional? Of course you can.

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The gas column can be hidden in a hanging cabinet. As a result, the kitchen in the Khrushchev will be transformed, in accordance with the general style of the interior of the room. At first glance, everything is quite simple, but you need to take into account some features.

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We integrate the column into the cabinet correctly:

  • We address to the fire department employee and consult;
  • In accordance with the advice of a specialist, we order a hanging cabinet that must be equipped with numerous ventilation openings;
  • We carry out high-quality wall insulation;
  • We control the presence of special holes for the gas pipe and corrugations.

We draw up the work site

The square of the room forces you to place a minimal amount of furniture in the interior. Beautiful and original variants of the interior of such premises are shown in the photo of the modern kitchen in Khrushchev, which are attached to this article. We will focus on the functionality and quality of the placed furniture.

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Mount the maximum number of kitchen appliances:

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  • The slab compensates for the flip surface for cooking or for the transformer.
  • A miniature oven or microwave oven is an ideal addition to the hob.
  • In the space below the sink, you can place a small washing machine or dishwasher;
  • The usual refrigerator is changed to an embedded horizontal model, which has advantages in the form of: space saving, topicality and originality. You can place a refrigerator in the corridor.
  • The table is mounted folding.
  • The area of ​​the window sill will be an additional working space.

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Create a corner kitchen

In the usual Khrushchev's kitchen, you can install furniture, but there is not much space. Nevertheless, all kitchen utensils will be placed in their places. The best solution is to make changes in the kitchen design in Khrushchev.

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As a result, we free up space for storing various items.

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Variants of furniture placement:

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  • L-shaped kitchen involves the use of the surface of two walls;
  • In the U-shaped kitchen, the surface of three walls is involved;
  • Circular kitchen is a functional and unusual solution.

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We create the design of the kitchen area ourselves.

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Specialists focus on the maximum increase in space indoors. You can use modern ideas for the kitchen in Khrushchev. The visual expansion of the room space can be created using:

  • White paint;
  • Matte ceiling construction made of plastic;
  • Smooth wallpapers;
  • Mirrors;
  • Folding type constructions;
  • Products that are glossy and decorated with a glossy surface;
  • Built-in appliances;
  • Transparent furniture solutions.

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The room can be enlarged in another way, in which it is necessary to make changes to the layout. Intermediate space can be released with the help of a door-accordion or remove the door.

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On the attached images there are photos of the kitchen in a modern style in Khrushchev, where all the advantages of this solution are demonstrated. You can combine the space of the kitchen and the living room. This solution makes the apartment beautiful and multifunctional.

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Current proposals for creating a fashionable design

There are several ways with which you can create a modern kitchen interior in Khrushchev.

The maximum of light. Small rooms require soft and warm lighting. This will help illuminate the cabinets and the floor, as well as lamps with halogen lamps. It is also recommended to use mirrors.

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These objects are evenly distributed in a dotted order. The room should be light. Do not use heavy textiles in the interior, creating a gloomy and negative atmosphere.

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Expressive raisins. Create a luxurious interior that does not require significant material investment simply. It is necessary to integrate into the room: tiles or laminate, kitchen apron, transparent curtains, large cornices, flowers and citrus plants, as well as glass and transparent accessories.

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The color scheme should be combined with light colors, creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. We will have to make small efforts and the design of the kitchen will change.

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Photo of the kitchen in Khrushchev

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