Kitchen wallpapers - 100 photo ideas of beautiful wallpaper

About a beautiful kitchen for sure every owner dreams of. But the design of any design begins with the finishing works. Modern wallpaper - very diverse materials. They are also the most simple, paper, and ultramodern, washable. So which ones to choose? Read further and see photos of wallpaper for kitchens!

Kitchen Wallpapers

Paper wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen

Perhaps this type of wallpaper is the most common and famous, everyone knows it. But, how will they withstand the load in the kitchen? If we talk about the benefits, they are hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. Also they are no less attractive in terms of finances.


At the same time, in comparison with other types of materials, they are not so durable, they are not capable of retaining moisture, and in fact these factors are of great importance in every kitchen!


The choice of paper wallpaper for wall finishing in kitchens - can be called a test, because every sloppy movement can make them unfit for use.


At the same time, paper wallpapers are offered on the market in the widest variety of colors, images and other things, they are also quite affordable in terms of budget. Therefore, many choose for kitchens. In this case, it's important to know the types of wallpaper in the paper so that your choice is made correctly. They are:

  • Single-ply paper - a simplex representing a sheet of paper with a pattern applied on one side. Their advantage in economy, the ability to breathe. At the same time, they are short-lived, afraid of moisture, burn out under the influence of direct sun.
  • Duplex is a two-layer type of paper wallpaper, consisting of two canvases. This increases the strength of the material, as well as sound and heat insulation. At the same time, they have an invoice, and the drawing is bright, high-quality.
  • Reminiscent of the previous version, foam wallpaper. But here, on the basis of some polymers of acrylic, which as a result of foaming form a relief pattern, resistant to moisture and abrasion. Such wallpaper for the kitchen washable, this is their dignity, among other types.

Vinyl wallpapers

At the heart of this type of material is fabric / paper, on top of it all is covered with PVC, and already embossed / patterned.

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This is a completely non-toxic type of material, sufficiently durable, the same applies to high humidity and fungus formation. But the latter is the most unpleasant thing that appears elementary in the kitchens, where there is an increased level of humidity and temperature.


Among the huge assortment of vinyl wallpapers, foamed variants stand out, as well as silkscreen, compact vinyl.


Flizeline - comfortable and modern wallpaper in the kitchen

Cellulose fibers and fabrics are at the basis. Wetting and drying, do not sit down. In the process of pasting, the glue is applied to the walls, not to the material. Thanks to this, the drawing is adjusted as accurately as possible. To date, this material is modern and popular, they are pasted living rooms and kitchens, bedrooms and hallways.


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They are beautiful to smooth out cracks, unevennesses. But if you choose this type of wallpaper, even specially for painting, they will make a great canvas to show creativity in the walls of the kitchen.


Available and quality wallpaper from acrylic

They are considered an analogue of vinyl foamed type. The difference is that the main layer is applied not foamed vinyl, but spraying from acrylic. It is capable of creating textural drawings on the surface of the material. The application is dotted, so the material breathes.


This type of wallpaper is practical, durable -, in the first place,. Also, they are moisture resistant, and do not lend themselves to mechanical damage, and secondly. This is what makes the material incredibly attractive for decorating kitchens.


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They also have drawbacks. For example, if you choose wallpaper for painting, it is worth considering that they can be painted much less times than from vinyl or non-woven fabric.


Steklowallpaper - an ideal option to decorate the kitchen!

They are very similar to fabric made of fiberglass, and they are based on specially prepared glass, processed under the influence of temperature more than a thousand degrees Celsius! After this method, some fibers are formed, which are further converted into yarn, and already woven materials from it. To paint fiberglass walls, it is recommended to use latex-based paints, or water.


This option is just perfect. After all, being thinking about what kind of wallpaper to choose in the kitchen, it is only worth thinking about! Steklowallpaper - moisture resistant, wear-resistant, practical, resistant to mold formation. Yes they are just perfect!


Liquid type of wallpaper

They are powdered cotton fibers, binding glue with mineral crumb, cellulose, pigment paints, and sometimes decorative elements. They render them completely differently, as everyone knows and is accustomed to. Before applying, they must be dissolved in water as a dry mixture, and when they swell, apply to the walls with a brush or spatula.


This version of the material is able to perfectly mask the existing defects and flaws on the surface of the walls or ceiling. Their advantages in the inability to burn under the sun, excellent sound and heat insulation properties, non-toxic, do not accumulate dirt and dust.


