Kitchen in mediterranean style

On the one hand, the Mediterranean style is not the most suitable variant of decorating a kitchen in a city apartment in our cold country, but on the other hand, the abundance of light, natural colors and materials, and Mediterranean asceticism in decoration and decoration, if properly applied, will be able to decorate even most "northern" kitchen.

For those who are in search of successful solutions in the decoration and decor of the kitchen in the Mediterranean style, we compiled a small list of tips, accompanied by a selection of inspirational photos.

Tip 1. We trim the apron with ceramic tiles with tiles

Apron in Mediterranean style

Ceramic tiles with majolica and tiles - a business card of the Mediterranean style in the interior. It looks very beautiful, but try to use it in moderation, so as not to overload the space of variegated tiles and not make it too cold. So, for example, ceramics will be undesirable for floor finishing, but in an apron - it will be both beautiful and practical.

  • Apron from Tunisian majolica
  • Apron from Tunisian majolica
  • Apron from Tunisian majolica
  • Apron from Tunisian majolica

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Tip 2. We select the right furniture: a set, a table and chairs

  • Authentic furniture in Greek style - from a whitewashed tree without embellishments, wooden, as if roughly painted (most often in blue or blue), and forged (to the extent of "delicate") or wicker. Wooden tables desirable massive, and the headset, if the area allows, can be without hinged shelves.

Greek style kitchen interior

Kitchen in Mediterranean style with wooden and wicker furniture

Kitchen furniture in Greek style

Kitchen furniture in Mediterranean style

  • Furniture in Spanish or Italian style allows more elegant woodworking and simple carving, forged and wickerwork chairs and tables are also welcome.

Furniture in the interior in the Spanish style

But, adhering to the modern version of the Mediterranean style, you can safely combine wood, forging and braided rattan with glossy facades, glass, chrome and metal surfaces as shown in the photo below.

  • Kitchen in the Mediterranean style in a modern interpretation
  • Kitchen in the Mediterranean style in a modern interpretation
  • Kitchen in the Mediterranean style in a modern interpretation

Tip 3. We give preference to natural finishing materials or qualitative imitations

  • In the decoration of walls is preferable: decorative plaster, brickwork (or very high-quality imitation), textured monophonic wallpaper or wallpaper for painting. The walls in the Greek style are mostly white, in Spanish - beige, olive, orange, etc.

Imitation brick masonry in the kitchen in Spanish style

  • In the finishing of the floor: granite under stone, for example, travertine, ceramic tiles also under a stone or unpainted clay, as well as a wooden parquet board, a natural massif, a laminate.


  • It is desirable that the tree on the floor seemed whitened and shabby;
  • Stone, porcelain tiles and tiles should be insulated with a heating system, because while in hot countries these materials give a pleasant coolness, in the northern latitudes they bring only discomfort.

The floor, finished with ceramic tiles

  • For finishing the ceiling suitable: plaster, matte paint, stretch matte ceiling, the ceiling of the wooden lining. For high ceilings, as an addition, decorative beams are appropriate as in the photo below.

Finishing the kitchen in the Mediterranean style

Tip 4. The secret of comfort in the kitchen ... in textiles

Textiles in the kitchen in the Mediterranean style plays a big role. If for you in the priority of coziness and beauty of the interior, then you can decorate the kitchen not only with a tablecloth, curtains, napkins, podtarelnikami, but also sew covers for chairs and pillows.

Dining room in Mediterranean style

Kitchen textiles should be sewn from bleached and unbleached flax, cotton and chintz with patterns, embroidery, ornaments, with plant motifs, in a cage "Vichy" with images in the marine theme.

Interior of the dining room in the Mediterranean style

It will be appropriate and bright carpets and rugs, for example, stitched from shreds with their own hands.

Carpets in the interior of the kitchen in the Mediterranean style


  • To find a compromise between practicality and the beauty of fabrics, choose blended materials, but imitates natural ones reliably;
  • Get a good dome hood and use it whenever you cook.

Tip 5. What should be the curtains?

Suitable types of curtains in the Mediterranean style: wooden / bamboo blinds, soft roll or Roman curtains, or light curtains of simple tulle / cotton / linen style.

  • Bamboo curtains in the interior of the kitchen in the Mediterranean style
  • Roman curtains in the interior of the kitchen in the Mediterranean style

Tip 6. Successful color design - 50% success

Variants of color design of the kitchen in the Mediterranean style:

  • In monochrome (more in line with the Spanish and Italian design of the kitchen): a combination of warm natural colors close to each other - a variety of shades of beige, yellow, coral, orange and brown.

Beige interiors of kitchens in the Mediterranean style

Refresh this "warm" interior with white, green, blue, blue and turquoise colors.

Spanish-style cuisine

Beige kitchen in Mediterranean style with blue accents

Beige kitchen in Mediterranean style with blue accents

  • In contrast scale (more suitable for the kitchen in the Greek style): the basis of the interior is white in combination with contrasting blue and all its shades from turquoise to blue. The blue-and-white union in Greek culture has a special role since the days of Ancient Greece, but in the interior of the stuffy Greek cuisine such a range also introduces the necessary impulse of freshness and coolness. However, we, the inhabitants of the northern country, unnecessary coolness to anything, so try instead of the cold blue to include in the interior more neutral shades - dusty blue or turquoise, and in addition to the white and blue range, select the warm colors listed above.

White-blue kitchen in the Mediterranean style

Interior of a brown-blue kitchen and a dining room in a Mediterranean style

Kitchen in Greek style in a yellow-and-blue color scheme

7. Choose a lamp

There must be a lot of light in the kitchen in the Mediterranean style of light. The best way to distribute its sources is as follows: 1-2 lamps hang directly above the dining table, the working area of ​​the kitchen is equipped with furniture lighting, and the ceiling - with chiseled spots.

As for the design of the lamps, you can choose models in the classical style, country style and provence, but it is important that they are simple and made of natural materials: glass, wood, metal, fabric, bamboo, rattan, etc. Examples of such lamps are presented in the next photo collection.

Wicker lamps in the interior of the kitchen

Lamps in the Mediterranean style

Lamps in the interior of the kitchen in the Greek style

Lamps in the interior of the kitchen in the Mediterranean style

Tip 8. Pay attention to detail

Mediterranean style of the interior, like any other, form the details. Pay special attention to the decor and try to choose quality things, otherwise they will be like cheap props. On the other hand, the Mediterranean style of the interior implies asceticism in the decoration, so overdo it with the number of accessories, too, is not worth it.

Decor in the interior of the kitchen in the Mediterranean style

  • Décor options: wooden watch, abundance indoor plants in clay and wicker pots (the more greens, the better), ceramic dishes with thick walls, colored glass / ceramic vases, bottles, sachets and bunches of dried herbs, wine stands, wicker baskets.

Decor kitchen in the Mediterranean style

  • In the decor and textiles are welcome images of lemons, grapes, olive branches, as well as marine themes, Greek ornaments and patterns of Mediterranean majolica, prints - a cage "Vichy" and, of course, a blue and white strip.


  • Going to rest in Greece, Cyprus, Spain and other Mediterranean countries do not forget to bring souvenirs - sets of oils in bottles, spices in banks, plates painted with majolica and seashells, which you can decorate the table as shown in the photo below or with your own hands make them decorative crafts.

Table setting in the Mediterranean style

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