Square kitchen

A square is an ideal geometric figure, all sides of which are equal. The kitchen of this form, too, can be considered ideal, because in this room is perfectly located the most different furniture, creating a harmonious environment.

square kitchenIn a square kitchen is conveniently located all the necessary furniture and household appliances.

The main thing is that the square kitchen is spacious enough and roomy, and then there will be no problems with interior planning. However, a small kitchen of this form is not a verdict if you follow all the advice and recommendations of designers.

square kitchen2Small square kitchen.

Advantages of a square kitchen

The premise of the square form is ideally suited for comfortable arrangement of all necessary furniture. In such a kitchen, it is possible to arrange any layout - the main thing is to take into account the dimensions of the room. Thus, all the necessary household appliances, as well as kitchen utensils, will always be at hand.

square kitchen3The advantage of a square kitchen - everything you need is always at hand.

Square kitchen is highly ergonomic and functional, but to make it even more convenient, it is recommended to use high cabinets with a large number of shelves and storage compartments.

A wall with a window in a square kitchen can also be used by organizing a work surface with a washbasin below it, or by installing a dining table, making it a continuation of a wide window sill.

Choosing the layout of the kitchen set for the arrangement of a square kitchen

Corner, or L-shaped kitchen designers call this kind of planning one of the most universal. Most of all, it is suitable for the arrangement of rooms with a square shape, with an average or large area. T

This option is very ergonomic, it allows you to easily organize a functional working area in the form of a correct "triangle" consisting of a refrigerator, a plate and a sink. In this kitchen is very convenient to move around and use all household appliances.

square kitchen5Square kitchen with L-shaped layout.

The greatest merit of the L-shaped square kitchen: it can easily organize a full-fledged dining area. If necessary, you can embed household appliances. There are some drawbacks of this layout - it will not work if the kitchen is too big.

square kitchen4Dining kitchen in a square kitchen with an angular layout.

U-shaped layout - Thanks to this method of arrangement of a square kitchen, it is possible to place correctly along three walls of sets with household appliances. This solution allows the most rational use of the entire area. Elements of the "triangle" are installed each at one of the walls.

square kitchen6Kitchen with a U-shaped layout is a rational solution for a square kitchen.

Advantages of the U-shaped kitchen: This option is suitable for organizing an interior in a medium-sized square room. This layout allows you to successfully locate all the necessary household appliances, while creating comfortable work surfaces.

Unfortunately, this way of organizing space is not suitable for equipping small or too large square kitchens, since there will be some difficulties with the organization of the dining area.

square kitchen7Square kitchen with a set of U-shaped.

Linear, or single-row layout - This method of arranging the interior is ideal for a small square kitchen. The principle of installation of the headset is extremely simple: it is located along one of the walls in such a way that the plate and refrigerator are located on both sides of the sink.

The ideal length of the working surface in this case can be called parameters from 2 to 3.5 meters. Do not exceed them, because in this case, the kitchen can not be called comfortable enough and ergonomic.

square kitchen8Linear layout is the optimal solution for a small square kitchen.

Advantages of a linear square kitchen: This version of the layout is suitable for equipping even the smallest room. However, it must be understood that the working space in such a kitchen will be somewhat limited, and it will be difficult to install additional household appliances in the room without disturbing harmony.

square kitchen9Linear layout in a square kitchen.

Island planning - this way of planning is suitable only for the arrangement of square rooms with a large area. Very often island planning is chosen by the owners of housing, kitchens are combined with the dining room. Island can be called any of the existing types of planning, complemented by the so-called "island", which is set in the middle of the room.

square kitchen10Island planning на квадратной кухне.

Such an island often serves as an additional working area, handed down to the center of the kitchen. The island can consist of a plate, a sink, a dishwasher, a work surface - there are many configurations. The island should be located right in the middle of a square kitchen in such a way that access to each element of the working area was equally convenient.

square kitchen11In the island planning the island is placed in the middle of the kitchen.

Advantages of the island cuisine: The working area in such a room becomes as functional and convenient as possible, and in a spacious room a feeling of a whole space is created. However, it should be understood that this arrangement is not suitable for the arrangement of small square rooms.

Peninsular layout - it is a modification of the island cuisine. However, in this case, the island element is not installed directly in the center of the kitchen, but adjoins the end to the wall, forming a characteristic ledge (similar to the letter "G." With this projection, the dining area separates from the working one. it is exactly the same here as in the arrangement of the island's kitchen.

square kitchen12Peninsular layout квадратной кухни.

