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Kitchens with living rooms, combined together, are very popular in recent times. So how do they attract apartment owners? We offer you to view photos of interior kitchen-living room ideas.

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If we talk about the modern interior of the kitchen-living room, then more and more residents prefer it. This method is great for visually enlarging the space, besides it brings in some personality. It is the unification of kitchen-living rooms - the most common, among all others. At the same time, it is important to adhere to the basic functional rules in the design of each room. And if you do a redesign, there are many factors that are very important and they should be given special attention.


Is it worth to combine the kitchen and the living room?

Some in the interior of the kitchen-living room prefer extremely strict classics and mandatory restraint of style. To others, on the contrary, an open space is necessary, and necessarily all the most modern, including decorative elements. All these nuances are important if you are engaged in interior planning and the combination of two rooms.


Of course, if you prefer that the room was free and spacious, the wall between the two rooms can be safely demolished. But do not forget to get permission for documents for this! Well, if you prefer a small size, but a cozy kitchenette, the wall can only be removed halfway. The whole part of it, which remains, decorate under an interesting partition. If there is a desire, you can also make additional variants of partitions using plasterboard sheets. With the help of them it will be possible to make an excellent zoning.


Separate the kitchen area from the living room can be screens, various options for sliding systems, blinds or bar counters.


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By the way, such premises have their shortcomings. These include:

  • When the owners just think about how to combine the living room with the kitchen, obsessive questions come into my head. And that's practically all. One such is the smell, which in the kitchen is always in the process of cooking. What to do with it if you combine the kitchen with the hall? But such a fashion as the unification of these premises from the western part of the planet. But there it is completely unacceptable so to cook food, as it is done in our country. There, more often than not, ready meals at home are only warmed up, compared to our various cooks. Of course, a powerful hood in the kitchen will be very, by the way, but smells in the living room will be present in any case.
  • The second important issue is cleaning and maintaining cleanliness. After all, the kitchen has to clean up many times more (more often) than in the living room. And if these two rooms are combined, it will be necessary to clean the entire large room.

Of the main shortcomings, this is the main, which can be attributed to the unification of rooms.


Advantages of the interior of the kitchen-living room

Speaking about the advantages of such an association, the first thing to note is the visual increase in space. But in small flats - this is very important! In addition, the room becomes more multifunctional, and also convenient in the process of operation. So, for example, in a united space it is more convenient to receive guests of your home. After all, in this way, you will be able to spend maximum time with them, doing your own business.


Zoning and creating beautiful interiors of kitchen-living rooms

The issue of demarcation of premises is very important, everything needs to be done as correctly as possible, taking into account the issue of convenience, integrity of perception, interior style, psychological aspect.

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For example, to effectively distinguish the space, on the floor you can use different coverings in the kitchen and hall. Materials can differ in color, texture. Excellent option in the cooking area on the floor to lay ceramic tile, and in the living room - parquet / laminate / carpet.

If you are completely unsure of your own strength, you want to carefully consider the question of zoning the interior, and execute it according to the highest class, then it makes sense to turn to professional designers.

Kitchen Living Room Design

Interior style in the kitchen-living room

Choice of color for the combined room

The basic rule is that the interiors decorate monotonous.

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Ideal option - the presence of several perfectly matching colors in the interior design. In this case, each zone is determined by its own shade.

Typically, the kitchen is much smaller than the living room. Accordingly, it should be decorated brighter and more saturated. As for the rest area, it is worth using quiet soft tones that will make you relax.


Why do I need a bar rack?

As for this element, it is put not just for decoration. It is of no small importance in the matter of functionality. After all, with its help you can very well save space, replacing a large and bulky dining table. In addition, it helps to distinguish the area of ​​the living room, from the kitchen. In this case, the space will be unified. This is a very convenient option for planning, so you can communicate with family and friends, without detaching yourself from the cooking process.


In addition, it is convenient to store various kitchen accessories on the bar. In this case, it is worthwhile to pick up those models in which there are lockers and shelves, you can hide anything in them. But open options for bar counters can be decorated with your favorite souvenirs, as well as dining sets, as an option.


The appearance of the kitchen-living room in private houses

If you have a large country house or cottage, you can comfortably equip a large and free dining room. And thanks to large areas, the kitchen with the living room can be very easily combined into a single room. Basically, to separate the two zones use bar racks, glass partitions, arches, screens.

Be sure to install a powerful hood! Remember this! After all, for a manual airing of such a large room will take quite a long time!


How to choose the right hood for your home? They fall into such basic types:

  • Traditional. It is cheap, fastened to the wall easily, and in addition, it can be installed in any kitchen by type.
  • The dome. Due to its specific form, evaporation is very effective. Mount it to the ceiling, and in some models there is an option for filtering the air flow.
  • Built-in, with free design, which is installed inside the cabinet (box) in the kitchen. At the same time, integrity in the interior of the premises will not be compromised.

To create your kitchen-living room in your own house is quite cozy and stylish, you should add some accessories. For example, it can be plants in pots, decorative utensils, and maybe even simple ordinary cans with conservation and other interesting preparations. In the interior of the country house kitchen should pay more attention to detail.


How to design a kitchen-studio in the house of Khruschevka

In such apartments, the walls are very narrow, they literally pressurize their hosts with their cramped surroundings. And, of course, such a premise is very far from ideal! Combine the two rooms, make them one large and spacious room - this is a wonderful chance to create a great space for living and for cooking at the same time! It will not only be light, but also spacious!


Advantages in the kitchen-living room in such an apartment is enough. The main ones are:

  • Freedom of action through increased space.
  • Perfect and comfortable distribution of the room to the reception areas of meals and cooking.
  • Harmonious style of interior
  • An excellent option to save space, use all the necessary furniture and appliances.


How do these design options look, look at the photo of the interiors of living rooms with kitchens! With a competent approach to the issue of planning an apartment studio, you can realize any idea! Combining the kitchen with the living room is a chic, beautiful, fashionable and practical way of decorating your own home.

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