Spotlights in kitchen design

The choice of quality lighting fixtures for the kitchen is an important process, which is of no small importance for the arrangement of a harmonious interior. Nowadays spot lights are very popular, they can perfectly complement the main chandelier, or even completely replace it.

lighthousesAn excellent solution to the issue of lighting in the kitchen are spotlights.

On how competently will be selected and installed such fixtures, will depend on the convenience of staying in the kitchen, as well as the harmony of the design of the room. To make the right choice, you should listen to some expert advice.

Advantages and disadvantages of point lights

Before you start to arrange the lighting in your own kitchen, you should familiarize yourself with all the features and subtleties of this process. This kind of organization of lighting has its advantages, as well as some disadvantages.

A very popular spot lights are used for many reasons:

  • Attractive appearance and elegance - these lamps are very compact, they can be installed in any kitchen, they perfectly fit in a variety of interiors (from modern to classic), making the room more interesting and stylish. Some products simultaneously serve as decorative elements that decorate the interior of the kitchen.
  • A large assortment - modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of similar lamps of different shapes, colors, design options. Thus, to organize the right lighting in the kitchen and give the room the originality will not be difficult.
  • Extensive installation options - spot lights are easily installed on a wide variety of surfaces. They can be mounted on a tension or a normal ceiling, and also mounted on hanging lockers, shelves and cabinets.
  • Perfect lighting - spotlights help to achieve uniform, soft, eye-pleasing and diffuse lighting, which can advantageously emphasize all the advantages of the kitchen and visually increase it. It is known that the only central chandelier conceals space and creates darkened zones in it.
  • Economical - this type of lighting helps to save energy significantly. It is possible to arrange several switches in the kitchen at once, so that it is possible to illuminate in turn individual zones of the room and simultaneously zonate it, if necessary.
  • Functionality - Spotlights perfectly complement the main chandelier, and in themselves are an ideal source of light for the kitchen. Such devices are indispensable for the arrangement of a small kitchen with a low ceiling.
lighthouses2For a small kitchen, the use of spotlights is a good option.

There are some drawbacks to this method (however, they are insignificant):

  • To install point lighting, you have to work hard, since this work is rather laborious, time-consuming.
  • Installation of point lights is possible only at the stage of repair of the ceiling. Mount them in the kitchen set should be still in the process of its assembly.
  • It should be well thought out how to install point lights in the kitchen, so that the room looked organic and did not resemble a cold laboratory or office.
lighthouses3Lamps mounted in the kitchen.

Advice! When installing in-room spotlights, you should also install a rheostat, which provides a more economical power consumption.

Spotlights and their varieties

Spotlights can be divided conditionally into several types according to the type of installation - they are overhead, suspended and incisal. Mortise products are suitable only for installation in suspended ceilings. Surface luminaires are installed on a conventional ceiling, thanks to a special mounting plate for screws, located on the base of the case.

lighthouses4Mortise luminaires for suspended ceilings.

The most popular are embedded models of spotlights, presented in a huge range. The luminaires can be completely drowned in the base of the surface on which they are installed, and then the light source will not be practically noticeable.

They can also be placed on the ceiling in the form of a certain pattern, and then they will turn into a beautiful decorative light diffuser.

lighthouses5The most popular embedded models of spotlights.

Spot lights in the kitchen can be used to create basic, local and decorative lighting. It should be remembered that one such device is able to light up approximately 2 square meters. meter of the room. As for the finishing of the surfaces on which the spotlights are mounted, it can be any, since all modern appliances are characterized by high fire safety.

lighthouses6Spotlights can be installed in any surface /

For the manufacture of hulls, moisture-proof materials are used that can withstand high humidity.

Which lamps are used in spotlights

In the designs of spotlights, halogen and LED lamps are used, as well as ordinary incandescent lamps. The most popular option is LED lamps, which are characterized by high efficiency, because their work requires very little power.

lighthouses6In spotlights it is possible to use incandescent, halogen and LED lamps.

In addition, they are practically unable to heat up. Such lamps can be safely installed on any surfaces, even in the neighborhood of flammable objects - they can not lead to a fire. Built-in LED lights are non-rotatable and rotary (can change the direction of light).

lighthouses8Turning point lights create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen.

Familiar to all incandescent lamps provide a pleasant soft light, but they have larger dimensions, in addition, they will not last long (they will have to be changed frequently).

