Rules for choosing a dining group for the kitchen - design

Tables and chairs for the kitchen are an integral part of the arrangement of the kitchen space.

The main criteria for choosing furniture for a dining group

So, how to choose a kitchen table and other appropriate furniture? Here there are at least 3 criteria, which must be adhered to:

  1. The kitchen table and chairs must be comfortable. The most beautiful furniture sets can be impractical and inconvenient - and this will lead to a quick disappointment from the purchase. A good option would be a chair with an ergonomic seat that completely repeats the structure of the human body. Convenient tables are considered convenient with drawers, as well as wide chairs, complemented by armrests.
  2. Table and chairs for the kitchen are purchased at the final stage of repair - when the design direction of the interior becomes obvious. However, this rule can be neglected if you buy furniture according to a pre-designed design project. Popular today are dining tables, made in the classical style - is the effect and quality of natural wood. However, plastic models are also not inferior in popularity - such furniture will best demonstrate originality hi-tech style. You can vary not only the material, but also the color - now it is not uncommon for both the wooden surfaces of traditional flowers and the juicy positive shades of plastic - scarlet, orange, and yellow. An effective solution will be a dining table of glass - matte, mirror, tinted or transparent.
  3. Choosing tables and chairs for the kitchen, you can not ignore the dimensions of the structure. For convenience, an adult needs a space of 60-70 cm wide. Large dining tables create a sense of limitlessness and volume in space. The standard parameters that the dining table has: 1200 mm length, 750 mm height, 750-800 mm width. Such a table for the kitchen will comfortably accommodate 4 people.

Table of standard sizes

Round dining tables should have a diameter of at least 900 mm.

A round table in the interior of a kitchen with a diameter of 90-100 cm

Round table in the interior of the kitchen

Oval and round designs require more space than square and rectangular.

Oval table for 4-6 people

How to choose the right material

Quality kitchen furniture is a good assembly and wear-resistant material. Modern dining tables and chairs are most often performed from:

  1. Timber. This is the most traditional and versatile option, it is especially relevant if the interior of the kitchen already uses wooden elements - furniture facades or wall panels. Dining group from the array is in harmony with the kitchen of any style.

Wooden dining table

Wooden dining table белого цвета

Wooden table in the kitchen interior in loft style

And for classical styles, furniture made of wood is a fundamental trend.

Wooden table in the interior of a classical dining room

Wooden table in the interior of classic cuisine

Wooden table in the interior of classic cuisine

The dining table is made of mahogany, beech, oak, alder, pine or ash. Furniture of the dining group should match the rest of the headset within the same tone, but it is also possible to build groups in contrast.

The combination of the colors of the dining group and the headset

  1. Rattan. Wicker furniture best conveys an atmosphere of coziness and chic a country house.

Rattan chairs for the kitchen

Rattan chairs for the kitchen

For this natural and environmentally friendly material, strength and elasticity are characteristic, but the chairs need to be regularly wiped so that dust, small crumbs do not accumulate in the rattan chairs. The dining table and rattan chairs are perfectly complemented by textiles, metal, wood.

  1. Glass. The worktop is made of this material - it should have a thickness of 10 mm, if it is a single piece, and 8 mm if it is a question of inserts. The best dining table - made of a caled triplex, which does not scatter on splinters when striking.

Glass table in the interior of the kitchen - rectangular and round

Such furniture can be sliding or monolithic, and most often decorated in a modern style.

Glass table in the interior of the kitchen - rectangular and round

Here, a lot depends on the design of the legs of the structure - they can be forged metal, wood, wicker, with chrome surface.

Glass table in the interior of the dining room

Varies and finishes the glass - it can be transparent or matte, painted or photoprinted, glossy or mirrored.

Glass table in the interior of the kitchen

In combination with chairs made of plastic or chrome steel, such furniture will become the basis of the kitchen in the style of high-tech, loft or minimalism.

Glass table in the interior of the kitchen

disadvantages: glass is more difficult to wipe than wood. In addition, not all people are comfortable at this table - the surface seems cold, fragile and too "ringing". Splitting such a tabletop is quite difficult, yet you need to handle it carefully.

  1. Шпонированного MDF. Such furniture will look almost the same as the wooden, but more concisely due to the lack of complex curvilinear decors.

