Stone kitchen tables - the fundamental basis of the interior

Kitchen tables made of artificial stone have gained popularity quite justifiably. After all, for such material characterized by incredible decorative features, excellent performance and functionality.

Advantages and disadvantages

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The main advantages that tables with stone countertops have are:

  1. Beautiful appearance, the choice of a variety of colors and structures - from white to black, with blotches or monophonic, with patterns, with a polished or matte surface. From an artificial stone it is possible to make table-tops of almost any shape, especially if it is a question of an acrylic variety of it, easy in processing.
  2. Even if the price of the product seems overestimated, one should remember the very long operation of such products.
  • Bar counter with artificial stone countertop
  • Bar counter with artificial stone countertop
  1. Smooth and homogeneous countertops are very easy to care for - no water, no grease, no dirt penetrates them. Therefore, molds and microorganisms do not settle on such tables.
  2. Stability of form even in the case of sharp temperature changes.
  3. Possibility of local repair and polishing.
  4. Stability under mechanical action, scratch resistance.
  5. Increased bending and compression strength.

Some disadvantages include heavy weight (but relatively easier to use natural stone), inconvenient installation of overall structures, and fear of high temperatures (tables made of acrylic polymer).

Staron, Corian, Sileston ... What's the difference?

Samples of artificial stone

The artificial stone, from which the table tops are made, differs by:

  • type of composite material;
  • proportions of binding resins and fillers;
  • the kind of stone crumbs used;
  • type of filler used (this function can be performed by quartz sand or limestone, marble or granite chips).

However, Corian, Staron and other varieties of artificial stone differ from each other not so much in composition as in origin - manufacturers patent their products and give it a name.

Types of artificial stone

The main types of stone for the manufacture of countertops

Tables made of artificial stone can be made of acrylic polymer or quartz agglomerate.

Acrylic successfully replaces the traditional laminated chipboard, as well as wood, while remaining a budget and practical solution. It easily takes any shape - even the overall design produced by the technology will remain seamless.

Table with acrylic stone top in the interior of the kitchen

For acrylic stone characteristic high wear resistance, and surface defects can be removed by grinding. To care for these tables, no special chemicals are required. Their only drawback - the susceptibility to high temperatures, so that under the heated frying pans will need to provide special supports. On the photo, a table made of artificial stone in the interior (the work of designer Olga Valle).

  • Table made of acrylic stone
  • Table made of acrylic stone

Quartz agglomerate is widely used for kitchen countertops because of its strength and durability. In addition, it comes in a vast range of colors - much more variable than a natural stone. There are also solutions with a matte or glossy surface. Such countertops do not absorb the liquid at all, because there are no micropores here. In addition, they are immune to cuts, ultraviolet radiation and chemicals. Temperature changes or humidity can not harm such a design. The material also refers to the environmentally friendly and completely does not absorb any water, nor smells. On the photo there is a table made of quartz agglomerate in the interior of the kitchen, created by the designers Feinstein Inna and Kalaeva Lina.

Table with table top made of artificial quartz stone

Table with table top made of artificial quartz stone

How to choose the shape, size and color of the table

Choosing a stone table, you must take into account a lot of nuances, including the configuration of the work area, and the overall size of the room, and the number of family members who will daily use the table top, as well as the design of the room.

The basic recommendations for selection are:

  1. The most universal form is a square or a rectangle. Such a table can be placed in the center of the room or moved to the wall.

Kitchen table with quartz top

Round and oval models are very beautiful, they do not have sharp corners and, as is known, are arranged for communication, but are more like for large kitchens, because they do not move to the wall.

round dining table made of artificial stone

For a small kitchen, the wall table in the form of a semicircle or half-oval is the perfect one as in the photo below (the author of the project is Elena Tsybarnak).

Kitchen table from acrylic stone

Semicircular kitchen table made of acrylic stone

  1. Choosing a dark table, you should be prepared for the fact that on such a surface small scratches are more noticeable. The least noticeable are operational damages on table tops with granular or patterned inclusions, with a pronounced texture.

Table made of artificial stone for granite

  1. Additional details of the decor - for example, figured processing of the sides, will increase the cost of the product. Of great importance is the thickness of the tabletop - the thicker it is, the more expensive the design will be.
  2. To determine the optimal table area, you need to take into account the constant number of eaters - each person sitting at the table should have 600 mm of free space. And to determine the diameter of the round model, take into account this rule - for 4 people 90 cm, for 8 - 140 cm, for 5 -120 cm. If there are more than 8 people sitting at the table, the round construction will be too big. It is better to replace such a table with an oval, or even better - choose folding table.

Dimensions of the kitchen table

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