For installation on tension ceilings, you can use incandescent lamps with a power not exceeding 60 watts. The most durable and least energy-consuming are halogen lamps, however their price is quite high.

lighthouses10Soft warm lighting in the kitchen created with the help of spotlights.

Such devices give illumination, characterized by high brightness, as close as possible to the natural. The only drawback of such lamps is the ability to heat up strongly, so you should choose devices with a metal frame, a ceramic cartridge and a glass diffuser.

Also, similar lamps require a transformer that converts 220 watts into 12 watts. If halogen lamps are mounted on the suspended ceiling, then their maximum power should not be more than 35 watts.

Correct organization of lighting in the kitchen with the help of spotlights

To organize the main lighting in the kitchen, it is necessary to place the spotlights at a distance of at least 30 cm from each other, with a distance from the corner of the wall not less than 20 cm.

On the recommendation of specialists, for each 1 square. a ceiling meter should be placed lamp with a power of 20 watts. In the event that the spotlights will be combined with the chandelier, they can be smaller.

lighthouses9Spotlights in combination with a chandelier.

Due to the correct location of the spotlight, you can completely change the perception of space. Such lighting helps visually increase the small kitchen, evenly filling it with diffuse soft light without shadows.

lighthouses11Soft light without shadows can visually increase the space in a small kitchen.

When lighting a spacious kitchen, you should place the light sources in such a way that they illuminate all the functional areas well. At the same time, you should feel the closeness and cosiness, and the whole atmosphere of the kitchen should be pleasant. Lamps are often placed around the perimeter of the kitchen, installing a pendant chandelier in the center of the room, above the dining table.

lighthouses12The spotlights are located along the perimeter of the kitchen and in the center there is a large chandelier.

If the ceilings in the kitchen are low, then experts advise installing rotary models of fixtures, directing their light to the ceiling. In addition, it is also possible to install lamps on the visors of hanging cabinets. From the use of a ceiling chandelier should be discarded.

With the help of spotlights it is possible to perfectly zonate the room, correctly allocating each functional zone. Spot lights are ideal for lighting and decorative decoration of two-level ceilings. It is best to use built-in models for this.

lighthouses13Spotlights located on a two-level ceiling.

What you need to pay attention to when choosing spot lights

Choosing a spotlight that will help to equip an ideal kitchen space, you should pay attention to some parameters.

Manufacturer country - Most of the spotlights on the country's market were produced in China. To purchase a truly high-quality product, you must search for it by marking by Europe. As a rule, this product is characterized by a higher quality and, consequently, a longer service life.

lighthouses14Choose high-quality fixtures, then they will serve you long service.

At the same time, the cost of European products almost does not differ from the cost of Chinese products. It is worth paying attention to spotlights that are produced in Poland, good quality at affordable cost, products from Russia and Ukraine differ.

Quality of products - more recently, spotlights were presented on the market in a small assortment. Currently, their choice is very large, which is why choosing the most suitable option is not easy.

Manufacturers offer lighting devices for every taste and purse. In shops you can buy cheap stamped devices, and expensive models of lamps, inlaid with Swarowski crystals.

lighthouses15Currently, there is a huge selection of lamps of different types and forms.

Color scheme of fixtures - It is recommended to buy all the spot lights for the kitchen from one lot, so that they have the greatest similarity with each other in the hue of the case. It is also important that such devices in their color scheme are in harmony with the overall design of the room, and they were made in the same style with the interior.

lighthouses16It is important that the spotlights are in harmony with the overall interior of the kitchen.

Device design - for installation in the kitchen, it is recommended to choose spotlights of simpler shapes, which will be much easier to clean from dust or dirt. For mounting on stretch ceilings, models of luminaires with a rounded edge are more suitable. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, you can buy the simplest models of spotlights, in which there is no crystal or glass.

lighthouses17For the kitchen, it is better to choose spotlights of simple shapes.

Advice! Before making a purchase, it is recommended to get a detailed consultation about the seller, who will provide all the necessary information about the product itself, the way it is installed and the features of operation.

With the right application, spot lights will be an excellent replacement for traditional chandeliers and create ideal lighting in the kitchen. The main thing is to pick up really high-quality products - they can cost more, but they will last a longer time.

lighthouses18Spot lights can replace all lighting in the kitchen.

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