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In the construction of apartment buildings, many developers prefer to leave as much space as possible for living space, at times to the detriment of other premises. Therefore, the owners of apartments in new buildings often face an atypical situation - the need to make a kitchen design without a window.

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Sometimes, however, such cuisines are also found in private houses - if the owners decided that this is justified from the point of view of space saving or for other reasons. Quite often such cuisines are also found in studios. In any case, it is necessary to understand the nuances of such premises in order to properly equip them.

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Why make a kitchen without a window?

At first glance it may seem that such a decision is meaningless. The kitchen should be well ventilated, and the absence of the window precludes the influx of fresh air. And yet the solution is quite popular.

Most often it is resorted to if necessary:

  • separate in the studio apartment a small isolated room under the kitchen;
  • to distinguish between the passage room and the kitchen area;
  • when in a spacious kitchen they want to make a room, and move the kitchen area to the corridor;
  • when in the kitchen-living room they decide to isolate the kitchen area in a separate niche.

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Is this justified? Now we'll figure it out.

Advantages and disadvantages

When making a decision to buy an apartment or a house with such a kitchen, you need to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of such a layout. For clarity, we suggest using our table.

pros Minuses
The amount of useful space increases.Kitchen without a window is difficult to legalize.
There is an opportunity to equip an additional room in the kitchen.There is a risk that the room will be hot and stuffy.
This approach is an excellent springboard for new design ideas.Due to lack of air, grease and dirt will settle in the room, which affects the life of the furniture.
Lack of sunlight.

As you can see, the minuses are significant. However, if properly designed, they can be leveled, creating a beautiful and comfortable kitchen without a window.

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 Is it legal?

In fact, the concept of "kitchen without a window" is very conditional. According to the norms of the SNIP, the kitchen should be illuminated by natural light and well ventilated. Otherwise, it is considered dangerous and unusable.

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Important! If you have a gas stove, you'll have to forget about the kitchen without a window. SNIP clearly declares that premises with gas equipment must have both a door and a window.

Therefore, such a kitchen can exist only if it is penetrated by natural light from a neighboring room or it is part of a room with non-capital partition walls.

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However, there are several ways to circumvent this limitation:

  • Glass partition. A transparent "wall" separates the kitchen from the living room, but does not interfere with the penetration of sunlight. In addition, you can always additionally install blinds or curtains, for complete insulation.
  • Sliding doors. Due to their configuration, they allow you to completely close the kitchen, and ensure the flow of light and fresh air.
  • Interior window. On the one hand, it allows to satisfy the requirements of SNIP. On the other hand, it makes the kitchen cozier.
  • Hand-out window. Take on the armory of the restaurant reception and decorate the adjacent wall with a dispensing window. Idea: Turn it into a bar counter. This is both fashionable and practical.
  • Arch. If you do not have a strict need to close the kitchen, decorate instead of a conventional door with a decorative arch. Such a technique will allow to provide a sufficient amount of light and make it visually more spacious.

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Thus, despite the ban on SNIP, there are many functional and beautiful types of kitchen design without a window. The choice is yours!

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Design options

The features of the configuration dictate their conditions in the choice of furniture and technology. So, to imagine American cuisine in a room without a window is quite difficult. We recommend to stop the choice on the n-shaped kitchens with narrow countertops.

Due to their location, they will require less lighting, which means they will be more convenient to work with. If the room is stretched, think about the direct headset. In addition, the proper selection of colors and materials is very important. We recommend using light pastel colors or bright colors.

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Important! Discard the dark shades. They absorb light, so the problem with lighting will be even more acute.

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The texture plays an important role. If you want to add light, it's better to choose glossy facades and countertops. In addition, well think over the finishing of the room. Avoid excessively decorated coatings - simple monochrome in this case look much better.

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How to add light

No matter how competently you plan the configuration of the room, a kitchen without a window will still lack natural light. Therefore, the question of artificial lighting should be approached with all responsibility.

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We share useful recommendations:

  • Choose white spectrum lamps that are as much as possible natural light. However, it is better to refuse neon tones - too cold light will quickly tire your eyes.
  • Several small lamps in this situation are more beneficial than a large chandelier - they help to achieve even lighting throughout the room.
  • Highlight the work surface with hidden illumination under the lockers for easy operation.

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How to air such a kitchen

In an ordinary kitchen, airing is not a serious problem - just open the window. For a kitchen without a window, the question of ventilation becomes serious: you need to take into account all the nuances, if you do not want the apartment to smell of food smells. In addition, in the absence of ventilation, there is a risk of mold and fungus, which are difficult to extract.

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Your main task is to properly design a vent, to provide a powerful pull and to pick a good hood. In addition, a forced-air forced ventilation system is needed. To find a hood will help you in the store, if you can specify the area and height of the room, as well as the type of equipment used in the kitchen.

However, it's not difficult to do it yourself:

  • multiply the height of the room by its area;
  • then multiply the value by 12, and the result by another 1.5;
  • Calculate the distance from the hood to the vent;
  • to the result obtained in the second paragraph add 10% for each meter, the bend of the duct;
  • in the final add a reserve of 20% - in case of severe air pollution;
  • The resulting number is the optimum power of your hood.

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In addition, take care of additional ventilation - its role will play an air conditioner or a fan. In themselves they are practically useless in the kitchen, but in combination with the hood work very efficiently.

Advice! In addition to ventilation, it is necessary to ensure the flow of fresh air. We recommend that you ventilate the adjacent room as often as possible.

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Small kitchen without window

All these recommendations are relevant for a small kitchen without a window.

However, here there are difficulties:

  • first of all, make sure that the materials of finishing and furniture are resistant to moisture - in a small room, condensation is often observed;
  • choose the most light, glossy surfaces;
  • read our article on the arrangement of small kitchens - there you will find a lot of useful advice on the rational placement of furniture and appliances;
  • consider lighting and calculate the required ventilation power.

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Kitchen without a window can be beautiful and comfortable - most importantly, do not spare the time to design! We hope that our ideas will inspire you!

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