Olive kitchen design

Kitchens in olive color do not lose relevance. This green shade, sometimes called "gentle khaki" has a lot of advantages. Preferring this option, it is worth considering all the features of the design.

Olive Kitchen Design: секреты удачного сочетания цветов, фото

Olive Kitchen Design

The main reason for the popularity of kitchens in olive oil is a positive effect on the nervous system. A gentle shade of khaki calms and causes a sense of purity and safety.

Another advantage of olive color - the ability to combine with a variety of color variations. But it looks as good as possible with such shades:

  • the black;
  • white;
  • Gray;
  • mustard;
  • beige;
  • yellow;
  • red;
  • Orange;
  • pink;
  • purple.

Despite the fact that the olive color can have many tones and does not irritate the look, the interior in a single gamut is extremely rare. Firstly, because olive furniture, walls and floors of the same color look boring and too simple.

Secondly, an abundance of olive color can reduce productivity and make you experience drowsiness. That's why designers recommend to combine the olive color with at least one other.

Usually the basis of olive cuisine is either the walls of this shade, or the suite. Olive wallpaper looks great with the headsets of any colors from the above list.


But, the olive suite is better combined with light wallpaper and ceilings. Against the background of red or bright pink walls, it will appear unattractive.

As for the floor, a laminate with a wood color is suitable for olive walls. Tiles are also a worthy option, but only if its color is neutral. A bright floor covering rarely "gets along" with olive parts.

Olive color accessories are a must. Designers are advised to arm themselves with olive curtains and tablecloths, if the set differs in the same color.

But do not do this in the case when the kitchen is olive walls, because the curtains with them merge. It is better to arm yourself with small accessories in tone (napkins, fabric furniture upholstery, lampshades, etc.).

This is not all the design tricks associated with the design of olive cuisine. There are several more subtleties that should be taken into account:

Cold olive is badly combined with warm colors and vice versa. When choosing the shades of interior items, the color temperature of the olive part is taken into account.

When there is a lack of natural light, the interior incorporates bright details of warm tones. Their role can play an orange apron, yellow curtains, etc.

The combination of light shades and olive visually increases the room. Especially if the ceiling is white or cream. Olive and dark colors visually reduce the room. The darker the ceiling and walls, the more compact the kitchen will appear.

In terms of style there are no restrictions. Modern, baroque, classic, high-tech, minimalism, country - all this can be done in olive scale. With a competent selection of textures, additional colors and accessories, it is easy to achieve the best result.

Olive and natural wood color

The combination of olive and wood is ideal for connoisseurs of classics or baroque styles. In such an interior should be golden and bronze details. The role of a non-excessive note will play pompous tablecloths and curtains. Luxurious lambrequin is an excellent addition.

Details with the color under the tree will perfectly fit into the olive country kitchen. Here only in the form of decor here are used checkered simple tablecloths and curtains and wooden accessories. Olive walls and wooden furniture are the perfect solution.

The color of the olive tree plus the tree is the classic kitchen base in loft style. It remains only to choose accessories and furniture that create an "attic" interior. In such an option, the wooden objects and parts must have a muted gray or light brown color. Mahogany with a shiny coating - a taboo.

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Olive-white kitchen

Olive plus white is a sumptuous minimalism. The advantage of minimalist white and olive cuisine is the ability to experiment with design by introducing various accessories.

There will be enough bright floral compositions and lace fabrics to bring in the interior romantic gentle notes.

White-olive cuisine can become the apogee of the classics. In this case, no bright elements are required, as there are quite a few olive tones.

Absence of bright inclusions easily compensate for simple elements of decor, for example, vases with white living or artificial flowers, appliqués and beautiful curtains.

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Olive-black cuisine

Most often this combination is found in the Art Nouveau style. It is perfectly complemented by metal elements, and also stylish and laconic illumination.

In this kitchen looks very different household appliances. An important condition - the presence of light details or the dominance of the color of the olive. Otherwise, the interior will oppress and cast melancholy.

Black and olive cuisine can also become an avant-garde. Here everything depends on the imagination of the designer and the possibilities.

olif-chern (1) olif-chern (3) olif-chern (4) olif-chern (8) olif-chern (9) olif-chern (10) olif-chern (15)

Gray olive kitchen

Gray with olive - a popular combination, used in the style of hi-tech. The shade of "wet asphalt" is in harmony with metallic household appliances and elements, creating the desired effect, and a muffled khaki will make a fresh note.

A union of gray with olive is appropriate and in the loft style. Laconic stools on long metal legs, brick details and unpretentious lamps form a successful example of an industrial style.

It is worth noting that the arrangement of such a kitchen is relatively cheap, but it looks extraordinarily stylish and fashionable.

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Olive-beige kitchen color

Perhaps, this is one of the most gentle and quiet variations. The warmth and muted shades are what can be applied, creating a classic kitchen interior.

Plus the combination is that two colors can be placed as you like. For example, a set of olive colors forms a stylish duet with beige walls, and on the cream table, a green tablecloth will look great.

Admirers of delicate lace and air fabrics can realize the idea of ​​cuisine in a romantic style. Dishes of cream and pastel shades, flowers, furniture with fabric details and paintings with unsophisticated charming scenery will help complete the composition.

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