Kitchen in orange color

Sometimes it's difficult to define the color idea of ​​the kitchen.

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After all, this is the place in the house where every member of the family should feel comfortable, at ease.

kitchen in orange color (1)

An excellent solution can be an orange color in the interior of the kitchen. It is warm and soft that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Casting a sunny, orange mood, giving warmth, comfort.

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Allows you to find a good proportion between the taste and aroma of home dishes and live human communication. Giving unsurpassed moments of amicable family gatherings.

Why is orange a good choice?

The kitchen in orange color will give a great mood, optimize, push forward without paying attention to the complexities, ensure the harmonious work of the digestive and urogenital systems, awakens the appetite, recharges with the positive, energy of the movement.

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If there are any doubts - boldly discard them, orange will definitely have to taste all, it will not become too bold experiment, on the contrary it will harmoniously fit into the interior of many styles.

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kitchen in orange color (6)

Competently placed accents create harmony

Making a choice in favor of an orange kitchen does not mean that he must be present all around from the ceiling to the floor.

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It's enough just to place the accents correctly and not get too carried away. It's better to play on contrasts, than to lubricate the whole picture.

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Orange can be any of the elements of the interior: walls, floors, furniture, accessories. You can use not only juicy options, but softer, muted shades.

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It will look great peach and pink-orange. So you can slightly smooth the dynamics of colors and get an atmosphere of calm and peaceful.

kitchen in orange color (8)

If triumphs of fears overdo with the color saturation, you can try to beat the location point: in small separately taken objects, details (small furniture, accessories).

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Color combinations

It is worth remembering that the predominance of this or that shade will merge the general appearance, the interior will lose its attractiveness. Therefore, it is better to combine it with other, friendly colors.

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The most advantageous combination of orange in the design of the kitchen is a combination with black, white, green, gray. In addition, designers often use rich-warm blue and wenge. Kitchens in orange in the examples can determine the choice of an acceptable combination.

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Orange-black kitchen

Black gives elegance, rigor lines, even more visualizes the brightness. This range is suitable only for large rooms. black is able to hide space. In addition, this option requires light execution of walls and floor.

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But directly orange shades can be enjoyed. Black "neighbor" is able to withstand any, even the most unbridled shade. It will look great pumpkin, carrot, red-orange and other highly saturated.

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In this case, do not forget that with this combination of colors, important attention should be paid to the illumination of the room. Light must be a lot of both natural and artificial. The best style of design will be high-tech.

Orange-white kitchen

White will bring energy, light, expand space. Preferably, its predominance from above the orange, so as not to overwhelm the impression.

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By decorating only the table top, textiles, household items will get an easy, but dynamic orange kitchen interior not overloaded with extra colors. This combination is the right choice for a small kitchen.

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In addition, by adding cute details of some third color, you can add a zest to the interior.

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Usually in this color make out Provence, art deco, loft and many other styles.

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Orange-green kitchen

Unsurpassed classics of color combination. Called to add volume and not tire. In this case, the color saturation is necessarily equivalent. Cream shades of walls will be very advantageous.

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And you can choose the opposite, causing the orange walls and quieter details. An excellent option will be the combination of colors on the facades of cabinets.

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Orange and other colors

The color of the wenge will highlight the beauty of rich shades. In the classical style, furniture of this color will look great, especially if the interior is supplemented with metallized details.

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Blue will bring in the interior of elegance. Usually it is also combined with a black one with light walls and floor. However, use locally, small "spots" will be quite enough.

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It is interesting to combine orange with gray. They are mutually complementary. Gray hides the intensity of the orange, and orange allows the dull gray to sound louder. Both colors are designed not to draw attention to the shortcomings of the room.

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Experts disagree about the purple opinion. There are supporters of this decision. It looks bold, but it's better visually for yourself to determine "for" this combination or "against".

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Work on a colorful interior design is always exciting, especially if you have to choose combinations for such loud colors as orange.

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Photo of an orange kitchen

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