Kitchen with island

The island, which is located in the heart of the kitchen, is called a multifunctional table with a working surface and built-in appliances. Most often it is installed in kitchens with a large area and helps with convenient use of the working area. This element of the interior fits perfectly into the design of the kitchen of any style.


Kitchen design with an island and its main features

With the help of the island you can ideally organize the kitchen space, make it more functional and comfortable. Use this design can be both as a working surface, and as a bar rack. Kitchen island is great for cooking.


It forms a convenient working triangle - the hostess does not need to run around the room, she can get food from the fridge, wash it, put it on the island and cut it, then immediately send it to a pan and put it on the hob. At the same time, she always stays in one place, and does not move around the kitchen.


On the kitchen island you can arrange a variety of household appliances, at your discretion - a sink, dishwasher, hob, oven and so on. In this way, you can organize the most convenient for yourself space. Kitchen island can also serve as a dining table, saving space in the room. You just need to arrange around him special bar stools and provide a place for comfortable placement of legs.


Advice! The island in the kitchen should be located in such a way that its working area is located in the kitchen area, and the dining area serves as a sort of a delimiter between the dining area and the cooking area.


What style to choose

Classic interior - a win-win option for the arrangement of the kitchen with the island. Classics always remain relevant and never goes out of fashion. The island, made of wood, perfectly fits in such an interior. It is important that the room is spacious enough.


Designers are advised to adhere to some basic principles when creating such an interior:

  • Do not experiment with the color palette - the ceilings should be white, if desired, they can be decorated with a decorative rosette in the center or stucco moldings.
  • To decorate the walls, you should choose materials of light beige shades. It is desirable that the walls are monophonic.
  • It is not necessary to install a parquet or wooden floor in a classical kitchen, as it will be impractical and expensive. You can use high-quality tiles or porcelain tiles. At the same time, the color scheme of the floor must correspond to the general stylistics of the room.
  • To create a real classic interior in the kitchen should be installed furniture from solid wood dark shades. It should not be pretentious, simple forms are welcomed. Exactly in the same style, the island itself must be fulfilled. High cost of interior items is compensated by their excellent quality and long service life.
  • Doors and windows can have an arched or rectangular shape. It is recommended to make them from natural wood.
  • In the center of the ceiling, just above the island, simultaneously serving as a dining table, you need to place a luxurious chandelier with lamps, stylized with candles, and forged items.
  • Decorate the walls can be several reproductions of still lifes of famous artists.


The interior in the style of Provence - this kitchen is very special, being extremely simple and cozy. Characteristic features of this style: walls with rough finish, old furniture in light colors, floral patterns, light textiles.


The island, set in the middle of the room, can become a real highlight of the cuisine in the style of Provence. It should be made of wood (or artificial materials that mimic it), and painted in white, or in one of the pastel shades.


From the use of dark colors should be abandoned. It is necessary to make so that the covering of walls looked slightly carelessly. Ideal - just apply plaster, then whitewash the walls. In exactly the same way, you can trim the ceiling. To arrange the floor is recommended to use rough wooden boards, or tiles.


Furniture in the style of Provence can be made entirely of natural wood (its style must completely coincide with the style of the island). A huge role in creating this interior is played by numerous decorative trifles: clay pots, ceramic figurines, basket of vines, bags with spices and much more.

No less important is textiles on the kones - it should be light and light. On the island you can install a hob and an oven. An excellent ornament of this design will be forged items.


Interior in high-tech style - it should include clear strict lines, geometric shapes, complex designs. The use of contrasting colors is welcomed. In the room must be present the necessary minimum of furniture, the kitchen should not look cluttered.


The interior of high-tech is dominated by artificial and high-tech materials: plastic, metal, glass, concrete. They can be combined, creating a cool and rigorous kitchen design. The island in the kitchen in the style of high-tech should be the most technological and functional.


The use of chrome metallic surfaces of black, gray and silvery tones is welcome. Built-in household appliances should be the most modern.


