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Modern cuisine is not just a room where food is prepared, but the very place where the whole family welcomes guests at dinner.

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It is not by chance that the kitchen becomes a trend in the trend. The design is thought out even while drawing up the project, so that the most harmonious on the whole was the interior.

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The interior design of the studio kitchen allows you to embody all the ideas in terms of design, so that cooking brings maximum pleasure. What is such a good kitchen?

  • The recreation area and the zone of food intake are combined.
  • A whole family can be gathered at one table.
  • The dining area can be spectacularly decorated.

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Many spaces

In new homes there is much more room, as a consequence, there are many more opportunities to realize all the ideas. If you decide to equip the studio in the house, it is important to follow certain rules:

Re-planning is impossible without coordination in a number of instances.

To draw up a project, specialists are invited, because all the features of the layout of the modern kitchen of the studio and a number of nuances must be taken into account, a package of documents is prepared.

Studio - a fairly spacious room, and therefore it is possible that you will have to take some part of the room or corridor under it.

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The space is equipped with a high-power hood to remove all odors.

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Trifles play an important role, because they create a harmonious interior.

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Elements of the studio

Any kitchen studio (in the photo you can see all the variations of design), in itself includes certain components:

Bar counter creates an interesting design, dividing the areas into a room. The fireplace is an excellent addition if the room is spacious.

Through the podium, you can divide the space into zones.

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Glass partitions help to reduce smells in the room. In addition, in this way, a cozy sitting area is easily created.

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Kitchen studio with breakfast bar

Today, any design of a kitchen is easily embodied in reality - the most courageous solutions are increasingly embodied in the design. So, one of the ways to zonate space is the bar counter, which can be:

  • Wall-mounted, when attached one side (narrow) to the wall.
  • Island - ideal for a spacious kitchen.
  • Built-in is part of the furniture, and therefore looks harmonious.
  • As a partition - a mobile rack.

A few years at the height of the popularity of the so-called island planning. So, when choosing such a layout, it looks stylish studio.

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Modern design kitchen studio in the examples and on the photo confirmation that planning solutions there are many, and therefore probably attracts with its convenience.


Ergonomics - the ideal solution for a spacious kitchen, because it contains all the necessary elements.

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Functionality - in different ways, the working surface is completed, at the discretion of the owners of the kitchen.

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The island is located mainly in the center, but sometimes it is made as if a peninsula, along the wall.

High tech

  • Often, the interior of the studio kitchen, which is presented in the photo with quite original and unusual options, is realized in a modern high-tech style.
  • Detailed planning of the whole space.
  • A minimum of decor.
  • Smooth geometry, why the kitchen looks unusual and original.
  • Kitchen appliances are decorated with metal surfaces.

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Classical cuisine looks very beautiful, aristocratic. A distinctive feature of this interior is furniture of exceptionally light colors, made of natural wood.

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Such a kitchen requires that materials of the highest quality be used.

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Kitchen-studio - the ideal solution, because it allows you to translate all ideas into space. It is necessary to make a very clever design project, to think over the light in the interior of the studio kitchen ...

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Today, the widest choice of projects is offered, and on the basis of them the kitchen will change significantly and play with new colors.

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