Thread curtains in the kitchen - 75 photos of fashionable

To date, thread curtains in the kitchen are very diverse. Modern designers help to choose the most ideal curtain options, suitable for this or that interior, harmoniously complementing the overall interior.


As a rule, curtains in kitchens are not only decoration. They are characterized by being simple in terms of care, practical. In addition, they are completely unable to disrupt the functionality of space. Such criteria correspond not only to the standard versions of the curtains, but also to the muslin, which you can see in the photo of thread curtains in the kitchen.


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What is the role of the muslin

There is a considerable number of people confirming the advisability of thread curtains in non-use in the interiors of cuisines. In this case, if the topic is considered in more detail, it turns out that everything is completely different.


Nitty varieties of curtains are an excellent way to give a variety of interior, as well as originality with non-standard. For a long time in the states of the East such curtains have been used to delimit space. In addition, with the help of them, the windows were closed. Nevertheless, such products were not at all an obstacle to the sun's rays entering the room.


Thread curtains in the interior of the kitchen will help create a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. In too bright sunny days they will protect the space from excessive light. He will not strike directly in the eyes. However, if the street is overcast, this room will not look any fainter.


Kise thread hanging down calmly directly from the top of its structure, creating a feeling of lightness. Thanks to this design, the interior looks surprisingly light.


Care of thread curtains

As some landladies say, these curtains do not hang in the kitchen. Due to the fact that they require special. care. But it's not like that at all. These curtains are dirty much less than tulle and other materials. Therefore, such products are rarely erased. In this case, it is necessary only to twist the cloths, knitting them with the help of cloth, and folding into a special net for washing. They are put in dry cleaning, so as not to bother on their own. It is important to know that such curtains just do not wash. Previously, they need to communicate, because the threads are confused, because of what they simply have to throw. Read: Roman blinds - 170 photos of ideas and novelties of stylish curtains on plastic windows


Some people may be embarrassed by how long the threads are. But, this should not be a problem for someone. After all, as a rule, in kitchens they use exactly shortened versions of curtains. As for simple curtains, they are sewn, but thread curtains are simply cut with scissors if necessary. Functionality and beauty of them will not suffer from this at all.


The design of thread curtains in the kitchen can be very diverse, thanks to modern technologies that offer different shapes and colors of products decorated with the most original decorative elements.


Kitchen with access to the balcony

By the way, the muslin is a great way to arrange an opening between the kitchen space and the balcony. They are easy to move to get out on the balcony, and this is a very convenient option. Among other things, thanks to it, air will easily penetrate inside with the door of the balcony open, in comparison with dense fabrics.

interior of the apartment, interior design.

The length of such curtains can be any, if it is a kitchen with a balcony, including up to the floor. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to install the stove next to everything, so that everything will be safe.


Kisei beautifully decorate the interiors, giving lightness and airiness to the space.


Photo of modern thread curtains in the interior of the kitchen







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