Mosaic for kitchen apron

The kitchen apron gives the cooking room a special charm that can hardly be achieved in any other way. Do not confuse this concept with the chef's clothing element. The apron, in this case, is a variant of the interior design that "encircles" the wall or part of it.

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It helps not only in the aesthetic sense, but also in terms of dividing the kitchen into functional areas. Thanks to the apron make it much easier. That is why it has become so popular in kitchens all over the world.

Making an apron from a mosaic

It can be made of various materials, for example ceramic tiles. It all depends on what the overall stylistics of the room, what is the budget of the hosts, what features of the wall.

But, of course, the most aesthetic apron will be obtained if you lay out such material as a mosaic.

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This version of the design of the kitchen is very aesthetic, it looks interesting and original. That is why the mosaic in the design of the kitchen is becoming more and more popular.

It has been used to decorate various rooms for a long time, but recently it has been undeservedly forgotten about it. In terms of beauty and efficiency, there can hardly be anything that is more beautiful than a mosaic. So in the last few years she is experiencing a real renaissance.

Advantages and disadvantages

Mosaic tiles, like any other element of interior design. Has both advantages and disadvantages. Only you decide whether to use a mosaic apron in your kitchen.

In favor of stacking just such a decoration, the following factors say:

  • High aesthetics, originality of the resulting apron.
  • Strength. Mosaic tiles are a durable material that is hard to damage or destroy, there are almost no scratches and other problems on it.
  • Filling the room with light, since many of the mosaic materials have a mirror effect, which also enhances the lighting in the room.
  • Perfect for the kitchen in any style, from modern to classical.
  • Care of the apron from the mosaic needs the most primitive: it is enough to clean it with a cloth from dirt and dust.

But there are also factors that speak against the use of mosaic as a finishing material:

  • High price. Virtually any similar finishing material will cost less;
  • Difficulty in styling. Since the mosaic has small dimensions, it is very difficult to lay it, it requires a certain qualification, experience;
  • If one of the elements is damaged, problems may arise in finding a completely similar one.

The mosaic apron definitely has more advantages than disadvantages, but this arrangement is suitable mainly for people with a large enough budget for repair work.

This is due to the considerable price of the material itself, as well as the fact that you will have to pay a certain amount of money to the masters, who, most likely, will be engaged in laying.

Types of mosaic in size and material

The dimensions and appearance of an individual mosaic element can seriously differ among themselves. But the form of each part is usually square, less often rectangular. This is due to the fact that elements of this form are much easier to assemble together, creating interesting compositions.

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Mosaics for kitchen interior can be made from different materials. Depending on the kind of raw materials used, the price of the product varies, as well as some aesthetic characteristics.

Ceramic decorative elements are made of the same name tiles. They are wear-resistant, well tolerate heat, and also non-mark, which makes ceramics an excellent option for the kitchen.

The decorations from this material look soft and very harmonious, it seems that the finish was done by hand. True, the cost of ceramic mosaic is almost 2 times more expensive than, for example, glass, so the owner will have to spend a lot of money for such a decor of the kitchen.

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Glass mosaic is a much more affordable option, but it has its own special beauty. Glass, due to its small size and thoughtful fragmentation, is really strong, so you do not have to worry that the decor element can burst or be scratched.

There is a huge variety of design solutions that can be done with glass mosaic, it can be called truly universal material. We advise you to choose this material, if you want an original kitchen without big expenses.

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Often used and a mixture of glass and minerals. Such a mixture in one element of the mosaic looks really interesting. An effect of using precious materials is created, which automatically attracts attention.

Smalta is similar to glass in its composition (it mixes small fragments of colored glass and sand), but the appearance of this material differs from the glass element of the decor. Smalta creates the impression of manual work due to the fact that there is a slight difference between the shades of neighboring elements in the mosaic.


The color of the apron of this material is very beautiful and saturated! In addition, the material looks really impressive thanks to the special effect of the internal glow that smalt possesses. But such an element of decor is also not the most accessible, so you need to measure your desire with the size of the budget.

If you have a large budget for decorating the kitchen, then an excellent version of the decoration will be the design of a mosaic made of stone. To create fragments are used a variety of stones: onyx, marble and many others.

Such a decor will be really impressive, it attracts the eye and amazes with its beauty. The stone is very durable, does not require much care. And the appearance of such an apron will be simply excellent.

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Color Solutions

There are many options for choosing the color of the mosaic. The color scale is practically unlimited. Most often choose single-color or mixed scales from different shades of the same color.

The design can be both bright and classic, restrained. Any color, even gray, acquires a new appearance due to the glow and reflection of light. Therefore, you need to choose the color depending on the overall style of the room.

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Scenery options

Thus, the images formed by the mosaic may be different. Thus, anyone can choose exactly this version of the design of the kitchen, which is most suitable for him. The apron will be really appropriate and aesthetic.

Here are the main variants of images on the mosaic:

Single-color. Perfectly suitable for modern kitchens, rooms in a minimalist style. The monophonic apron visually expands the space of the room, gives it a shine, because the bright elements reflect the rays of light, which leads to a very aesthetic effect.

Mosaic for kitchen apron: advantages and disadvantages

This version of the pattern is easy to assemble, so its installation will be easy. We advise you to choose white, black, coffee, beige colors with a monophonic design.

Mix. This kind of decor consists of elements that are painted in different shades of the same color. It turns out a very interesting effect, which is both beautiful and original. There is no particular difference in the location of the shades, so the styling will not cause additional problems.

Mosaic for kitchen apron: advantages and disadvantages

Abstract. Such images do not have a clear structure, they look very interesting and really original. Abstract mosaic aprons are perfect for those who appreciate interesting solutions. They will be appropriate in the kitchens of almost any style.

Mosaic for kitchen apron: advantages and disadvantages

If you want to make the kitchen really original, you can lay out a specific image from the mosaic. You decide which picture will decorate your kitchen.

But such design will necessarily make a strong impression on everyone who enters the room for cooking. Such an apron will be more expensive and difficult to install, but the result, definitely, is worth the effort and money.

There are a lot of options for decorating the kitchen with the help of the mosaic. In the case of this trim element, the main "chip" is that even when choosing the most banal monophonic design, the result is really spectacular aesthetic, the apron will look interesting.

Design Features

If to sum up, the design features of the apron from the mosaic are as follows:

  • Brightness and originality.
  • Easy to clean.
  • High variability of design solutions.
  • Variety of materials: from natural to synthetic.
  • Design is predominantly monophonic, only a pattern or image can seriously stand out.
  • Ideal for those who want to make the kitchen bright and original.


The kitchen apron from a mosaic becomes really interesting and pertinent variant of registration of an interior in kitchen. It will help to divide the room into zones, add originality and light.

Mosaic as a variant of the material is suitable for those who like non-standard solutions and have a large enough budget, as the material itself will not cost cheap, and it's hardly possible to lay it with your own hands, so you will have to pay masters for your work.

Choose the material of the mosaic that will satisfy you as much as possible in aesthetic, financial terms, suitable for the specific features of your housing. Then an apron of small elements will be a really good decision!

Photo of an apron from a mosaic

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