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Before you make a decision about the shades used in the kitchen, you need to understand what are your goals? After all, depending on this or that problem, there will be certain rules, according to which the color choice for the kitchen will be made, as well as whole combinations and compositions. We offer to learn more about interesting and possible combinations of colors in the interior of the kitchen. Due to what color this or that effect is achieved, and also the combination of the most unusual colors with other variants.


We combine colors and achieve certain effects

The kitchen color scale, in comparison with other rooms in habitation, is capable to solve not only questions of differentiation of space. Scientists have long proven that the influence of color - very truthfully on human health, as well as on their performance, digestive system.


Expand space visually, using light

If the kitchen, say, is not proportional, or too small, which often happens in old typical houses, then it is necessary to use some design tricks that help visually change the room.



  • Be sure to use light colors. They increase space visually.
  • If the shape of the kitchen is too long and looks like a pencil case, it needs to be leveled, making it more proportional, again, using the other two colors. Also, you can use one color, but it is necessary in two shades of it. On the wall that is located further, you need to put a light color, so they will seem closer.
  • Horizontal, not too wide strips, made in contrast, can also expand the space. If the same strips are expanded vertically, the ceiling will appear higher. If your preferred colors in a tangible contrast, you can apply a variety of wide bands, while that band, which is darker, will be already lighter.


How to create a cosiness

But in the kitchen they not only cook and eat. Often here sit out with guests, family and friends. Accordingly, the atmosphere here should be cozy and warm. And so you do not need to use too bright tones and contrasts. The most suitable option will be warm beige, and other pastel tonalities. So, for example, designers recommend using the same color in the interior of the kitchen, but with the use of several keys.


How to improve and maintain appetite?

Yes, it is absolutely possible with the help of a color scheme, if anyone else did not know. Other colors contribute to digestion, summoning appetite, or vice versa, to suppress it. In the latter case - cold colors will help very much even not bad. By the way, it is proved scientifically that if the plate is blue-green or blue, it will not cause the appetite exactly. As for its stimulation, the color of orange, peach, red will come to the rescue. Well, the most stimulation occurs with the help of orange and yellow flowers. In this case, it's not just about the coloring of the dishes. This also applies to the colors of the facades of the kitchen and various attributes.

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If you listen to the advice of nutritionists, especially those who want to control their own kilograms, then the kitchen interior should be properly designed. Accordingly, if it is important for you not to type "superfluous", then use a cold palette, and, conversely, if you need to maintain a certain weight and appetites, apply warm tones. But it's important not to overdo it too much, using violet and blue colors. The best option is a combination with neutral white or beige, or maybe yellow, green.

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Ways of combining the most popular colors

Despite everything, among the broadest range we distinguish the main, most favorable colors for decorating kitchens and other premises.


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As for the kitchen rooms, it is most appropriate to use pastel shades, green, etc., which will help improve the digestive system, as well as stimulation of appetite.


Many people know and have long used the method of applying cold shades to suppress appetite and hunger, in order to adjust their own weight. We offer to consider photo interior kitchens of different colors, as well as understand what is more suitable:

  • Brown will allow to create a cosiness and to place to itself visitors of your house. It is perfectly combined with green, blue or beige.
  • Beige is universal, it is a classic color that gives comfort. It is neutral, and it is easy to combine it with other shades ... from colors it can be: blue or white, brown.
  • The kitchen in white color is classical, stylish, showing excellent taste of its owner.
  • Yellow, meaning joy and wakefulness, promotes stimulation of blood circulation, appetite. Harmoniously it will look with white, green, gray, blue.
  • Orange also improves appetite, mood. Its use is just perfect with metallic, and gray.
  • Green relaxing, stimulating, soothing. Is able to eliminate a restless feeling, will prepare the news of sowing calmly and in a balanced manner in a stressful situation. You can combine it with yellow, brown, black, or light beige.
  • The color of the pistachio is calm, it calms down, and is combined with green and brown, red, orange.
  • Turquoise is a cold shade. It is better to use it only for accents. It will be harmonious with beige and white, cream, olive and sand.
  • Blue helps to suppress appetite. Use with purple, yellow, green, red, orange.
  • Blue can reassure, will help to precipitate emotional background and appetite. Maybe in a "pair" with red, gray, orange, yellow and white.


