Olive kitchen - stylish and tasteful decoration

The modern kitchen in olive color conceals a lot of advantages for its owners.

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Light, refined, very bright cuisine will come out only with the well-planned use of all tones and halftones of noble color.

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Kitchen will seem more cozy if light watercolor colors are used. Such tones are used in Provence, classics and country.

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Modern kitchen itself looks stylish, and if in olive color, so doubly. The olive kitchen perfectly fits in a minimalist style. Color perfectly highlights the shiny laconic facades.

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Color can be used in the kitchen in any style, the main thing is to decorate the decor with intelligence.

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It is not necessary to design the floor, walls, furniture and accessories in one color, because the room will look sleepy.

The main advantage of olive color, oddly enough, is its combination with any other color, dark or light, muffled or otherwise very saturated.

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Dazzling neon, which is difficult to combine with anything, it will be pleasant to look exactly against the background of olive color.

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The balance will be successful when combining several tones of the olive or related tones.

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Uniquely designed kitchens in olive-colored. Individual interiors are enriched with pleasant green furniture, other wallpaper and tiles of this shade.

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Warm colors

Olive tone with a beautiful yellow tint, perfectly combined with the entire warm spectrum.

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Natural color is perfectly combined with all natural shades, and therefore can easily be combined with beige, cream, and brown.

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If the olive is slightly diluted with yellow, then the room will acquire a special luster, unique luxury.

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Gray Olive Gramma

Olive, the color that belongs to the calm range of the palette, and for the eyes is very pleasant - in combination with a light gray color, imposes a dimension and also confidence.

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The modern design of the kitchen in olive blossoms greatly benefits in combination with gray.

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Olive is beautifully combined with all the shades of a juicy apple, the color of carrot juice or an orange. Such a palette of fruit perfectly animates the interior.

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  • The yellow-green facade is an excellent solution, easily realized in reality, because such facades perform from wood, plastic, MDF.
  • One wall is made out in the color of the olive - wallpapers are used in tone, with a pattern.
  • Walls decorated in light olive color, background for furniture of any color.

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Floor оливкового цвета совсем неприхотливый в плане каждодневной уборки. Темный пол практичный, потому как не так видны на нем загрязнения. Floorьзуется популярностью оливковый пол, на котором серый орнамент.

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Worktops with gloss and matte floor - a game of contrasts. Safety and contrast serve us - the roughness of the floor protects from sliding, the gloss is easy to clean.

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Яркий фартук может быть усилен аксессуарами, например, вазами, цветами. Apron в один тон будет выглядеть более динамично, если размещена плитка будет ромбами.

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Very exclusive looks mosaic panels, made in olive color.

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Apron нередко выкладывается мозаикой в любом узоре.

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For a film, facades without handles are best suited. Such a stylish kitchen in olive tones, it's clearly visible in the photo, it looks great with table tops that are made of glass, marble.

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A feasible solution, a cabinet consisting of both their two materials - plastic, which mimics a natural tree, and also olive plastic with glitter.

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Olive color in the interior of the kitchen in the style of Provence - the best demonstration of style.

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As you can see in numerous photo - kitchens in olive color an affordable desire, bringing a cozy home. Interior decoration is not at all costly, not fussy, and at the same time bring confidence in the house of the ability of olive-colored.

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Olive kitchen photo

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