Since this type of material is specific to some extent, it can be cleaned exclusively in a dry way, which is why in the kitchen such material is not the most practical.


But, if you really want to use them, treat them one wall, which is removed from the vapors and moisture. For example, in the area of ​​meals.


Wallpaper ideas for the kitchen. Which ones to choose?

Of course, from the widest range of head can go around. To make the picture clearer, you need to understand the price range of the materials. And so, the cheapest ones are paper, then vinyl, after them on non-woven basis and the most expensive ones are glass piles.


Classics are always in fashion

Choosing this style in the kitchen, you should know that over time it will not become obsolete, even regardless of the new trends of fashion and trends. Classics, which was, it is, and even in ten years it will be relevant.


Of course, in this style, the walls are decorated with wallpaper on a fabric basis, but for kitchens this is completely unacceptable. First of all, because of their impracticality. And if you decide to choose wallpaper, regardless of the tiles and panels, it is still prefer the option of practical washable wallpaper.


Searching for material for the kitchen in the style of the classic, choose a soft, low-key tone, which may be some unusual drawing.


If the goal is to accentuate pieces of furniture, but not wallpapers, it is quite possible to use the classical style and even encourage the use of a monophonic type of wallpaper.


Modernism will allow you to enjoy nature!

Of course, this is no longer a classic. This style allows you to decorate the interior with bold solutions, non-standard forms, referring to nature and everything natural, while plant motifs are unobtrusively introduced.


Ornaments of plants reflect modernity quite harmoniously. But too much use is also not necessary, so that the kitchen does not turn into a densely growing forest. Ideally, choose wallpaper in neutral colors, you can with a soft and smooth ornament.


Oriental style is diverse and charming

The design of wallpaper for the kitchen in this case today can be very diverse. It is simple and harmonious.


The ideal option - the execution of fabric wallpaper, or panels of bamboo. But, for kitchens, this option is far from the most practical. And very soon all the troubles can turn quite the opposite.


Oriental style in kitchens can be brought in by imitating bamboo panels, which characterizes the eastern ornament.


As for the color scheme, it is not at all necessary that only red or burgundy tones be. In this case, the manifestation of fantasy will be absolutely superfluous.


Style Provence - Lavender Fields ...

It is beautiful, it comes from the villages of France. But the lavender solution is not a limitation in this case. It can also be the color of olives and mustard, wheat and sand. The main patterns will be a cage and a strip, flowers.


And the battles that look like cracked plaster or, as if it's a granary board - will bring some extraordinariness to the kitchen.


Create coziness with country!

It is this style that will create a warm home atmosphere. It is natural, using natural materials. In the kitchen of this style, the family will always feel comfortable!


As for the color palette, then do not abuse the bright accents, as well as contrasts!


As for ornaments, here the most appropriate is a strip with a cage, flowers. Among the primary colors, you should prefer gray and burgundy, yellow and black, olive and blue, white or dark green.


HiTek - the style of the future

Here everything is minimalistic and simple, and also technologically. On these three components and build, in fact, the whole style. There absolutely should not be any pretentious elements that are acceptable to the country or classics.


The ideal wallpaper option is monophonic, or simulated for brick / concrete. Among the basic tones to choose should be light, in cold shades, for example, gray or white.


White - the color of modernity and taste

It is classic and popular. It can be used as an ideal background for a different shade, with which you can place accents, make some kind of shock in the kitchen interior.


In addition to the many advantages, with the help of white it is possible to visually increase the space in small kitchens!

harmonious-design kitchen

Photo Wall Mural

It is very important to take into account the specifics of the premises, making a choice in favor of images that have moisture and wear-resistant materials. They can be glued in the reception area of ​​meals, as well as in the part where food is cooked.


Combining wallpaper zoning space


Applying the combination, you not only make interesting accents, but also razonize the room. But when choosing a material, you should pay attention to some aspects:

  • You do not need to choose different categories of colors. The material should refer to one color segment, and the difference in them can be in texture and color.
  • The best combination of bright and neutral tones.
  • Geometry of patterns is an excellent combination with abstraction.
  • Ornament in the flower motive can perfectly complement with the help of textures and plant patterns.


Modern trends in decorating kitchens with wallpaper

This year, incredibly popular wallpaper in natural and ethnic motifs. More and more using contrasts, as well as combining different materials. Also no less popular are wallpapers in the motif of vegetation, with mapping, and 3D options.


And so, adhering to the main recommendations, design your kitchen the way you want!

Kitchen Wallpapers - 100 photos of a beautiful combination in the interior of the kitchen







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