Red in the kitchen interior

If we talk about the perception of man, then some of the colors can still be called aggressive. But this does not mean that you can not use them. For example, they can be successfully combined, combining, with other options. In this case, the room will look more refreshed, with a certain zest and your personality.


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At the subconscious level, each of us admires the red. We even love him. But many of us, it is extremely rarely used in anything. It's probably because of a feeling of fear. After all, he can say rebellious, and quite aggressive. At the same time, no one can renounce it definitively and irrevocably. And so, a small salt cellar, a painting or even a countertop in this color - will bring a ray of joy to the interior! And literally in a few minutes spent at breakfast, you will be charged with spiritual and physical energy for the entire coming day! Do not be so afraid of this color! The main thing is to use it correctly, combine and combine it. So with what colors is it better to do? See below:

  • Cold shades of white. It will help to reduce aggressiveness due to its purity and innocence. Such a contrast will look very bold. And the most popular combination is white, using red facades.
  • Gray is very harmoniously combined with white, but it looks more modest and muted. In choosing the ratio of gray to red, shades should be selected correctly and very carefully. As for gray, it should be light, and red - darker.
  • Black can be called very bold. It can only be used in kitchens of large areas, and it is best if only some fragments of design are made to it, while the background will be white. This option is uniquely classic, and also shows excellent taste of the owners.


A few hundred years ago, the red confirmed noble persons. He was always special because of the huge palette of different shades. But for the clothes of red they asked for a very large sum of money! As for the decoration of the interiors in the royal rooms, made in the Baroque style, they could not just exist so that they were not red. And it concerned not only the decoration of walls and floors, but also furniture and other elements of decor.


Application of black color in the kitchen

Black in the kitchen is fashionable. It is not necessary to follow exclusively the old principles, decorating the kitchen in white. Being brave, as well as your own originality, you can choose black as the main one. But in this case, we recommend that you listen to professionals. In order not to make the room gloomy, it should be:

  • Do not choose black as the dominant one
  • Use it in one shade. Others can be used only as inclusions in decorative elements.
  • It can be made furniture, as well as wall materials.
  • It is better to choose a black glossy surface.
  • The material should be not that expensive, but also very high-quality.


For many people, black is associated with pessimism and a depressed state. But this is completely wrong. On the contrary, if you correctly choose the combination of this color and its design, you will show each guest of your home the self-sufficiency and confidence of the owner, who has an impeccable taste and style. In addition, in this way, you perfectly show your own design skills. When choosing this color, you should understand that black does not tolerate bad taste and falsehood.


Colors harmoniously combined

For those who prefer soft contrasts, such combinations as:

  • Red with orange and purple
  • Orange with yellow and red
  • Yellow with light green and orange
  • Green with light green and blue
  • Blue with violet, lilac and aqua
  • Violet with lilac, orange and pink


As for contrasting combinations, you can apply options such as:

  • Orange with blue, black, gray
  • Red with white, gray, black
  • Green with lilac and black
  • Brown with a Run
  • Yellow with violet
  • Blue with peach


Recommendations of professionals

For the harmony and completeness of the interior design, follow these rules:

  • Do not use more than three colors in
  • Select a neutral / warm color for the background.
  • Bright shades should be muted by neutral / warm, which will occupy more area in comparison with other
  • First you need to choose the main color that will dominate. Only after this - secondary shades
  • The main color occupies 2/3 of the area, additional options are 1/5, and only 5% for the placement of accents
  • With the help of cold color space can be visually made more


Also see the best combination of colors for kitchens in the photo to inspire and organize your own room exactly the way you dreamed! Fantasize and do not be afraid to experiment!

100 photos of ready-made ideas for successful combination of colors in the kitchen


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