Roller blinds on plastic windows

Due to the wide spread of plastic windows among buyers, roller blinds on plastic windows have become quite popular. And it's not surprising. They are original, aesthetic looking and quite simple, both in use and in care. Such curtains for windows on the balcony are especially practical.

Roller blinds

They do not steal a place like usual curtains. It looks good and very practical. Roller blinds

The photo shows the operation of modern roller blinds

  • Mounting roller blinds without drilling
  • Types and design of curtains
  • "Mini" -shrink curtains
  • Cassette roller blinds
  • Mini Cassette Roller Blinds
  • Photo of roller blinds in the interior

Mounting roller blinds without drilling

A lot of people looked at this kind of curtains, but they have one minus. In the windows, you have to drill holes for fasteners, breaking their integrity. Fortunately, the creators noticed this minus and created the same way of fastening, in which you do not have to work in the assembly and call a specialist and even more so, something to drill to install roller blinds on plastic windows. To understand the technology of assembly, you need at least a little understanding of the structure. First, look at the photo of the roller blinds.

Roller blinds - this is a special design, consisting of their fabric roller. With a roller, it is possible to release, raise and fix the curtains. The fastening of most models does not take into account the fastening by screws, drilling the sash of the windows. The system operates on the principle of "Roman curtains", but with the modern material and fasteners.

Roller blinds

Types and design of curtains

This kind of curtains can be used, both without additional curtains, and as a kit with conventional curtains. This useful thing can save expensive linens from exposure to sunlight. And despite the fact that everything will be chosen perfectly, it will significantly decorate the interior. Read: Design curtains for the children's room - 55 photos of novelties of curtains in the interior of the nursery

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are great for a variety of interior styles. They have, as one-color options, and various drawings. For example, in Ikea you can find different options for roller blinds. Look at the photo, how the roller blinds look day and night.

Roller blinds

In addition to a variety of drawings, curtains can be half transparent or prevent the penetration of the house.

Roller blinds

The system is also convenient because the fabric can be replaced at any time. For example, in the summer to use a sun-protecting cloth, and winter time, on the contrary, put some colorful canvas to please the eye and raise the mood, creating a cosiness in the house.

Roller blinds

Such curtains take up little space, because they are placed directly in the opening of the windows. And because of this, these curtains protect the maximum from getting light into the room. Thanks to this and in a room in the sun, it is possible to create a cozy atmosphere, even in an incredible heat.

Roller blinds

These curtains look like blinds, but they are much better. They do not miss the rays of light and do not collect dust. The fabric can easily be cleaned with a sponge and detergent. Curtains do not create an official setting like blinds, so there is more comfort in rooms with roller blinds. Look at the photo of the roller blinds.

Roller blinds

"Mini" -shrink curtains

The most affordable roller blinds on the market, as far as prices are concerned. Very easy to install and use roller blinds "mini" use the simplest mounts in the form of double-sided tape or magnets.

Roller blinds

The most popular type of curtains is because of the low prices and the ability to install them on absolutely all kinds of windows.


Cassette roller blinds

The difference between cassette roller blinds is that the cloth on the roller is closed by a box. Because of this curtailed curtain is almost not visible and is in full protection from ultraviolet rays. Read: Purple curtains in the interior - 75 photos of elegant interior ideas


The box in which the curtain hides can be chosen specifically for the shade or texture of the window frames. It is possible to recreate plastic or wood.


Mini Cassette Roller Blinds

This is an option combining both options above. Such curtains are installed on separate sections of windows, so that they do not interfere with opening and closing the windows. Fold the fabric in the same box.


It is possible to install such curtains without fasteners and screws, there are a lot of such curtains and they can be bought at any store unhindered.


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Photo of roller blinds in the interior

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Roller blinds на окна

Roller blinds на окна

Roller blinds на окна

Roller blinds на окна

Roller blinds на окна

Roller blinds на окна

Roller blinds на окна


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Roller blinds на окна



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Roller blinds на окна


Roller blinds на окна

Roller blinds на окна












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Roller blinds на окна

Roller blinds на окна

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Roller blinds на окна

Roller blinds на окна

Roller blinds на окна

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Roller blinds на окна

Roller blinds на окна

Roller blinds на окна




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