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Turquoise and shades of sky-blue are considered the colors of the water element, which create around them a joyful atmosphere with notes of purity.

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Therefore, the cuisine of turquoise color attracts special attention and is very popular.

turquoise color kitchen (1)

Turquoise combines at once two shades: green and blue. Green tone promotes relaxation and tranquility, and blue has associations with the vast expanse and inviting freshness.

turquoise color kitchen (1)

Psychologists argue that the palette of turquoise is an excellent means to relieve irritability, fatigue, and also helps to strengthen the human immune system.

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It includes numerous shades, from soft blue to deep and complex green tones.

turquoise color kitchen (2)

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Turquoise color in the interior of the kitchen on the background of a warm and soft background has a unique and fascinating look. It combines in a single picture fresh notes of natural exotics, sea surface and shine from gem stones.

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For the design of the kitchen space, you can choose not only bright and saturated shades. After all, a light turquoise background in a composition with the correct finish will create an equally amazing and lively look.

Apron turquoise color in white kitchen

The kitchen in turquoise color on the photo looks like a refreshing oasis. This shade can never get bored and bored, because in different lighting and settings, he can play completely with colors.

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Therefore, turquoise is called a color chameleon. In a duet with a blue palette, he acquires a tone of blue, in tandem with green - a shade of greenery.

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In addition to a pure and easy feeling, turquoise can affect the appetite of a person, reducing the need for food. Therefore, all wrestlers with excess weight prefer it as a finish for the kitchen.

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For the kitchen in turquoise shades, the right lighting is very important. It is better if the spectrum of lighting equipment is warm, whereas it is seen from the photo of the kitchen in turquoise color, the interior will look luxurious and rich.

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Styles for turquoise in the interior

Turquoise looks pretty harmoniously in almost any style direction. However, the leaders using turquoise are country, unusual vintage and modern direction.

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To complement country stylization will be wicker furniture items. For minimalism, there are quite bold combinations of colors and shades.

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In strict high-tech turquoise will be an excellent pair for chrome and metallic.

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Kitchen decoration in turquoise color

The best background, on which turquoise will play all its merits, is white.

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Walls. White-white wall surfaces make it possible to show a dazzling glitter of turquoise.

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However, the combination of turquoise color in the interior of the kitchen will also look good with a sandy tone, a shade of creamy and dairy. In addition to white, for walls, pastel colors of warm yellow, gentle pink or lilac color are used.

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Floor. To a turquoise headset any floor covering from a tree will approach. It can be a reliable parquet, modern laminate panels or rough natural boards.

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Shades of dark will make the floor practical, and the light colors of the floor cloth will give the interior lightness and airiness.

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Ceiling. The most optimal option for a turquoise kitchen will be a white-painted ceiling covering. And you can cover it with plaster, and you can create a tension or multi-level suspension structure.

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The highlight is the ceiling with a turquoise insert under the color of the headset.

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Combinations of turquoise with other colors

The turquoise palette is perfectly combined, both with warm, and with cold tones. The facades can have a combination with neutral shades of beige, saturated with green and blue, bright orange, terracotta and pink, dark tones of chocolate and coffee.

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As for the choice of countertops for the color of the apron, the most successful combinations are:

  • snow-white apron with contrasting black table top;
  • a duet of white shades;
  • with a white table-top combined aprons of the color of roses, orange, a complex apron from a mosaic of warm yellow-brown tones;
  • tandem of natural or artificial stone;
  • sandy shade of the tabletop with photo printing on an apron with a depiction of the sea theme;
  • non-standard and bright apron in stripes in duet with white table top.

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The turquoise kitchen interior in the photo looks fresh and modern in style and style.

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Photo of a turquoise kitchen

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