Dining table from veneered MDF

Dining table from veneered MDF

  1. Painted MDF - one of the most elegant options, but unstable with mechanical damages. Such a dining table is often covered from above with glass, and as options add chairs with chrome legs and seats made of eco-leather.

Kitchen table from painted MDF

  1. Ламинированного ДСП – это стандартный бюджетный вариант для кухонь. Поверхность такого материала может имитировать множество фактур. disadvantages: возникновение сколов пластика от механических повреждений, пузырей – от влажности, по внешнему виду проигрывает натуральным материалам.

Table from chipboard in the interior of the kitchen

Table from chipboard in the interior of the kitchen

Bar counter in the kitchen as a dining group

Can the bar and bar stool replace the full dining area? Only in certain cases - for example, for quick snacks and breakfasts. But if the kitchen is small and you do not often invite guests, then why not?

Bar counter instead of a table in a small kitchen

And in the kitchens combined with the living room, a bar table with chairs will certainly find use as space delimiters, an additional dining and working area.

Bar counter in place of table

Bar counter in the interior of the kitchen

Bar counter dimensions: the height is 86/91/110/120/130 cm. The narrow bar table has a width of 30-50 cm, the standard version is 60 cm. The length should be such that for each sitting there would be at least 60 cm and remained a passage width of not less than 1 m. Bar stool has a standard height of 75 cm and 85 cm, but there are a variety of options. It is desirable that the height of the seat of the ball below the table is approximated by 30 cm.

Dimensions of bar stools

There are also hinged options or solutions, when a narrow window sill turns into a bar rack.

Folding tables in the interior of the kitchen

To the window sill, converted into a bar table, a bar stool about 50-60 cm high will suit.

Barstand-window sill in the interior of the kitchen

Rules for choosing chairs for a dining group

The dining table should be complemented by appropriate companions - the chairs should be practical, reliable, light, made of hygienic, easy-care moisture-proof materials and, of course, in harmony with the color and design of the table.

Selection of chairs for the table - according to color and style

If the chairs are made of wood massif, then they are necessarily subjected to additional treatment with waterproof compounds.

Wooden chairs in the interior of the kitchen

In modern kitchens, furniture such as chairs made of plastic or acrylic, complemented by a chrome-plated metal frame, will also look good.

Plastic chairs with chrome legs in the interior of the kitchen

For a small kitchen perfect transparent, like "invisible" chairs.

Transparent plastic chairs in the interior of the kitchen

Transparent plastic chairs

Chairs can have hard seats, soft or semi-soft seats. In the latter cases, upholstery is often made of microfibre - a high-quality and practical material with water and dirt repellent properties. This furniture is often supplemented with upholstery made of material with strong Teflon impregnation, leather or leather.

Chairs with upholstery

See also: How to clean the sofa and other upholstered furniture at home.

Do not want to choose chairs in the color of the table and furniture? Choose chairs in the tone of curtains or some color accent (walls, apron, decor, etc.).

Color upholstery for kitchen chairs

Several design recommendations for choosing a stylish dining group

Classic dining table - certainly made of wood, its main decoration is a noble natural texture and rich color.

Dining group in the interior of the kitchen in Scandinavian style and country

In classic or modern styles, it will be appropriate to forged a dining table - its table top can be made of wood or glass, and the magnificence of the metal show effective legs.

Forged dining table

In the vintage interior, patinated coatings will be most effective.

Patinated chairs for the kitchen

White kitchen furniture is considered universal, looks neat and can be used in any style.

White Dining Group

White Dining Group

However, do not forget that in the trend - bright colors and contrasts, which are typical for dining groups, both plastic and wood.

Colored chairs in the interior of the kitchen in Scandinavian style

Colored chairs in the interior of the kitchen

The kitchen table with ceramic tiles will also be effective - an expressive solution for Arab or Moroccan designs, stylish and bright (in this case the base is covered with a mosaic pattern).

Kitchen table with ceramic tiles

And do not forget that the furniture for the kitchen should be harmonious - the texture of the coatings on the table and chairs are identical. In addition, there is a law of similarity - for a square table choose the square chairs and so on.

Forms of table and chairs for the kitchen - combination

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