Kitchen interior 6 sq. m. m - the best ideas

Organize spacious spaces of the kitchen area, with an area of ​​6 squares - is very difficult, in fact. Considering that there are very few places, it is necessary to place and organize quite a lot in it. In other words, the kitchen should be practical and comfortable, so that the hostess in it would be comfortable to cook, and maybe even a lunch zone to actually organize ...

Kitchen interior 6 sq. M. m.

We offer you to get acquainted with the recommendations of professionals, as well as view the photo of the kitchen interior of 6 sq.m.

The layout of the kitchen interior in 6 square meters. m.

As a basis for successful planning of the premises, its zoning is laid. After all, thanks to him you can not only visually make the room more, but use every centimeter of the site with the greatest benefit for you. For example, every centimeter will literally belong to a certain zone, performing certain tasks. Objects and dishes should be stored in separate places. Necessarily - built-in versions of household appliances! And select the cooking zone visually. As a rule, between the stove and the sink, the desk is a very short distance, which is quite convenient.

Corner kitchen option 6 sq. M. m

Unequivocally, in this layout, cooking furniture is placed along two adjacent walls. Thus, you will get a triangular working area, which is very compact, and you will have to move a minimum.


Working area to draw a corner - it's great! As for the dining area, it can be located, on the contrary - diagonally, or at the free wall.


Competent combination of kitchen interior 6 sq. M. with living room

Combine the kitchen with the hall - this option is very common. In particular, this applies to small rooms. Such an interior will be stylish, and the owners of the design idea can fully realize.


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Here you can implement two layout options. For example, make one large room that will be divided into zones. Or combine two rooms, making them the same style, and they will be separated by unobtrusive partitions (for example, as bar counters, arches).


In the process of lay-out of the kitchen-living room, it is mandatory to specify what is characteristic of the adjacent wall. If it refers to the carriers, then alas, the rooms will not merge.


Kitchen in Khrushchevka 6 square meters. m, combined with a living room

A very profitable way of organizing space. The fact is that this type of housing is characterized by its compactness and very small square meters.

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But if you combine living room with kitchen, you will get such advantages:

  • Increases the level of comfort in the process of using the room
  • It can embody any design idea
  • Do not give up on choosing only the most necessary items


At the same time, this option has some drawbacks, the main ones of which are:

  • Isolation / solitude in the room is simply impossible. This question is especially important if the apartment in general, a studio
  • It is necessary to carefully consider the exhaust system in the cooking area of ​​meals


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Furniture in a small kitchen

If you still need to organize a design kitchen 6 square. m, and no more, in this case, you have to start building with furniture items. At least until your living conditions improve. Furniture here is perfect, ordered by individual parameters. Yes, the options are likely to be non-standard, but everything will be exclusively for you and your family! Among other things, you can embody any, even the most daring ideas!


What color to choose?

This question refers to the most important. It is because of the color of the room can be made visually more, or vice versa, less. In addition, the kitchen can be "cheerful" and bright, and can be calm, due to this or that shade. And so, we suggest to consider the variants of colors most suitable for small rooms:

beautiful kitchen

  • White you can add a touch of sand or beige, light green or light green, blue or red, as well as light brown.
  • Beige can be supplemented with white and light green, blue, brown.
  • The color of the pistachio is yellow and beige, brown.
  • Blue - white or yellow, beige.
  • Peach color - white or light green, beige with gold.


Choose a style for a small kitchen

Yes, a difficult question ... what style to choose here? After all, there are only six squares that you need to be able to use very rationally and you have to select everything carefully here. We suggest you to find out which styles are most suitable for such a compact room in the information below, and also view the selection of our photos of small kitchens of 6 square meters. m.


Classics of the genre

Absolutely acceptable style for such a room. But it is important to take into account that everything here should be proportionate. That is, the interior details should be simple / concise, stucco molding should not be too much, also it is not worth using heavy types of curtains, large sizes of chandeliers / lamps.


Modern Style

Very successful! Furniture should be used modular, colors choose exceptionally clean, minimum details and other. This is what distinguishes this style from others.



There is nothing superfluous and, moreover, unnecessary! The lines are simple, everything is necessarily restraint. This style also applies to one of the most common and applicable in small interiors.

high tech

The wallpaper on the small kitchen is simple and beautiful!

Choose a material for the characteristic features, as well as for the proposed range of colors. In fact, today manufacturers offer so many different variations and varieties. The most preferable are liquid wallpaper. They are very durable, and also long lasting. Regarding the choice of colors, you can focus on the above information regarding the choice of color for the decoration of kitchens.


It is important to take into account such a nuance that when using light colors, the kitchen space is visually made much more!

Kitchen interior 6 sq. M. m. 2

Curtains in the kitchen

Of course, it is impossible to say anything straightforward here. In a small room it is appropriate to hang blinds or small length curtains, literally to the windowsill. Here everything depends on how the furniture is installed, as well as household appliances. For example, if you embodied the classics here, and the arched type of the panel is far from the window, then it is quite permissible to use long curtains. The main task is to make the style of the kitchen consistent in all its details.


When choosing curtains, it is important to follow certain rules, namely:


  • They should be comfortable. So, in small rooms the most convenient options are blinds, roller blinds, Roman ones.
  • Their style must necessarily correspond to the basic style of the room.
  • The material is selected correctly. That is, the choice of heavy fabrics is far from successful. Under the assumptions - frequent washing of curtains, respectively, they should be light, easy to use.


What is the ceiling design in a small kitchen?

Correctly arrange the ceiling in a kitchen area of ​​six squares, this is a great opportunity to visually enlarge the room. But here it is important to stick to one, basic and simple rule:


Prefer to choose an exceptionally light tonality, and monotone! Variegation and dark colors will be quite opposite to affect the interior of a small room.


The most successful methods of design include a ceiling that has a glossy gloss.


But if you want to make a higher ceiling visually, also it is worth paying special attention to the light. After all, if it is properly and successfully organized, the kitchen will seem bigger and more spacious.

Here we use a variety of finishes! For example, a very good choice is a stretched light ceiling. After all, in addition to being easy to install, it also has significant advantages, such as: moisture resistance, does not accumulate dirt on itself, and is absolutely not afraid of fat!


Also an excellent choice of finishing materials - plastic panels.

What subtleties can arise in the process of repairing small kitchens?

an excellent-design kitchen

Whatever it was, the finishing materials in the kitchen should be different than in the other rooms of the apartment. Especially if you have a kitchen-studio. No, absolutely no one obliges you to make the colors necessarily light, because you can also choose gray and silver shades, and maybe even brick ones. And then, this is just one option, from the mass that you can embody. Walls, or rather just one, overlay with an interior stone.


Such material is resistant to temperature changes and high humidity, evaporation. The other wall can remain bright. By the way, in this contrast a very interesting interior is obtained, and the walls are visually "extended".


And one of the most interesting ways is the floor in the kitchen - black and white squares, like a chess board. As for the room, it already has a laminate or parquet. This is very even, by the way, especially for those situations where the kitchen is integrated with the hall.


That is, despite the limitation of the area, it is absolutely not necessary to limit yourself to something. Everything can be arranged very elegantly, practically and functionally! At the same time, the design of the kitchen is 6 sq.m. m. It turns out very interesting! See our photos of kitchens 6 sq.m. and be inspired by new ideas!

It will also be useful to see a video about kitchens measuring 6 square meters:

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