Kitchen repair by own hands - detailed description of all

Any type of repair, as a rule, takes a lot of effort, time and financial costs. In this article we will talk about how to make repairs in the kitchen with your own hands, and you can do it quickly and simply, with the investments will be on any budget.

Beautiful kitchen after renovation

As for professional opinion, the repair of the kitchen in the apartment is actually a difficult process, in principle, as in the bathrooms. We will try to give you a maximum of useful information, so that this work was to you exclusively in pleasure.

How does the repair process start?

Basic nuances

To begin with, you need to understand what you will have to face when you choose the right types of materials.

Great idea for beautiful repairs

Be sure to take into account that the humidity level in this room is always elevated. Very often in the furniture market you can see offers of wood products. But, even if it is the most natural, for the kitchen this is not the best option, here it will last for several years and begin to lose its soy properties and appearance. Talking about the compressed filing and at all, there is no sense. After all, it will be enough for a year or two, and the furniture will have to be changed again.


Of course, much depends directly on the manufacturer and the technology used to make furniture. But in most cases, it happens that there is enough shortage of products.


It is also worth considering that in the kitchen there are constant temperature changes. Accordingly, high temperatures are also allocated, for example in a typical panel house of very small kitchens, and in them only plates give out a minimum of 12 kilowatts of heat energy. But with joint exposure to high humidity + temperature drops, phenol and other substances will be released from a poor-quality headset, which is very harmful for the body.

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Accordingly, when making repairs of the kitchen with their own hands, you need to think over and equip the ventilation system. Yes, and here we are talking about good, powerful hoods. With such a device, you even think to forget what the smell of burning around the house.


But, if you install a serious ventilation equipment, this nuance must be agreed!


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Also it is necessary to take into account the stuff. That is, for example, the most ordinary linoleum will have to be changed very often! After all, the floor in the kitchens is so exposed to mechanical influences that it is comparable to a crowd in a small minimarket!


In addition, the kitchen area is a place where aggressive chemical, as well as dirty substances are regularly used. This means that the wallpaper from the paper on the walls here just does not fit. Yes, and fat! After all, here you can not escape from it!

Repair in a small kitchen before and after repair


Proceeding from the fact that in kitchens, as a rule, very small sizes, in the process of repair, as well as during operation, owners have to turn around in them as soon as possible. In fact, not everything is so terrible and bad, because thanks to modern technologies it is possible to equip the built-in furniture options with the most convenient and economical way of placing, in a way.

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But for this it is necessary to make precise measurements in the room, for which you will need a tape measure, and then you will need to make a measurement:

  • Height, length and width of the room.
  • Window and doorways are necessarily their exact parameters.
  • Mezzanine (if any).
  • What is the distance between the floor - walls of groups of sockets, as well as risers of water supply and sewerage.

To redevelop and the entire repair process went as it should, measure all the parameters very accurately.

Interesting interior in a yellow tone

How to make a normal human layout?

First you need to understand what kind of furniture will be, and also what are the budgetary frameworks for all this venture. Look, for example, the photo of the kitchen repair, impress with the proposed layout options and furniture sets and, if you are satisfied, you can go to the store to buy a typical headset. Well, if you want something unusual, extraordinary, then maybe it makes sense to order furniture according to individual parameters and preferences. Then it's important to think through literally everything, including - how many shelves you will have, and also how many boxes you need.

Of course, if we talk about the latter case, the best option is to use a special program in which 3D interior modeling is done. It is important to remember that besides furniture, you will also need to accommodate the equipment.

Repair in the kitchen - 9

Some designers consider it right when the stove, refrigerator and sink are not far from each other, and the width of each of these elements is not more than 1.8 m.

Repair in the kitchen - 10

Hood Organization

Undoubtedly, the hood is wonderful. But if it is incorrectly installed, ventilation can be disturbed not only by you, but also by your neighbors. The conclusion must be made to house ventilation. But this is a redevelopment, for which you need to draw up some documents.

cooker hood - 1

The ventilation outlet must not be combined with the exhaust of the column! This threatens a huge fine, and the risk of exploding with the system is huge.

cooker hood in the kitchen 2

To the house was not littered with construction waste, it is necessary to pierce the ventilation vent:

  • Measure the center, where you think there will be an outlet, drill a hole there and punch the plug into it, the screw needs to be screwed in half.
  • The rope must be tied to it very strong, and the end is recommended to attach higher.
  • Drill holes with an interval of 5-10 mm.
  • Between the holes it is necessary to cut openings a maximum of a half cm deep.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust.
  • Do this until the concrete falls off and hang on the rope.

cooker hood in the kitchen 3

We establish communications at repair of kitchen under a key

Gas transmission system

The main task is to hide the ugly gas riser, which will hang right on the wall. This can be done using a flexible hose.

Repair in the kitchen - 29

But, do not risk doing this yourself! This must be done by professional gas workers!

