Sewing children's apron

Clean the eggs, wash the carrots and throw the laurushka in the soup ... so many important things kids have in the kitchen! How can you do without a junior chef without a real apron? And maybe in the kindergarten or school an interesting occupation is planned and you were asked to prepare an apron? In any case, the idea of ​​sewing a children's apron with your own hands, rather than buying a ready-made apron, is reasonable and justified. After all, it is sewed in one evening, does not require any special skills and provides a lot of opportunities for creativity. And of course, beautiful children's aprons for the kitchen will help you to attach the baby to work and neatness.

This article will be useful as mothers with sewing experience, and beginner needlewomen. The main thing here is desire and imagination. So before starting work, let's be inspired by the original ideas of aprons for boys and girls.

Ideas for the design and decoration of children's aprons

"Like Mom and Dad!"

Today, the same clothes for moms, dads and toddlers are no longer a novelty. Why not dress the whole family in a sewn in one style aprons? Even "adult" aprons are not difficult to sew, and the child will be delighted, because now the cooking of food in the house will turn into an interesting game and family ritual.

Family aprons, sewn in one style

Same aprons for mom and daughter

Same aprons for mom and daughter

At the same time, "family" aprons do not have to be an exact copy of each other, but they must be combined with color or pattern of fabric. Examples of such kits are shown below.

  • Same aprons for mom and daughter
  • Aprons for dad and son

Same aprons for mom and daughter

Aprons for dad and son

Ideas for Mom's Assistant

If you are growing up a little assistant, then you can give vent to your fantasies and realize the most daring of you and your daughter's dreams. You can choose bright fabrics with prints: flowers, hearts, little animals, princesses, peas, nested dolls and drawings of kitchen themes.

Children's aprons with nested dolls

Apron children's polka dots

  • Apron child in flower
  • Apron child in flower

Children's aprons

However, restrained aprons in a strip or cage will be very stylish.

Children's apron in strip and cage

Also, do not limit yourself in decor - it can be: ruffles, laces, appliqués, bows, embroideries and even fabric brooches.

  • Children's aprons с декором
  • Apron for children with ruches

Apron for children with embroideries and applique

If you like to sew fancy dresses with your own hands, then you will like these original ideas of children's aprons.

  • Children's aprons, стилизованные под платья Эльзы и Анны из мультфильма Холодное сердце
  • Aprons for girls

Aprons for girls

And here are some interesting ideas for experienced needlewomen who can sew well and work with patterns.

Aprons for girls с поясками, плиссировкой и рюшами

  • An apron of an unusual cut with lace applique
  • An apron of an unusual cut with lace applique

Quilted children's apron

apron of an unusual cut with lace applique

Ideas for a small chef

It's no secret that the culinary talent in men in the blood. To help your child discover his cooking skills, you need to approach the sewing of the apron very seriously and take into account his interests and preferences.

If your boy is delighted with super heroes, characters from fairy tales and cartoons, then why not sew a stylized apron for him?

Ideas for children's aprons for boys

The smallest cooks and merry fellows like bright aprons with animals, cars, dinosaurs, etc.

Children's apron for the boy

Well, serious older guys - serious aprons! No girlish ruffles or children's prints, just the elegant style of a real chef.

Children's apron for the boy из мешковины

Children's apron for the boy с аппликациями

Denim baby apron

Design of children's aprons

Stylish children's aprons

Choose a fabric

It is best to choose natural fabrics such as linen or cotton, perfect for jeans.

Children's aprons из льна, хлопка, джинсы

For sewing a small apron, a nice kitchen towel is suitable.

If you want the children's apron to be as practical and versatile as possible, that is, for creativity and for the kitchen, you can sew it out of laminated cotton. It looks like this (scroll the photo to the right):

  • Children's apron for creativity and cuisine from laminated cotton
  • Children's apron for creativity and cuisine

Master class: we sew a children's apron for one evening

In our master class we will show an example of how you can sew a child's apron for a boy as fast as possible.

