Short curtains - photo review of 50 novelties in the

The modern design of short curtains diversifies the boring atmosphere of any rooms. They are used most often for kitchen facilities, but such curtains will fit in all rooms. The main thing is to pick them right.


Of the important advantages, it is necessary to highlight their practicality, because a long tulle is too quickly contaminated. They are comfortable, with washing and ironing. Perfectly combined with curtains, thanks to a wide choice of color scales. Undoubtedly, suitable for use by people who are used to, often change the interiors.


  • Features of design tricks
  • The most popular short curtains
  • Roman curtains
  • English Curtains
  • Austrian tulle
  • Swedish Curtains
  • French curtains
  • Recommendations for choosing shades of short curtains
  • Photos of the best short curtains in the interior

Features of design tricks

With the help of short curtains, you can brighten up the defects of the rooms or highlight the advantages. When using the rich colors of the curtains themselves, you can focus on the window.

English curtains-3

For large window openings bright palettes are used, for small it is better to use muted colors.


Curtains, selected in accordance with the shape of the window will take a look at the large ceilings.


A wide opening, hide the tulle with a lot of tiers and at the same time it is possible to use lambrequins.


To help the room to acquire an elegant look does not take many times, it's worth to hang the original holders.


Make the window wider, possibly with a long ledge. Short tulle, along with thick curtains, visually increase the size of the opening.


The most popular short curtains

Modern short curtains are very diverse. You can highlight the most common.

kitchen-short-curtain-on-the-window-and-door-curtain-kitchen-roman-curtains-jacquard curtains-luxurious-European-style

Roman curtains

The ideal solution for creating a beautiful interior: kitchens, bedrooms and offices. They represent canvases with pockets. They put in tight racks. They, in turn, smooth the folds and compact the structure itself. In the rings attached to the pockets, the laces are pushed in and fastened to the cornices.


Pulling the chain, the work of the curtain itself will take place. Read: Curtains for the living room in the classical style - 75 photos of exclusive ideas

Code-3786 curtain-monaco-chorus-1

For classical interiors, designers recommend, will stop on the choice of soft curtains. They will give the room elegance and will hang light folds.

19-models-discounts-short-pastoral-semi-shade-curtain-for-living-kitchen-bedroom-windows-short curtains-custom-finished

Roman curtains неплохо смотрятся с портьерами и ламбрекенами.


English Curtains

Their mechanism is very similar to the Roman one. Divide visually the London curtains on horizontal and vertical. On both sides the braid is sewn together with the rings, where the lace is attached.


Fixed ribbons, curtains look very impressive. A beautiful view of the London curtains, imparts quality material.


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Austrian tulle

Are like for children's rooms, bedrooms and huge halls. They are usually decorated and made lush, airy. You can use it for rooms with European and vintage design.

photo-3-short curtains-inlay

Swedish Curtains

The design is very easy to use. As an option for use in kitchens and loggias. Through their simplicity they are rarely found in the living rooms. To hide the braid and the rings they are draped with ribbons.


French curtains

In order to sew them, you need a lot of fabric. In a calm state, it is all in small folds. Ideal for combination with conventional curtains and lambrequins. Modern interiors are given a sense of simplicity, and by hanging them with thick curtains - the rooms will become more attractive.


Short curtains with the name "a la cafe".


The name came from the 19th century, where restaurants decorated window openings in this way. To date, this is the latest fad of experts. Sometimes such curtains are used together with lambrequins, which influenced the decoration of rooms in retro style.


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Recommendations for choosing shades of short curtains

For small rooms, there is a choice to stop on the curtains with a floral and geometric pattern. Do not need to select the curtains under the color of the walls, they should stand out. It's worth remembering that when choosing bright colors, the rooms look juicy and saturated. Dark colors on the contrary muffle space.


Photos of the best short curtains in the interior

1-piece-short-curtain-for-kitchen-curtain-for-living-bay window curtains-for-bedroom-children-curtains-American


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