Modular kitchens - excellent and modern design (73 photos)

Any hostess spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Because there is a desire to make this room very comfortable.

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The lack of space is the main problem, which prevents the kitchen from being made as comfortable as possible.

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Any kitchen will become multifunctional and comfortable, regardless of the quadrature.

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Economical and modern modules

At the moment, the problem of lack of space is eliminated without problems. Experts recommend the use of modular kitchens - the best solution for the interior of the kitchen space.

Elements of the solution are harmoniously combined with any planning of premises with any area.

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The equipment is very diverse. The advantages of this solution include the opportunities for personal combination and arrangement of elements, in accordance with their own wishes and a wide range of opportunities for the design in accordance with interior solutions.

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Modern modular kitchens have a wide range of advantages:

  • Multifunctionality - all sets can be assembled in various combinations, creating a stylish environment;
  • Capacity - some modules are included in this solution, but they can accommodate all kitchen accessories and appliances;
  • Minor dimensions are a key advantage of the product. Due to the compactness of the modules can be placed in the territory of different rooms;
  • Modules can be assembled in accordance with the parameters of the kitchen space;
  • Insignificant cost is also a pleasant addition.

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Types of modular kitchens

A standard kitchen is built in one row along one of the walls. Another name for this cuisine is single-row rotation. In this solution, modules are installed, the length of which does not exceed 3000 mm. Classical cuisine is the best choice for small apartments. Linear kitchens are made from MDF or chipboard.

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Two-row kitchen is located on the territory of two walls opposite. This solution is rationally implemented in rooms where you need to make maximum use of the space of the room. The working site is recommended to be separated from the portion of the dishes and the product site. Thus, the cooking process will be optimal.

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Corner kitchens are mounted on the territory of small kitchens, where every millimeter of space is important.

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U-shaped modular solutions are placed on three walls of the room, respectively, the capacity of the kitchen will be large, and the solution will look very stylish. Such a kitchen is made to order, as it takes into account the features of the layout of a particular room.

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Island collect in the central part of the room, because such solutions are independent of the kitchen set.

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Peninsular kitchens are a prominent element of a single design, which can act as a bar counter or a table. Photos of modular kitchens in the modern interior can be viewed in this article.

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The material for making the above solutions is MDF, and such modules are made by order.

How to take care of modular solutions?

The main materials, from which cheap modular solutions are made, are chipboard and MDF. Both of these materials are inferior in terms of operation to kitchens from a natural massif.

The design of the modular kitchen in the photo is shown on the attached photos. Nevertheless, the operation of such products can be prolonged by observing simple advice:

  • Do not use aggressive substances;
  • Perform an exceptionally wet cleaning of the surface of the products, while using household soap or mild detergents. Cleaning the work site is allowed to use only the recommended tools;
  • After cleaning, the surface should be wiped dry with soft cloth, and do not get a lot of moisture on the work surface;
  • Do not allow surface damage;
  • Do not put hot dishes on plastic elements.

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Modern modular kitchen in the interior of the apartment is mounted at least 25 mm from the plate, as it is necessary to mount a gasket, which is not affected by temperature.

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In addition, it is recommended to perform the processing of the extreme elements of the working areas of the modules. It is recommended to use aluminum corners, which are mounted with a heat-resistant material (sealant).

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Thus, the process of delamination of the edge will slow down, in case of water falling on it.

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Photo of modular kitchen design

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