The layout of a small kitchen

Small kitchens, unfortunately, are not only a legacy of the recent past. They are found in modern apartments. When buying such an apartment before the owners the question arises, what kind of planning to choose to make such a cozy and functional kitchen.

malenkaya kuxnyaMinimalism and practicality are an integral part of the interior design of a small kitchen.

Which planning to choose

The main task of lay-out of a small kitchen is the use of every centimeter of useful space. How to arrange furniture, so that the kitchen was primarily convenient for the hostess? There are several standard planning solutions: linear arrangement of furniture, angled U-shaped, G-shaped. Let's look at the most preferable options.

malenkaya kuxnya2The set in a small kitchen must necessarily be neat, with closed shelves, without noticeable reliefs.

Corner Layout

This is the most preferable option for the arrangement of small kitchens. Furniture is located along two adjacent walls with two perpendicular lines. This way of placement allows even a modest area to be used effectively.

malenkaya kuxnya3Built-in drawers, drawers, hooks and magnets on the doors, revolving corner carousels - all this will make it convenient to place all your kitchen utensils.

The advantages of this solution are obvious:

  • Compliance with the rule of the kitchen triangle: you can safely place a sink, stove and refrigerator at arm's length. This will allow the hostess not to wind the meters in running around the kitchen.
  • Modern kitchens (and modular ones, including) with a corner layout are roomy and compact at the same time: thanks to the technological fittings precious space will not be lost.
  • Convenient zoning. With this planning zoning arises by itself: there is a free space for a dining table with chairs, or you can even place a corner kitchen sofa.
malenkaya kuxnya4In the kitchen design of a small area, quiet colors with a neutral character will fit well.

The only drawback of this solution is that it is not suitable for narrow, elongated kitchens. Even if the shape of the room tends more towards the rectangle, it will be difficult to realize such a alignment.

Most often in small kitchens, a strict L-shaped arrangement of furniture and large household appliances is performed. Sink is located in the corner of the headset, refrigerator and stove to the right and left. Sometimes in a small kitchen can even accommodate a bar. In the smallest kitchen, it is able to replace a completely dining table.

malenkaya kuxnya5The materials to be used for finishing the kitchen should be quality and resistant to temperature changes.

Direct planning

In many cases, direct planning is the optimal solution for small kitchens. This is especially true for narrow elongated rooms. This is an option in which the elements of the kitchen set are placed along one wall.

malenkaya kuxnya6The sink can be placed in any convenient edge, where communications are located, in the case when the layout is linear.

Of course, the linear arrangement of the sink, stove and refrigerator is not always convenient, as it violates the principle of a triangle - the main one in kitchen ergonomics. Therefore, in more spacious rooms, a linear kitchen set is usually combined with a peninsula or even an island.

malenkaya kuxnya7The ideal kitchen is planned in such a way that after cooking and eating all the dishes can be freely placed in the cupboards.

Linear or direct planning in this way will be the preferred option:

  • For a small family in which cooking takes a little time;
  • for narrow kitchens;
  • for studios;
  • if your preference - a more convenient dining area to the detriment of the kitchen functionality.
malenkaya kuxnya8In the modern kitchen, there are options for glossy or smooth surfaces, and you can also use a one-tone tile for design.

What are the advantages of direct planning can be listed:

  • this is the simplest and easily implemented version;
  • kitchen sets for such a layout are the most affordable;
  • in the kitchen more space is freed, it seems more light and not cluttered.

Of course, for a long kitchen this location will not be the most convenient - the hostess will have to run a lot along the jobs.

malenkaya kuxnya9Cabinets for a small kitchen is better to choose under the ceiling.

Which layout is not suitable for a small kitchen

Unfortunately, in a small kitchen you will have to give up all ideas for creating an island or even a peninsula - they simply will not fit into the room. Do not fit the U-shaped and even more intricate G-layouts - you run the risk of remaining without a dining area.

However, this option is acceptable if the apartment has a separate dining room. Then you can leave a small built-in bar for the morning coffee in the kitchen, and the table and chairs will be in the room.

malenkaya kuxnya10A bar counter in a small kitchen can replace a cumbersome dining table.