Advantages of peninsular planning: it is suitable for the arrangement of large, spacious rooms. With its help, you can intelligently zonate space, ideally having all the necessary appliances in the kitchen. However, this option is absolutely not suitable for the arrangement of square rooms with a small area.

square kitchen13Peninsular layout на просторной квадратной кухне.

Correct arrangement of furniture in a square kitchen

Adhering to several basic principles when arranging furniture and household appliances, you can easily organize an ideal space in your square kitchen.

It is very important to observe the so-called "rule of the triangle" - the main working area, which consists of a plate, a refrigerator and a sink, should be located as compactly as possible, then the hostess will be comfortable to use it, do not have to run around the room, doing a lot of unnecessary movements.

These items should be installed so that a triangle is formed, the length of each side of which can not exceed 2 meters.

square kitchen14The rule of a triangle is the basis for arranging a square kitchen.

It is equally important to determine the most convenient place for installing the sink - this should also take into account the location of all communications. Only after this, it is recommended to start organizing kitchen space. If desired, you can install a sink in the corner, this solution will save a little space in a small square kitchen.

square kitchen15Sink installed in the corner of a square kitchen.

The optimal place for the location of the refrigerator is one of the corners of a square kitchen. It will not break the integrity of the working surfaces, and will not divide the room into several small areas. Another option - to install a small refrigerator under one of the working surfaces, or completely take it out of the kitchen.

square kitchen16A convenient option for equipping a small square kitchen to bring a refrigerator beyond it.

It is equally important to organize the layout of the cooker in a square kitchen. It must be installed in such a way that the working surface is on both sides of it. It should be remembered that the plate should not be installed near the sink or directly at the window.

square kitchen17The plate is installed in such a way that there is a working zone on each side.

As for the headset, its placement will depend on the chosen type of layout. To equip a square kitchen of medium or large size, any method of fitting furniture is suitable.

If the room is small, it is worth giving preference to L-shaped or linear layout. The dining table can be installed in the center, or lean it against one of the walls. Instead, you can also use a wide sill with a folding table top, or a bar counter.

How to properly design a large square kitchen

A large square kitchen - the more spacious it is, the more good ideas of its competent arrangement can be realized. In a spacious square kitchen you can install a two-line or U-shaped set, and even build a full-fledged kitchen island, with a built-in work surface, oven, stove and sink (options can be picked up by others at their own discretion).

square kitchen18A large square kitchen is an ideal place for flying fantasy.

Since the room itself has a large area and good lighting, it is permissible to use any saturated, and even dark shades, in its design. For example, in a dark or black color can be equipped with a floor, facades a headset, some decorative elements on the walls. In saturated tones, you can also choose curtains or drapes.

square kitchen19Large square kitchen in dark colors.

The whole room of a spacious square kitchen can be divided into a working and dining area. In the dining area, it is recommended to install a massive oval or round table, picking up chairs with soft seats and high comfortable backs. Zoning room can also be using a special backlight, or using a two-level ceiling or floor.

Arrangement of a small square kitchen

Since the premise of a square kitchen is small, this must be taken into account when choosing the shades used as the main and background colors. Designers are advised to give preference to a light color scheme when decorating the floor, walls, ceiling and furniture facades (it is known that dark and saturated colors visually "bring things closer").

square kitchen20In a compact square kitchen, the most appropriate light colors.

As for the kitchen set, in this case it is recommended to choose an exclusively linear or L-shaped model, which will not take up too much space in the kitchen and will not make it difficult to move around it. On the installation of the kitchen island in this case is out of the question.

Zoning a small square room is best with the help of specially selected lighting, or a two-level ceiling. Do not choose a large and massive dining table. The optimal solution is to use a folding structure (for example, which is part of a wide window sill), or the installation of a rectangular table under the wall or in the corner of the kitchen.

square kitchen21Mini square kitchen with table set against the wall.

The only window, which is a source of natural light, should be decorated with translucent light curtains. You can also use Roman blinds, blinds or just a light tulle.

square kitchen22The window in a small square kitchen is better to decorate with a translucent tulle.

Of particular note is the organization of lighting - it should be bright and sufficient to ensure that there are no dark dark corners left in the room. If the kitchen is very small, some household appliances should be taken out of its range (for example, a refrigerator). To visually increase the room, you can arrange an archway, replacing the door structure.

Square kitchen real photo examples

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