Kitchen living room design (real photo)

Development of modern technologies, bold design solutions, interwoven with today's fashionable practicality and comfort. They led to the appearance of such a solution as "kitchen living room".

This is the territory of the kitchen and the living room, respectively, which are combined together, in order to give more space, functionality and style to the living quarters.


Small kitchen living room

Particularly relevant, the use of such a design solution, it is for crowded living space in the premises.

By combining the two premises into one, the following goals and objectives are achieved:

  • There is saving and optimization of the internal space.
  • Excellent functionality is provided.
  • The beauty and convenience of the interior.
  • Increase the possibilities of design design.

The advantages of such a solution will be just, incidentally, for owners of apartments and houses with a small area.

For example, a lot of rooms have a poor layout or small size. Expansion of the useful area due to the neighboring space, allows to solve a lot of problems.

Opportunities to install more spacious sets, large-sized sofas, decorative elements.

In addition, there are excellent opportunities for giving the room a unique and original design.

In addition to good design, this room will allow you to hold family holidays and events with a fairly large number of people. Agree, small, isolated rooms can not boast of such a thing!

But the most significant plus, there will be a freer layout and a general sense of space and freedom, even in small one-bedroom flats.

This fact will positively affect the internal state of the person and allow large families to optimize and improve their living conditions.

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Big kitchen

If with small volumes everything is logical and understandable. Then why, the owners of more spacious objects, resort to similar techniques in terms of combining the living room and kitchen?

The answer lies in the same functionality, style, design, and most importantly in the ability of competent zoning.

Zoning, this is the division of the territory of the premises, into areas with individual functionality of each of them.

Therefore, in addition to areas for cooking and eating, in spacious rooms, additional spaces can be created (for example, for recreation, work area, fireplace location, etc.).

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The most common way of zoning is furniture and interior items.

For example, in order to visually divide the cooking area from the rest area. On the line of separation, you can install a long sofa, after which, the territory begins for rest and reception of guests.

image (7)

The second popular method that can be used to separate the interior space is a floor covering.

For example, for the territory of a kitchen set, it will be logical to lay on the floor and part of the wall, stylish ceramic tiles. And, conversely, for the common room zone, it is possible to apply parquet, laminate, carpet and other materials.

image (10)

For a more clear indication of functional areas, often use a ceiling design or decoration.

For example: at the junctions and transitions from one zone to another, set a series of fixtures, or multi-level ceiling design.


For the visual separation of different parts of the room, different colors are used when painting or pasting walls.

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Direct headset

In order to understand what kind of arrangement of kitchen furniture (headset) is right for you. You need to build on the design features of your room (its area, shape, length, width) and of course from the design that you plan to implement.

Furniture in the kitchen, which is located on the same line (in a row), is most popular for small and medium-sized rooms (from 20 square meters).

image (16)

By installing such practical sets, the greatest savings in small and medium-sized rooms are ensured.

Allows you to compose a large number of devices (refrigerator, stove, dishwasher). What gives one of their kitchen areas a living room, great functionality.

In addition to good functionality, the undoubted advantage of this solution is its versatility. In connection with the fact that you can apply a straight or linear headset for almost any place, including a complex layout.

For example, there is a small space, with some number of protrusions or bends. L-shaped or U-shaped design, is not applicable or will take up, chur, a lot of space. The solution is obvious - the installation of a direct headset.

The main advantages of linear planning:

  • Simplicity of design and installation.
  • Low price of furniture manufacturing.
  • Good adaptation for interiors with complex layout.
  • Optimization of the remaining square meters due to the compact arrangement.

Corner Layout

If you have a small kitchen, living room, prefer a maximum of free space, functionality and do not want to compromise. Then, headset with angular arrangement is what you need!

image (1)

This arrangement is the most rational from the point of view of saving precious internal space.

Some advantages of corner sets:

  • Excellent internal capacity potential.
  • Rational use of each meter of territory.
  • A lot of layout variations.
  • Possibility for corner installation of a sink.
  • Good combination with elements of the bar.
  • Not bad applicability for ideas on zoning.
  • Comfort and versatility.
The most common types of corner sets are constructions: reminiscent of the shape of the letter "G" and similar to the letter "P". Depending on your case, it is possible to use one or another option.

Kitchen living room with breakfast bar

Love funny family gatherings in the company of old friends over a glass of wine? Then pay your attention to the possibility of arranging your headset with a bar rack.

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Thanks to it, you will get comfortable and compact seats, as well as provide storage of bar supplies (glasses, bottles with alcohol).

Agree that parties and gatherings with alcohol are not every day! It's okay, the bar is a multifunctional place. In most cases, it can be used for quick snacking without occupying or covering a large dining table.

In addition, behind the counter you can conveniently sit with a tablet or laptop, read books on cooking. Use as a surface for temporary storage of gadgets and other things.

There are also cases when in very small apartments, the bar counter replaces the whole dining table. In terms of design features, bar counters come in a variety of configurations, sizes, shapes and layouts.

For example, adjacent to the headset, standing apart from it, being part of the sill and other varieties.

A wide selection of bar products, allows you to fit the rack into the kitchen interior of almost any design and size. And the simplicity of installation and originality, will not leave anyone indifferent to this beautiful and modern solution.

Kitchen living room with island

Recently, when planning and repairing kitchen facilities, is gaining great popularity such a design solution as an island! What is this and is there a need for it?

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A kitchen island is a separate (separated) from other elements of a kitchen set, a working surface. The island can be made of various materials (wood, plastic, brick and concrete).

Its functional purposes depend on one or another purpose of use. Someone installs a hob on its surface, for cooking and heating up write.

Some, install elegant washbasins with faucets and mixers, for comfortable primary processing of food. Others use a kitchen island for cooking and eating food.

Regardless of the purpose of use, such a design solution will delight many and give the functionality and exclusivity of any living room kitchen.

Note! The possibility of installing such an island, assumes the presence of a large space for its placement. Since, its very design, implies free access to it from all sides.

In addition to a practical and functional countertop, the island has a base, which in turn can be assembled with additional compartments, drawers for storing utensils and kitchen utensils. By and large, this solution, most of all, is suitable for large rooms in country houses.

A big sofa

Oversized upholstered furniture, plays one of the key roles in the interior of any room. Not an exception and a combined living room and kitchen.

In this case, the sofa plays the role of a zonal divider. At the same time it serves for comfortable accommodation of people and in some cases is a berth.

image (5)

If we talk about the choice of a particular model, then the final choice depends on the individual preferences of each. However, regardless of the type, color and size of the product, it should be as convenient and functional as possible. Naturally, large sofas should be installed in suitable rooms.

Kitchen Living Room (real photo)

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