Walls in the kitchen - how to decorate them

The kitchen is the part of the apartment that has a special role. In the kitchen, the most heartfelt conversations are held, at the end of the day the whole family gathers there, and if you like to cook and often spend time there - then this is really your office.

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Therefore, it is especially important to maintain a balance between the beauty of the kitchen and its functionality, and also take care of the quality of the materials used in wall finishing.

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Materials for wall finishing in the kitchen

Cooking is a real test for both home appliances and furniture, and for walls. Kitchen walls are familiar and spray from the food being cooked on the stove, and the effect of steam from boiling water, and the soot from something burned in a frying pan ...

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So the choice of material for kitchen walls should be appropriate. Finishing should be made of materials that are not afraid of high humidity, no permanent exposure to high temperatures, no dirt.

In this case, do not forget about the aesthetic component - in your kitchen should be just nice to be.

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So, modern materials for finishing walls in the kitchen are as follows:

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  • tile;
  • wallpaper;
  • MDF panels;
  • paint;
  • plaster;
  • fake diamond.

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Let's now consider all the materials separately.

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Ceramic tile

The most probably the classic look of the walls in the kitchen. Previously, and the issue of choosing the material did not arise, so tile was popular. Now it goes into the background, giving the palm to the new, more and more perfect materials.

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She often decorate the kitchen "apron", the walls at the same time get rid of something else.

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But tiled "apron" - not the most successful decision: in the area of ​​the joint of tiles over time, dirt and grease are clogged, and it is simply impossible to clean them. Therefore, for such purposes, special panels or glass are used.

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If you still prefer a tile, its choice is now quite large. Coloring, style, methods of coating (smooth or textured, glossy or matte) - choose exactly what you will be from.

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Washable wallpaper

If earlier the first in popularity was ceramic tiles, now this niche is occupied by washable wallpaper.

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Do not use plain paper wallpapers in any way! They will absorb in themselves and moisture, and the smell, will swell and, in the end, just fall off. To decorate the kitchen you need to use only vinyl wallpaper.

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Their coating is such that it allows you to easily wash off dirt and grease, while using ordinary detergents.

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The surface of such wallpaper is covered with a special film that protects them from any adverse effects - temperature, humidity, dirt and dust.

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Also there is a variant of covering the walls with liquid wallpaper. This is a fairly new, but already loved by many ways. They are durable, air-permeable, fireproof and waterproof.

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They are easy to wash, can be painted many times, they do not swell and do not peel off with high humidity.

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Plastic panels

Also very popular material for decoration and decoration of walls in the interior of modern cuisine. This material is also resistant to moisture and temperature changes, and moreover, it does not collect pathogenic bacteria.

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There are veneered MDF, such a panel is veneered, and dyed MDF - for its coloring apply high-tech bases that are resistant to any impact.

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Such panels have a variety of texture and coloring, absolutely safe and look very unusual.

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This is a fairly budgetary option, which provides a vast scope for imagination. You can develop the talent of the artist and, in accordance with your taste and imagination, mix two or more colors, painting the kitchen exactly as you see it.

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Paint is recommended to choose glossy. Matte and rough - for the kitchen is not suitable, because in its pores all the same fat and dirt will be clogged, and the walls will become a hotbed of bacteria.

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When choosing a paint, also remember that it can disadvantageously emphasize all the shortcomings and unevenness of the walls.

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Decorative plaster

Covering the walls with decorative plaster is another field for imagination. It looks spectacular and beautiful. And by the way, it can be done independently, using a simple shpaklevku.

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Plaster is the following: on water and on anhydrous basis, flock and Venetian, silicate and silicone, lime-sand and polymeric, on marble chips and structural, mineral and synthetic.

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Fake diamond

Stone is another great variant of wall decoration. It looks even more effective than decorative plaster, and they can be replaced and washable wallpaper, and tiles. And all because this material, at first glance laborious in circulation, is not really that way.

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It does not need any special cleaning products - you can use the usual ones. It is inexpensive, easy and convenient for transportation and directly in operation.

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As for the decor, it fits perfectly with all other materials, giving the kitchen an unusual look.

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You can make such a stone, or all the walls, turning your kitchen into a medieval dining room, or to decorate them with one single zone.

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Having studied all the materials, as well as possible options for decorating the walls in the kitchen in the photo of the interiors, choose one - but your own, to which the soul lies. And let the kitchen please your eye every day!

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Photo of wall design in the kitchen

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