Shelving for kitchen - how to choose

To solve the problem of shortage of storage space in the kitchen, in addition to the headset, you can hang open shelves or put a buffet, but the best thing to do is to handle an ordinary rack. What can be stored in it? Almost everything is beautiful, what you want to keep in mind or what you should always have on hand, namely:

  • Baskets for storing vegetables;
  • Stocks of food and beverages;
  • Napkins, potholders and towels;
  • Spare blades and appliances;
  • Spare utensils and utensils;
  • Various gadgets like weights, blender, a combine harvester, etc .;
  • Cookbooks;
  • Indoor plants and decor.

A rack for the kitchen can be made with your own hands in the right size and color, or you can just buy it. Today on sale you can find ready-made furniture of the most different configurations:

  • Squares on castors;
  • Shelving racks;
  • Curbstones-Vegetables with perforated boxes;
  • Angular and standard shelf metal or wooden structures;
  • In the form of a curbstone or a table-island;
  • Shelving-partitions (in the photo below).

Shelving-partition in the interior of the kitchen

In this article you will find simple tips for choosing a ready-made rack and ideas for making it yourself.

6 tips for choosing and storing

Tip 1. How to choose a color and design

Choosing which color and design to buy a rack in the kitchen, you can navigate to:

  • Color of the kitchen set;
  • The color of the wooden countertop;
  • Color of the furniture of the dining group;
  • The color of the wall.

In addition to color, of course, you need to take into account the style of the interior. So, for example, for a classic kitchen, the rack is more like a buffet.

  • A rack-buffet in a classic style in the interior of the kitchen
  • A rack-buffet in a classic style in the interior of the kitchen

In the kitchen in the style of Provence or Country, the organic aged or rough, as if made by hand and painted by hand, furniture will look organic.

  • Country and Provence shelving
  • Country and Provence shelving
  • Country and Provence shelving

But for a modern environment, it is worth choosing metal or minimalistic structures made of wood / MDF / glass. Here are some photo-examples of this design.

Metal shelving

Rack in the interior of modern kitchen

Tip 2.How to choose the height

The following options are optimal:

  • Up to the ceiling;
  • The height of the headset, but not higher;
  • Below is the headset;
  • Approximately the height of the dining table or the lower tier of the headset (for mobile floors, islands and vegetable stands).

Kitchen shelving

Tip 3. What solutions for a small and large kitchen

For a small kitchen is best suitable for lightweight designs, for example, from stainless steel. Also pay attention to the bookcases, corner cabinets and racks with such shelves, so that they can be placed on objects not wider than the dinner plate. Well, if the rack can be put so that it seemed built-in.

  • Rack in the interior of a small kitchen
  • Rack in the interior of a small kitchen

And for a large kitchen or kitchen-dining room you can choose furniture more pomassive, higher, wider and more elegant. For example, shelving in the whole wall is suitable. True, they require more frequent cleaning and beautiful "filling".

Shelving for a large kitchen

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Tip 4. Keep things better in the baskets, and the products - in the banks

Since the rack is a cabinet with open shelves, for convenience, order and beauty, some things must be stored in the baskets, and the products - in the banks. So it will be more convenient for you to wipe the dust on the shelves, sort and find the necessary items. Keep in mind that the baskets for the shelves are better to choose the same, rectangular or square shape (the baskets of the remaining forms will not be so compact). Examples of the organization of storage of kitchen things and products on the shelves are presented in the next selection of photos.

Storage organization on kitchen racks

Storage organization on kitchen racks

Storage organization on kitchen racks

Storage organization on kitchen racks

Tip 5. Decorate the shelves with a beautiful accessory

In order not to turn your kitchen into a storage room or cook room, decorate the rack with a couple of decorations, for example, a vase, a houseplant, a clock and even pictures.

Kitchen Rack

Shelving unit

Tip 6. The kitchen shelf can be searched in the bathroom furniture department

If you can not find a suitable kitchen cabinet for the size and design, look in the bathroom furniture department. Such furniture, as a rule, is moisture-proof and compact.

8 ideas for decorating and manufacturing shelving with your own hands

Idea 1. We use boxes of fruit

Let's start with the most budgetary and easy-to-manufacture version - shelving and shelving from boxes of fruit. If desired, they can be toned with stain, artificially aged, add vintage inscriptions, painted in white or some bright color. If necessary, the boxes in the joints must be strengthened.

Shelving from fruit boxes

Idea 2. Convert an ordinary rack into a mobile

An ordinary small rack or cabinet can be turned into a mobile cabinet if you attach furniture wheels or rollers to it. They must be swivel and preferably with a brake. The wheels will add height furniture, make it more interesting to look at and let you move it if necessary.

Mobile shelving with your own hands

Idea 3. We update the cabinet with the help of the back wall decoration

If you already have an old, say, bookshelf, then it can easily be updated and converted into a kitchen rack. To do this, it should be sanded, sanded, primed and painted in 2-3 layers of acrylic paint. And to make the appearance of the shelf more interesting, its back wall can be pasted with wallpaper or painted in bright colors. This way of decor is especially relevant if the back of the cabinet is made of hardboard.

Kitchen shelf for kitchen

Kitchen shelf for kitchen

Idea 4. We use a niche

If your kitchen has a niche, then it can easily be turned into a rack. To do this, you will only need ready-made or self-made shelves and shelf holders.

  • Rack in a niche
  • Rack in a niche

And here are other interesting ideas built into niche racks.

  • Rack in a niche
  • Shelf in the partition

Idea 5. The rack above the doorway

Depending on your level of training and scope of work, such a rack can be made with your own hands or entrusted with its design and fabrication to professionals.

Shelf above the doorway

Idea 6. We make a rack of perforated sheets

You can buy a perforated sheet of metal or hardboard and make it such a kitchen organizer. The sheet can be painted, then inserted into it hooks for fastening dishes and baskets. Also you can buy special holders and clips and use them to build a small shelf as shown below. By the way, in this example the sheet and baskets are painted by hand, but you can order the painting of the sheet in any color directly at the firm.

Kitchen Rack из перфорированного листа

Kitchen Rack из перфорированного листа

Idea 7. We use a wooden stepladder

If you have an old wooden stepladder or ladder, then you can use it as a frame, make shelves of different depths, attach them, sculpt the corners of the legs and process the tree.

Shelf Rack

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Idea 8. A rack in the style of country for home workpieces from the beams

And finally, for beginners we offer to view a master class on how to make with your own hands from the uneven bars a traditional kind of shelving, which is suitable for storing various pickles and house preparations.

Rack with own hands

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