Apron for children, sewn by hand

Sewing an apron for children

By this basic method you can sew an apron for the girl, but, of course, in this case the fabric should be chosen with the appropriate coloring, the pattern can be made more complicated, for example, with a round skirt and a bodice, and of course add ruffles, lace or appliques. This is how girls' aprons, sewn according to the method described by us, can look.

Children's aprons для девочек

So, in order to sew our own children's apron, we need:

  1. Dense natural fabric as a basis;
  2. Bright matter for the pocket or decor;
  3. Slanting c / b beak (try to find or make it yourself by hi-bake, because the satin, firstly, slippery, and secondly, it does not fit well with the natural fabric);
  4. Threads in the color of the beak;
  5. Sewing accessories: machine, pins, scissors.
Pattern for children's apron

First we need to cut the fabric. You can do this with a ready-made pattern. But we chose the easiest way to cut without using a pattern, but with some measurements.

  1. Cut out the rectangle. Its width can be chosen without measurements - as a rule, it is 45-60. The length is calculated using measurements on the child - we determine on the chest the place from which the apron should begin and measure the desired length.
  • Since we will edge all the edges of the apron, the allowances for the hem are not taken into account. But if you do not want to edging the entire apron, then the length and width should be determined taking into account the allowances for a 3 cm cuff on one side;
  • Sew a child apron can be both for the growth, and with the length of the "mini".
  1. The resultant rectangle is folded in half (along) the front side inward. Now, on this workpiece, you need to make the side cuts, indicating a concave (or straight) line. To do this: on the baby's chest, determine the appropriate width of the upper part of the apron, for example, it can be 23 cm. Then measure the distance from the top of the apron to the waist line, that is, where the straps will be sewn. At the top of the folded rectangle from the bend to the side, note the half of the desired width of the breastplate of the apron (23 cm / 2 = 11.5 cm). From this mark we draw a concave or straight cut line to the level of the waist, which we have already determined earlier. We cut off the excess and proceed to prepare the pocket.
  2. The pocket, in our case, is just a rectangular piece of bright cloth. For the girl, pockets in the form of a heart, a semicircle, etc. are more suitable.

So, the workpiece is ready, we proceed to processing its edges with the help of a hem or edging, as in our master class. We begin work from the breastplate. Ribbon, braid, strip of fabric should be prepared in an appropriate way - bend, bend and iron.

  • The master class uses slanting crochet from cotton fabric - yes, it is not so easy to find in the store, but it is very easy to work with, since it does not slip and fits well with cotton cloth.

First, we spend the bake on the top of the apron. The length of the bake should be slightly larger than the width of the top of the product.

Edging of the upper part of the children's apron with an oblique bake

Then we sew the edge of the apron, beginning with the waist line from one side of the product and ending with the other. At the corners, the bake is bent and stitched as shown in the photo below.

Treatment of the corners of the children's apron by the bake

It should look like this.

Edging baby apron by bake

The remaining edges that have not been machined will be sheathed with a bake, which will form the tie. To do this, we take approximately 135 cm of bake and, leaving a segment of 45 cm free (this is the future string), attach it with pins from the top to the bottom edge of the rounded side of the apron (photo left). First, we squeeze the beak around the edge of the product, and then the remaining strings (photo on the right). The same actions are done on the other side.

Sealing stitches

  • Sewing children's apron
  • Sewing children's apron

If desired, you can make a string in the form of a loop, you need to use 1 long bake, and not two.

Hooray! Almost ready - you only need to sew a pocket. But first it must be sewn from all sides on the inner edge of the jam as in the photo below.

Sheathing of the children's apron pocket

Now we sew the pocket. We put it in the center of the apron, fix it with pins and we spread it from three sides along the outer edge of the bake.

Sewing children's apron с карманом

If desired, you can make a pocket with 1-3 compartments. In our lesson we will make two compartments - one narrow (for example, for a pen) and one wider - for important items of a small chef. Just determine the width of each compartment and put it in the right place.

Pocket with two compartments

That's it. We show, try on a new thing for the kid and go to cook!

Sewing an apron for children

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