Interior in the style of minimalism - it is characterized by a minimum of furniture. All items present in the kitchen should be strict and concise, and most importantly, they should be small. The island in this case is great for organizing the working space. In this interior there can be simultaneously no more than three different shades - soft, muffled, basic.


Small inclusions of bright tones are allowed. It is also important to organize correct lighting - both natural and artificial. Light should be a lot, especially over the island, shaded areas in such a room there is no place. In finishing, natural and synthetic materials should be used.


It is better to make a ceiling light. It is necessary that the kitchen is dominated by matte surfaces. It is also necessary to choose a multifunctional and strict furniture, which will be in harmony with the island with built-in appliances. A little to revitalize the kitchen will help unusual items of decor: a chandelier of the original form, an unusual vase in the corner, a unique stand for fruit.


Loft style interior - it is perfectly combined with such an object of interior, as an island. Choosing furniture for such a kitchen, it is recommended to give preference to the brilliant and opaque facades of laconic forms. Such materials are also worth using when arranging the kitchen island.


As for the color scheme of the room, the use of light gray and white tones as well as metallic colors is welcomed. Excellent fit to the interior in loft style rough wooden facades. Harmoniously will look light metal furniture, made in the form of shelves and pencil cases.


The kitchen in the loft style is suitable for a new, sparkling chrome set, as well as old wooden furniture. The island can be either ultramodern, or deliberately rough, decorated with ordinary bricks or wooden boards. The best gamma color palette for him is dark, muffled.


The color scheme of the kitchen in loft style is determined by cold shades - white, gray, brick, terracotta, beige. The ceiling should be made white, or leave concrete gray slabs without finishing. For the decor of the ceiling, you can use rough wooden beams.

When decorating the walls is to show imagination. The wall of brickwork in this interior will look very stylish. Textiles for decorating windows can not be used, however, long dark and heavy curtains can decorate a large panoramic kitchen window in loft style.


Color selection

White Kitchen Island - it perfectly fits into the classic interior, and also will look harmoniously in the kitchens, furnished in the style of Provence, country, cheby-chic, Mediterranean. To arrange such a structure, it is desirable to use materials such as wood, facing brick, ceramic tiles.


Black Kitchen Island - this design will become a decoration of the kitchen, made in the style of high-tech, minimalism, artdeko, loft. As finishing materials it is necessary to use chrome and matte metal surfaces, porcelain tiles, tempered glass.


Brown Kitchen Island - will be an ideal part of the interior, made in the classic, rustic style, and also in the country style. The best material for fitting such a structure is a natural tree. If necessary, it can be replaced with MDF or chipboard.


The combination of a kitchen island with different types of planning

Corner Layout - This type of layout is great for the location of the kitchen island. Even if the kitchen is medium in size, there will be enough free space in it. To save space, it is recommended to use the island simultaneously and as a work surface with built-in appliances, and as a dining area, equipping it from the opposite side of the island.


Direct planning - If you arrange all kitchen modules along two opposite walls, then in the middle it is quite possible to install an island with built-in appliances. The main thing is that the kitchen is spacious enough. This option is suitable for arrangement of kitchen-dining room. In this case, a shell can be placed on the island, and the refrigerator and hob should be installed in the main unit.


U-shaped layout - To realize this idea of ​​the island, the kitchen itself must be very spacious, and the island module itself is compact. As a rule, such interior design options are used in large country houses.


Small kitchen - such a premise is the most unsuitable for placing an island module in it. However, if you really want to do this, you need to choose the most compact design of a rectangular shape. An important condition - it will have to be used as a dining table.


Big kitchen - to find a place for an island in such a place will not be difficult. This design can have any shape: square, round, rectangular, oval. It should be located either in the center of the room or close to the work area. The island, installed in a large kitchen, will help to increase its functionality and make the cooking process much more convenient.


Kitchen-living room - the island will perfectly fit into a similar interior. It can serve as a kind of a delimiter between the living room area and the kitchen area itself. Its design should be large enough. On such an island you can arrange an oven, a sink, a dishwasher. The island itself can be used as a bar counter and a dining table.


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