Sofa in the kitchen - what to choose

It's easy to see how much space for the sofa will remain after the kitchen is arranged. Those who have a smaller apartment or a private house, probably want a comfortable environment in their kitchen.

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In such cases, large household appliances, compact cabinets and resistant plaster are used. And the idea of ​​eating food on a soft sofa, probably for the liking of almost everyone.

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Here we will consider the options for installing a sofa in the kitchen and in the adjoining rooms for eating.

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Previously, such changes in the kitchen, or who could not afford, because the kitchens were small. Today the situation has changed. In the kitchen you can install any furniture, if its dimensions allow.

Pros and cons of the sofa in the kitchen

Pros: Sofa in the kitchen will add comfort and coziness. It can always be used for guests who decide to stay with you for the night and for storing kitchen items. Add a TV and your kitchen will become something of a living room.

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Cons: Choosing a sofa is based on the fact that the cook it will affect the kitchen microclimate. It will require a powerful hood, so that the smells do not eat into the furniture. The cumbersome sofa can be a real hindrance.

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Choosing the right sofa

If the design of modern cuisine wants to be supplemented with a sofa, and the space is not enough, then use a sofa with a small depth. Install it best next to the wall, and to it already attach the dining table.

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The interior of the kitchen with a sofa is very popular with lovers of corner sofas in the living room or dining room. The main advantage to this day remains its capacity. Designers all over the world use such sofas to create comfort in the kitchen.

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Arc or semi-circular sofas are less common, because they take up a lot of space and do not fit every kitchen, but they look great in the photo of the modern kitchen interior with a sofa. Photo of sofas in the kitchen with a bed, look original with the use of such a model.

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For a small kitchen, the ideal solution will be a settee with built-in drawers. If you do not skimp and order a sofa for the size of the kitchen, then the design of the furniture will be maximally optimized.

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Fashionable sofas in the interior of the kitchen look great not only in the photo, but in real life. Unfortunately, such models are not particularly mobile, but this small defect is practically not manifested during use.

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Using a folding sofa, you can easily turn a small apartment into a euro a deuce. One more sleeping place will not be disturbed very much, and the free space in the apartment will be preserved.

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But here there are a few pitfalls. The fact is that folding sofas, as a rule bulky, so it is worthwhile to measure in advance the room and the sofa itself before buying.

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Do not forget about the upholstery, which should not be too slippery.

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The most popular today is the leather sofa, which fits easily into any design of the kitchen. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to neglect such factors as: practicality, color scale, etc. Given the high cost of leather sofas, it is worth noting that it is justified. Because the skin is much easier to wipe and it does not so absorb odors and resistant to moisture.

Installation of sofa

Main criteria:

  • the size of windows, doors and other openings
  • choice of location depending on the access area
  • planning for the rest of the furniture.

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A popular option is to install the sofa in the reception area. Many hospitable people prefer to treat their guests right after their arrival.

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In this case, you can use the sofa as a separate piece of furniture along the wall or as a whole ensemble of furniture that creates a rounded area.

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Kitchens of the studio are often designed with the use of a sofa and accompanying attributes. In cases where the living room and other rooms for eating intersect with the kitchen or are inseparable from it, such an attribute of the room as a sofa is absolutely indispensable.

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But with such a complex layout it is worth paying attention to the design of rooms, the microclimate and other factors available in the room.

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Choose a sofa will not be easy, because you will need to use a sofa with a design that seamlessly combines with all factors of the kitchen.

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Photo of sofas in the kitchen

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