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If you are tired of the standard templates, then the kitchen in loft style is perfect for you.

Loft style kitchen

It looks a bit rough, but mostly has bright colors, which allows you to enjoy it both in the morning for a cup of tea, and in the evening for dinner.

Loft style kitchen 2

For today, the kitchen interior in loft style is very popular. It is used not only in country houses, but also in hotels.

Creation of the kitchen began in the 20th century. Then the young Americans began to equip the old houses for housing.

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The basis was left the same: rough walls, rubbed pipes and not the estate of the partitions. In the interior was added new furniture, appliances, as well as various accessories and posters. This idea created a wonderful style called "loft".

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In the interior itself, it is acceptable to use the following elements:

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  • Coarse plaster
  • Pipes with open view
  • High ceilings.
  • Windows - huge and bright
  • Light furniture that will give maximum illumination
  • Different posters or posters

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Important characteristics of this style is that he likes spaciousness and maximum volume. A good option is to create a kitchen in loft style. It is in the kitchen that you can reveal all the elements of style and embody all desires.

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The main role in creating a style in the kitchen is played by walls. The most popular options are:

  • Bricklaying. It can be used untreated or whitened.
  • Wooden walls. Often used untreated or artificially aged boards.
  • Natural, artificial stone.
  • Plaster (can be chosen with smooth walls or with light rubs).
  • Use matte paint at your discretion - white, gray or black.

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Successful options for decorating the walls depend on the size of the room. Kitchens of small areas are recommended to decorate monotonously. Also possible finish only one wall. This can be a wall near the window or the central one.

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This wall is decorated with contrasting materials, such as: plaster, gloss stones, red brick or simple concrete.

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If you are the owner of a large kitchen, then decorate the walls with a brick or a stone of dark colors, painted in bright saturated colors.

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In the case where the kitchen is combined with the living room, for their decoration it is worth using contrasting colors that visually separate them and at the same time make them particularly beautiful.

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Rough and careless walls can be done if your kitchen has a gentle interior, a calm color scheme. Conversely, the delicate colors of the wall in the kitchen will account for the rough interior.

Loft style kitchen (44)

Also, you can make different color transitions or select a part with bright paint, drawing.


Looking at the design projects, it becomes clear that the following will look more typical for the floor:

  • Artificially aged board.
  • A stone of matte shades.
  • Imitation of cement, stone.
  • Underground floor.

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Floor на кухню в стиле лофт не должен быть с узорами ― это будет плохо смотреться в индустриальном стиле. А добавит уютности мягкий ковёр, который можно разместить посредине, если кухня совмещена с гостиной.

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To create a ceiling, you should use the usual materials: plaster with white paint. But keep in mind that if you want to make your ceiling visually elevated, then choose a ceiling tone lighter for the tone of the walls.

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For the kitchen, the best option will not be covered windows. But when choosing this option, you need not forget to darken the windows.

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Doors to the kitchen in the loft style are not needed. But if you can not do without your doors in your kitchen, you need to make them as transparent as possible.

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A more cozy kitchen will seem, if you take care that it is as bright as possible at any time of the day. All kitchen areas must be provided with their own light sources.

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Design loft-style kitchen can be done in such colors: white, gray, dark green or black.

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If you use all the colors, they will perfectly match with each other, making a contrast or a smooth transition.

Loft style kitchen (34)


The interior design of the loft-style kitchen should also be present. Furniture - smooth, regular shapes, not bright colors.

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Materials for furniture can be chosen different: from plastic, stainless steel, from glass. Also decorate the kitchen wall with shelves, hooks and lockers.

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A table in the kitchen can choose the shape of the rectangle, if you count on a lot of people. Next to place a glass or with a wood countertop. In a small kitchen is not necessary to place a large table and countertop, built into the wall near the kitchen wall.

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Simple shapes are suitable for chairs. They can be embellished, choosing with leather seats, chrome legs and clear plastic. You can also choose completely metal chairs.

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In large kitchens, if desired, place a buffet, mirrors, various sofas and not large armchairs. Well, the kitchen looks like antiquities, which were installed and decorated in a loft style.

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Furniture, designed exactly like this, is largely a functional and important parts of the decor.

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Photo of kitchen design in loft style


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