Two-row linear planning is permissible in a small kitchen, but with some nuances in mind. First, cabinets will need to buy a small depth. This layout is optimal, if the width of the room is at least 2.2 m - then it will be possible to accommodate 2 rows of furniture with a depth of 60 cm and leave a meter passage between the rows. One row of kitchen furniture will have to be made shorter to accommodate the dining area. Looks like this option will be like a trailer.

malenkaya kuxnya11Another idea for a room with a small quadrature is the union of adjacent spaces at the expense of a similar visual design in a single scale.

What furniture to choose and how to arrange correctly

Picking up furniture and household appliances for a small kitchen, it is better to use special design 3D programs to avoid making mistakes with the dimensions.

malenkaya kuxnya12To arrange the furniture is so that it does not interfere with the movement.

Kitchen set

Unfortunately, not every type kitchen can fit in a small kitchen. Of course, the concept is small for everyone - for someone and 10 meters a small kitchen. However, most often in the typical planning solutions for horseshoes, breeches and even early steel, there are kitchens with an area of ​​6 squares, 5.7 and even 4 sq.m. In such a kitchen is better to make a set on order, narrowed, with corner functional lockers and high.

malenkaya kuxnya13For a small kitchen, the best option is oval or round shapes, which by themselves do not provide for clear, even lines, which makes the room wider and more spacious.

The arrangement of furniture should solve 2 main tasks: functionality and minimalism. Excess furniture in a small kitchen should not be, but it must solve all storage problems. If the ceiling height allows, you can even consider the possibility of installing the upper row of cabinets under the ceiling, where you can remove the little-used technique.

malenkaya kuxnya14The fewer things in a small kitchen, the better, it is necessary to organize storage so that everything that is usually placed on the countertop is hidden in drawers and lockers.

When choosing furniture, order light glossy facades. They will reflect the lighting, and the kitchen will appear more spacious. Glass and mirror inserts will also look good. If the apartment is planning the appearance of young children, order furniture with rounded corners - this will increase its safety. Good looking in small kitchens tables, beveled (narrowed) towards the front door.

malenkaya kuxnya15The perfect idea of ​​visual expansion of space is to put the highest object (for example, a refrigerator) in the far corner.

Table and bar

The location of the dining area directly depends on the size of the kitchen. In the kitchen area of ​​6 squares and a little more you can place a table and chairs near a free wall or near a window. When placing the dining area near the window, you can even put a narrow kitchen sofa with your back to the window.

malenkaya kuxnya16If the family consists of two or three people, then the stove can be on two burners and take up little space.

Standard sofas have a seat width of 60 cm. But for the kitchen you can find models with a depth of 40 cm. Of course, they will not be particularly comfortable for a long pastime at the table, but for a meal it will be enough.

malenkaya kuxnya17The kitchen corner is an excellent option for a large family.

In smaller kitchens, you will have to look for narrow tables or even use a narrow, table-topped table. A good option is to remove the windowsill from the window and order a combined window-sill, an exciting part of the wall. Such products are made of artificial stone, are not particularly expensive, but look quite impressive.

small kitchen18It is advisable to extend and widen the window sill and, depending on the height, turn it into a table, work surface or make a bench.

A small family can be limited to a bar counter instead of a table. It will increase the functionality of the kitchen area, creating an original environment. A great idea is the combination of the bar and the sill. For a two-level rack, the second part of which is attached to a metal console, it would be prudent to place the traditional stands under the wine glasses, the shelves for fruit. And under the bar you can push the high bar stools.

malenkaya kuxnya19Visually expand the room will help point bright luminaires, located on the perimeter of the ceiling, as well as over hanging lockers and shelves.

Where to put the refrigerator

The standard view of ordinary hruschovok - refrigerator in the corridor. Of course, this is not the most convenient option of accommodation, as running to him the hostess will have to constantly, in addition, he clutters the passage. A built-in refrigerator in the kitchen will help to keep the ergonomics of the room and will not clutter the aisles.

malenkaya kuxnya20It is best if household appliances are built in and will create a single composition with a kitchen set.

