Kitchen peach color - perfect combinations for 80 photos

Peach color is always loved in the design of living quarters, that is why in shops there is a huge choice of everything - starting from wallpaper and paints, finishing with vases and toasters of the same color.

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It is not difficult to create a peach-colored kitchen at home, but to do it correctly, and there is no saturation with its shades, you need to know a few simple design techniques.

Fundamental rules

Peach color creates the appearance of warmth and comfort. If the shade is light - the interior will cause a sense of peace, but if the interior design of the peach-colored kitchen is in bright colors, there will be a festive mood and a feeling of happiness in this room.

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In combination with other tones

Peach - fairly friendly to other colors, as it has a mass of shades. To avoid oversaturation with flowers, you must adhere to a few simple rules: the kitchen can be sustained in several shades of this color - from pink to almost beige.

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Ideally, it is better to combine no more than two or three colors, in combination with a peach - it looks beautiful white. Variants of peach cuisines in the examples on the photo demonstrate that it fits perfectly and with a gentle-green.

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The main thing is not to overdo it with the number of colors, so that the kitchen does not look like a toy house and the colors do not tire the eye.

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Materials for the kitchen interior

The kitchen is a room where absolutely all surfaces are quickly soiled, frequent cleaning and washing are required. The best solution - tile, including - and on the floor.

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For walls, washable wallpaper is also great. In the photo of kitchens of peach color, you can peep a suitable idea and hinged ceilings that are easy to wash, and the material for the countertops of work surfaces and doors of furniture.

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Do not choose the choice of wood, the best for the kitchen - plastic furniture, which succinctly looks in the room for cooking.

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For example, the combination of peach color in the interior in the kitchen with furniture made of plastic is fine with the worktops made of particleboard of dark brown hues or light stone.

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Recommendations for interior design

When choosing furniture in the interior of the kitchen in peach tones, one must take into account not only its color, but also remember that, for example, lockers from classic oak will not look with transparent plastic chairs in hi-tech style, but peach walls and the glossy dark ceiling will look harmonious.

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Just like the curtains with a modern print can be good in combination with a massive dining table in the style of the past.

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In peach cuisine, furniture from wood and plastic are appropriate. If the choice fell on the combination of materials, then you should choose wooden furniture of dark tones - it will give the room a cosiness.

If you choose bright peach furniture, it is better to abandon the beige and brown walls, otherwise the interior will become monotonous, it is better to take white tiles and wallpaper. Interesting is the combination of violet and peach color.

Decoration of walls, floor and ceiling

In the kitchen in peach shades organically looks white, beige and cream tiles, and the floor is desirable to leave a dim.

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But if you want on the floor you can make a few bright spots - to make small islets of bright tile, you can also do with the ceiling.

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Light walls have the property to get dirty faster - dirt is clearly visible on them, so in such a kitchen it is better for them to be tiled or covered with washable wallpaper.

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Directly the kitchen area associated with cooking, it is recommended to make out in dark shades of peach, then the pollution will not be so noticeable.

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An excellent solution - a mosaic of small tiles, but then you do not go too far with colorful kitchen utensils. The wallpaper also needs to be selected with a single color or with a simple pattern.

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Kitchen textiles

For the kitchen, it is always important how it is lighted, so decorating kitchen windows, you need to consider how many of them, and whether they are on the sun side.

For the kitchen in the color of peach shades, the design specialists recommend blinds-rolls - this is convenient, since it saves time on washing and ironing rags.

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If the blinds do not appeal, and you want the cloth curtains, you have to stop at dark, slightly dirty colors.

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Instead of the usual tablecloth, it is fashionable and practical to use wide napkins on the kitchen table - if something is spilled on the table, it is easier to wash one napkin than a large tablecloth.

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In addition, the peach kitchen with napkins is easier and more interesting to play with color, this accessory can be changed in mood and make the interior an extravagant table textiles - even green, even red.

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Decorative decorations

The kitchen in the peach color solution does not need to be decorated with lots of details, since this color itself creates a home cosiness.

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Therefore, in such a kitchen there are quite a few such interior decorations, such as vases, frames and figurines. Sometimes, in order to make the interior look finished and stylish, enough of the original curtains.

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Lighting Devices

Lighting is important in the kitchen, so you need to approach with all attention to how the work surfaces are highlighted. Usually the lighting is placed under the hanging cabinets - it is convenient, since the table tops are well lit, and the light does not cut the eyes.

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In terms of main lighting in the kitchen, not chandeliers are appropriate, but small lamps - they save space and look more appropriate in the kitchen.

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The peach color visually makes the space lighter, therefore the lighting is better to choose a soft, and the artificial "daylight" will make the peach color less cozy.

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Setting the kitchen in peach colors, the main thing to remember is that this color does not tolerate additional variegation and unnecessary details.

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Photo of a peach-colored kitchen design

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