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It is not a secret for anyone that every kitchen should include a countertop, however it does not matter which embodiment of the design idea it will be: from the whole canvas or as a bar counter.

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Creating such a kitchen countertop is not just a choice of material for manufacturing, but also a number of functional features.

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Requirements for kitchen countertops

The kitchen top in the interior of the kitchen performs a special function. In most cases, a solid version of the countertop uses a complete covering of the floor cabinets, while it can be fitted with a sink, hob and other types of kitchen appliances.

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As for the material, it must meet some fairly important requirements:

  • moisture resistance;
  • ease of care with a variety of detergents;
  • increased strength.

Do not forget about the style. So, for example, stainless steel is more suited to the style of Hi-tech, and wood - to the classics.

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Varieties of kitchen countertops

In spite of the fact that the table top must fulfill its functional purposes, the general perception from the room also depends on this element.

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Modern countertops for the kitchen are divided into several types:

From granite. The most popular material, perfectly suitable for everyday use. Do not imply special care, while they have a variety of colors that can satisfy any wishes and needs of the owners. The cost is quite high, but the service life justifies the costs.

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Marble. They differ in their special beauty and rather expensive pleasure.

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Fake diamond. They represent a combination of beauty and strength, while this type is not inferior to the previous versions. They have increased resistance to damage, contamination and temperature changes. When installing, carefully handle and sand corners and joints.

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Acrylic. Has enough durability and can last about two decades. Not bad with other types of materials.

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Nevertheless, special attention should be paid to the artificial stone when choosing a material. First, it can be repaired as needed. Secondly, the material itself has a number of advantages:

  • ecologicaly clean;
  • increased strength;
  • ease of transformation for any design idea;
  • absence of seams;
  • a huge range of colors.

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In addition to the positive characteristics, it is necessary to note also the negative aspects:

  • high price.

Creative worktop with your own hands: the nuances of making

Despite one significant drawback, this option will be an excellent solution for creating a modern kitchen.

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Wooden. Have a relatively ideal surface for work.

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LDSTP. Ideal laminated version. It is rather unpretentious except for observing the rules of temperature regime. Has a specific feature - the rounding of the outer part.

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Concrete. Represents a novelty. mainly made exclusively to order. The material requires continuous protective impregnation.

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Talcum stone. A distinctive feature of this material is that over time its appearance becomes only better. This is due to the fact that the features of aging are very popular. At the same time, all superficial violations can be eliminated without much difficulty.

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Ceramic tile. They have a wide variety of design solutions, able to satisfy any individual ideas. In this case, competent care is important.

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Stainless steel. They have increased stability and ease in terms of care. But they are very susceptible to mechanical damage. It is better to get a matte shade, because it is easier to clean.

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Features of kitchen countertops with a solid surface

They are easy to care for and do not need to be subjected to special treatments and impregnations.

Modern materials of countertops in the interior of the kitchen represent imitations of a wide variety of materials. Such varieties have quite a serious drawback - deterioration in appearance due to the impact of sharp objects and elevated temperatures.

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Ecological compatibility of composite worktops

First of all, it should be noted that such countertops are manufactured by using so-called recycled materials.

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This kind of variety is very popular lately. It is important that they are not afraid of any impacts and damages.

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Differ special convenience due to additions in the form of dryers or stands.

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The main advantages are:

  • Do not get dirty or get frustrated;
  • are not afraid of temperature changes;
  • the absence of the possibility of the spread of bacteria;
  • gradual appearance of the effect of aging.

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  • fading over time;
  • require careful and competent care.

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Types and types of modern countertops in the kitchen are quite diverse.

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The choice of such surfaces can sometimes take a considerable amount of time, especially if you take into account all the positive and negative points.

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Photo of kitchen countertops in the interior

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