However, you can place the refrigerator and separate from the headset, if the configuration of the room allows. For example, it can be placed near a door, especially if it is located asymmetrically. If the kitchen has a niche - there you can put the refrigerator even with larger dimensions.

malenkaya kuxnya21Simple design kitchen set can be varied with an interesting apron, for example, placing behind the glass wall-paper.

A standard small refrigerator is usually placed at the beginning or at the end of the furniture line. Well fit into any interior narrow refrigerators - now you can buy a technique depth of 54 cm.

malenkaya kuxnya22

If the kitchen is combined with a loggia, an excellent place to install a refrigerator is on the loggia. Of course, the rule of the kitchen triangle in this case will be violated, but the place will be vacated in the kitchen. You can not put the refrigerator next to the stove, radiator and gas stove.


Small kitchen by definition should be light. The lighter the kitchen, the more spacious the room feels. Bright furniture facades, light walls, short curtains, additional lighting are the main recommendations.

malenkaya kuxnya23Sufficiently versatile options for a small kitchen are blinds and roll bamboo products.

The dark floor will give the room depth, and bright contrasts - in the form of an apron or decor elements will help the kitchen blossom. With regard to lighting, additional lighting can be done over the working area and near the dining table.

malenkaya kuxnya24Light curtains for a small kitchen should not be dark.

How to make the kitchen roomier: useful tips

The most radical way to make the kitchen more spacious is to combine it with a nearby room or with a balcony. However, all this is costly and carries re-planning problems with state structures.

malenkaya kuxnya25The cold tonality of the floor from white and gray to dark does not accentuate attention and visually increases space.

In the kitchen you can create the illusion of space:

  • Light design design, white glossy ceiling, glossy or glass facades, mirror fridge - we have already written about all this.
  • Use literally all millimeters of the area - use the functionality of the window sill, put high cabinets in the box, hang the top row of cabinets.
  • The built-in technique optimizes the kitchen space. Spread the hob and oven in different places, hide the dishwasher and refrigerator in the high cabinets;
  • Use non-standard doors - opening accordion or sliding. Of course, the fittings for such elements will cost more, but they will save space.
  • Put the corner lockers: they help to use every centimeter. Turn-sliding shelves will roll out themselves when the door is opened, and the carousel shelves do not have far corners at all.
malenkaya kuxnya26If you use white color not only in the decoration, but to choose furniture in white, it will seem that the space has no borders at all.

The most common errors in the lay-out of the kitchen

Well, at last I would like to point out the most frequent errors in the layout of small kitchens:

  • If the kitchen is very small - do not try to cram into it unintended. Something has to be sacrificed - for example, to transfer the dining table to the next room.
  • Do not forget about the entrance to the kitchen door - its canvas at the opening eats a meter of useful space. Or even remove it and replace it with an arch or try this option as an accordion door.
  • Do not try to fit a cumbersome set into the kitchen - make a 3D project and make furniture to order. This will keep you nerve cells when using the kitchen for many years.
malenkaya kuxnya27Accessories should be chosen in the same color scheme as the main palette of the interior of a small kitchen.

Variants of the layout of a small kitchen real photo examples

malenkaya kuxnya28malenkaya kuhnya29malenkaya kuxnya30malenkaya kuxnya32malenkaya kuxnya33malenkaya kuxnya34malenkaya kuxnya35malenkaya kuxnya36malenkaya kuxnya37malenkaya kuxnya38malenkaya kuxnya39malenkaya kuxnya40malenkaya kuxnya41malenkaya kuxnya42malenkaya kuxnya43malenkaya kuxnya44malenkaya kuxnya45malenkaya kuxnya46malenkaya kuxnya47malenkaya kuxnya48malenkaya kuxnya49malenkaya kuxnya50malenkaya kuxnya51small kitchen52malenkaya kuxnya53malenkaya kuxnya54malenkaya kuxnya55malenkaya kuxnya56malenkaya kuxnya57malenkaya kuxnya58malenkaya kuxnya59malenkaya kuxnya60malenkaya kuxnya61malenkaya kuxnya62malenkaya kuxnya63malenkaya kuxnya64malenkaya kuxnya65malenkaya kuhnya66malenkaya kuhnya67malenkaya kuxnya68malenkaya kuxnya69malenkaya kuxnya70

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