Repair in the kitchen - 14

Flexible hose can be a maximum of 4 meters, it's worth considering! And you use a gas column to transfer it, you need to issue permits. Communication with gas can be laid for a kitchen set, but it can, if necessary, probably need to be moved very quickly.

Excellent repair

Electric wires

First of all, the room must be de-energized!

We recommend making a completely separate wire for a boiler and stylalki, which will go straight from the junction box. Thanks to this, the security level will be maximized. Also, regarding the operation of an electric stove, a boiler and a washing machine, they must be grounded.


Sockets should be at a height - above the kitchen table, and at least 10 cm from the floor. The wires must be in the corrugations. And if your kitchen is too wet, lay the wires straight on the ceiling.

As a rule, when making repairs, change the junction box. So it's worth to put it with automatic machines, and a separate niche is made for the shield, at a height of at least 1.85 m.


For the wires you need a cable of three cores, protected by insulation. The veins should be with a minimum cross-section of 2 mm, especially if there is both a stiralka and a boiler.

Water supply system

In this issue, you need to choose pipes, among plastic, polyethylene and polyvinylchloride.

Repair in the kitchen - 101

Each of them has its advantages. They are not exposed to corrosive phenomena, are not able to release harmful substances into the water, and are not subjected to overgrowing with salt, and they are also easy to install. Nevertheless, among the proposed three versions of pipe materials, the most optimal is PVC.

Repair in the kitchen - 27

Well, if you use metal-plastic pipes, it needs to be bent very gently, because it is quite fragile.


Here the basic nuance is that the shorter the length of the sewer pipes, the better. After a couple of years later, the pipe inside will overgrow with all sorts of fats, etc., but the smaller its length, the easier it is to clean it!

Repair in the kitchen - 28

Pipes should be at least 5 cm in diameter. And if there is more than a meter and a half between the sink and the sewer stand, it is necessary to lay down the drainage pipes under the slope. Without bias, clogging is guaranteed.

Repair work

Cleaning the room

Here, in a thorough way, you need to peel off old coatings, using different methods for this.

Repair in the kitchen - 26

The aged oil paint is removed with a simple mechanical means. But this has been going on for an incredibly long time.

Repair in the kitchen - 25

When ripping is completed, the surface is washed with a soap solution (use detergent). Then apply a deeply penetrating primer.

Repair in the kitchen - 24

Always add bactericides to the primer. Another must read the composition and do not buy the product, if it contains: an aroma and fernazone, thiram.

We process the floor

The substrate must be prepared before a floor covering appears on it. But in this matter it is important to carefully study the surface for availability:


  • Cracks from 2 mm and intersecting
  • Depressions, potholes, sags
  • Variations from 5 mm in height

Repair in the kitchen - 1

If you do, for example, repair the kitchen in Khrushchev, or in another kitchen (because they are usually small in size), the work will not be very expensive. The same applies to the bulk floor, with a thickness of 10 centimeters.

Beautiful kitchen after renovation - 2

We pass to the ceiling

Between the plates on the ceiling you need to make a thorough revision. From this channel, the old wiring gently arrives, and in the channel it is thoroughly cleaned from dust, debris, after that, filling it with foam for installation.

Repair in the kitchen - 3

Align ceilings in kitchens does not make sense, even if you are repairing a small kitchen. The optimal option in this case is to design a hanging version of the ceiling.

Finishing works of kitchens

On the ceilings

The most important thing is that it meets the basic requirements:

  • It was resistant to temperature changes, increased humidity
  • Did not fade, and was not able to change its color
  • I did not miss burning from cooking
  • Desirable - washable option
  • The ability to quickly dismantle, in order to restore damaged areas

Repair in the kitchen - 4

The most optimal materials for the flow are a PVC panel, a laminate with impregnation, MDF-board with impregnation of PVA, GKL with PVA impregnation.

Beautiful kitchen after renovation - 3

Under any of the materials you need to make a crate, which can be made of wood and metal profile. Lags are placed in an interval of 60 cm. If there are deep depressions under the profiles, they are closed with mounting foam / putty.


On the walls

Here, the surface is leveled. If you prefer a tile, the seams between the slabs are sealed with a sealant from the special. antifungal nozzle.


You can not level the seams categorically! On the fingerprints not only the dirt remains, but also the mold grows!


In spite of everything, the best material for kitchen walls is washable wallpaper. Ideally glue them when the floor and ceiling are ready.



Here the best option is a laminate that is resistant to high humidity or the most ordinary linoleum, its advantages in:


  • Minimum requirements for floor preparation
  • The material is elastic, saves some dishes from damage if it falls to the floor
  • Not hot
  • Poor abrasion resistance
  • Nothing is difficult to install. Measures the floor, cuts off a piece of linoleum and puts it on the floor.


Given the ratio of prices and quality, it is the linoleum is the most optimal option for kitchens.


Well, what does it look like, look in our selection of photos of kitchen repair and be inspired by new, fresh ideas!

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