The replacement of kitchen façades is an excellent solution

Are you tired of the old kitchen set or want to change in the main room in the house? And maybe the furniture has long worn out under the influence of steam, fat and water and lost all its attractiveness? Then carefully inspect the headset - if the furniture cases are still able to perform their functions and do not require restoration / replacement, then it is possible to change only the facades - this is a practical and economical solution in most cases.

The purchase of new furniture is always accompanied by tangible financial costs. But the replacement of the facades of the kitchen will allow to design the room in a new way and at the same time remains a budget decision. In addition, you in fact can and not maintain the same stylistic design, and replace, for example, smooth glossy doors on the classic facades with moldings or milling. So the design of your kitchen will again become fresh and relevant.

Replacement of facades with own hands

How to choose the right material for new facades

Replacement of kitchen facades most often requires only preliminary planning of design, material and choice of color (all the rest, as a rule, specialists take on themselves). The durability, functionality and attractiveness of the headset depends on the material of the door. Naturally, this also affects costs. There are several solutions - more or less in demand and budget:

  1. The replacement of facades with chipboard products is considered the most budgetary procedure. The material, made on the basis of resin and wood shavings, is considered to be rather capricious, but nevertheless differs wear resistance. The service life of such furniture is about 10 years, but, provided that the products purchased have certificates of quality and hygienic safety. Otherwise, in almost a year, the EAF will start to swell or crumble, and the protective film will deteriorate.
Replacement of facades - chipboard Replacement of facades - chipboard Example of replacement of facades of chipboard Example of replacement of facades of chipboard Example of replacement of facades of chipboard
  1. Have you decided to change the facades by installing MDF doors on the furniture? They will last about 7 years.

Kitchens from MDF in the interior

MDF is an artificial, attractive exterior material - it is much easier and cheaper in comparison with natural wood. Such designs will become a real decoration for the headset - after all, you can order MDF with photo printing or a material with an unrivaled glossy effect.

Facades from MDF Facades from MDF Facades from MDF Facades from MDF

Among the strengths of the material are the stability of the fastenings and the resistance to many external influences (moisture, temperatures, mechanical wear), and resistance to bacteria, and ease of care (not only wash, but also clean with soft abrasive agents).

Replacement of facades: before and after Replacement of facades: before and after
  1. The replacement of kitchen façades with modern plastic is also an excellent solution, as it is a wear-resistant material that remains in its original form for a long time.

Replacement of facades from plastic

  1. Not necessarily the facades of kitchen furniture should be deaf - they can be made of glass or with glass inserts. Often for classical headset choose a decorated glass - with thematic drawings, or with abstract patterns, but for a modern cuisine in Scandinavian style transparent or semi-matt white glass. Glass can also be darkened, painted, corrugated. Among the advantages of such facades is the resistance to external pollution and chemical agents.

Facades with glass

Advice! In the house where there are children, you can use an alternative - plexiglass. Its main characteristics are low weight and immunity to mechanical damage.

  1. If the budget allows, then an excellent option - the facades of the solid wood. If such products are too expensive, they can be replaced with veneered structures that completely preserve all the nobility of the wood texture.

Kitchen from solid wood

Facades of solid wood

Replacement of the facades of kitchen furniture requires a choice of texture. So, the variant with a protective glossy film will look attractive, but at the same time it will save the budget. Painted matte surfaces are presentable and stylish, but they require special care, without which their surface is quickly covered with spots.

Perfect decoration of the headset can be a frame facade, allowing you to combine on one door two or more materials. Moldings and cutters on the facades of furniture can be very different, you will have plenty to choose from.

Types of milling facades

The color of the frame of the old kitchen does not fit the new facades?

What to do if the color of your headset differs from the color of the desired facade? It does not matter. Inside the frame will be visible only when the doors are opened, and in addition, the body can be repainted, updated with self-adhesive film or veneered with veneer.

Color of the case and new facades

Color of the case and new facades

Advice! If in doubt, what color of facades exactly approaches the existing frame, then safely choose white. Be sure, it fits any color of the case. In addition, light shades visually increase space and add light to kitchens located in the shady side.

Stages of work

Most masters recommend not to work on replacing the facades of furniture with their own hands, but at all stages (from calculation to dismantling and installation) to attract specialists. Although, if your kitchen is of standard size, in good working order and does not have complicated closers, then you can upgrade the kitchen yourself.

The necessary dimensions of furniture facades are calculated quite easily: to determine the height from the height of the cabinet, 3 mm is taken away, and for determining the width - 4 mm from the corresponding cabinet size.

After this work is carried out in the following sequence:

  • The doors of the cabinets are milled for loops;
  • They are attached pens, for which preliminary marking is performed in accordance with the chosen fittings;
  • Prepared parts are hung on the body - for this, a foot is attached to the wall, sold in a kit with hinges;
  • The element suspended on the foot is adjusted vertically and horizontally with special screws.

How to care for new facades

In order for the renovated kitchen to remain attractive for a long time, it is necessary to provide the facades with the right (depending on the material) care:

  • Facades from particleboard, MDF do not leave greasy spots on the surface, and therefore there will be enough regular wet cleaning;
  • The structures of the wood massif should be protected from direct sun exposure and cleaned with a soft rag with means without chlorine;
  • Glass is used for liquids that do not leave streaks after washing, but abrasive powders, scrapers or brushes are not used;
  • Stains on laminated, lacquered doors are removed by suede or any other dry soft cloth.

And for any kitchen facade is not recommended the use of corrosive acids or alkalis for cleaning.

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