Red kitchen - how to design a bright design in the kitchen

Many mistresses, thinking about changing the design of their kitchen space, will find the idea of ​​making the kitchen in red extremely extravagant, vulgar and ridiculous. Is this the stereotype that corresponds to the truth?

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Of course, red beats with its powerful energy and expressiveness. But red - a symbol of the fullness and beauty of life, encourages any person to move and work, improve his well-being, energizes and whets appetite.

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The choice of a red kitchen indicates a refined taste and strong will strong character of the owner, who has an active life position. Bright colors of red give the interior of the kitchen elegance and effect.

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But for people with a calmer and more consistent character it is possible to choose models of the kitchen in red. In this case, it is recommended to draw on lighter and restrained shades of red, for example, soft pink or cherry.

It should also be borne in mind that the choice of color saturation when decorating kitchen interior in red is directly proportional to its area. The larger the room size, the more red elements can be present in the interior.

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The surplus of red tones in the design of a small space can cause fatigue, discomfort and an alarming atmosphere.

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Color combinations

Monochrome only one shade of red in the interior of the kitchen is extremely inadequate, they are diluted necessarily with more calm neutral tones and shades.

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It is appropriate in this case, it looks like the application of creamy, sandy tones, shades of light chocolate and wood, ivory. An important role in decorating the interior is played by well-chosen accessories and fittings.

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Elegance and stylishness is also attached to glass shelves and doors, mirrors, finishes and pens of shiny silvery color.

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The most popular combination of colors is a combination with white. These colors perfectly match each other and are suitable for choosing any kitchen interior design in red.

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When choosing this combination, the following rule is taken into account: proportions in the kitchen: white dominates in the kitchen, increasing the visual space of the room; in the large kitchens, the shades of red are chosen as the main ones.

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Red tone in small rooms is most often used in the accessories of the room and decoration of the apron, and furniture, a dining table and chairs are better to choose in white tones. Excess white color when decorating a spacious kitchen can remind the hospital room.

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To avoid this effect, decor elements of warm tones are used.

The use of glossy surfaces will give the kitchen a modern look, and matte decor elements are more suitable for interior in retro style.

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The original decision of the kitchen in red will be the choice of black and red scale. More often such palette is characteristic for furniture and furnish of a facade.

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The combination of two saturated and contrasting colors determines uniquely the application in the design of the kitchen only in the style of minimalism with a laconic atmosphere. Additional decoration with decor elements will look pretentious and inappropriate.

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Stylish and elegant spacious kitchen will add a red table and chairs, a suite with a black facade. In addition, accessories and hardware of steel color, mirror elements on furniture can be used as accessories.

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To impart an atmosphere of coziness and a visual increase in space, small colors are used in the design of small kitchens. It will be great to look at the photo of the kitchen in red when choosing light gray chairs and a table in combination with a black and red shade of a chandelier.

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Design kitchens

In the presence of a spacious room there are many options for models of red cuisine in the examples. In this case, the red tone can be present not only in furniture, but also in additional decorative elements.

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Especially correct is the use of calm and soft tones of red, such as raspberry, coral or burgundy. A tranquil color palette is preserved even when decorating windows, walls and ceilings.

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Particular care should be taken when observing the use of the red balance when designing a small room. Excess red in this case will cause discomfort, create an uncomfortable atmosphere.

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Therefore, in the design prefer light colors. The choice of the red lower part of the facade is successful, and for the top, light shades of beige or cream color are preferred. Red enough accent only a few items of decor. In neutral and restrained tones, walls and windows are made out.

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Photo of red kitchen design

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