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The characteristic "washable wallpaper" is really an operational characteristic, and not a separate category of wallpaper. But it is this quality that must have any finishing material in the kitchen. Let's find out what kinds of wallpaper can be called washable.

Kinds and marks - reference for the buyer

Washable wallpaper can be:

  1. moisture resistant - you can wipe only with a soft cloth, moderately dampened in water, and therefore for the kitchen, their use is not recommended;
  2. washable - can only be wiped with a cloth or sponge with slightly alkaline solutions. This will remove dust, light dirt, fresh stains, but not fat;
  3. super-washing - washing with soap solutions is allowed with a sponge;
  4. super-washable and resistant to friction - wear-resistant and moisture-resistant coatings that can be washed with a solution with the help of not only the sponge, but also the brushes.

To understand which category the roll you like, you can by the symbols on the package.

Pictograms for washable wallpaper

Also washable wallpaper must be marked by the type of material.

Types of washable wallpaper for the kitchen

For the kitchen are suitable types such as:

  1. Foamed vinyl - with a pronounced volume texture, without embossing. Very light, but dense, and therefore easily glued, masking minor surface defects. They can be wiped, but very carefully and without the use of brushes.

Foamed vinyl

  1. Flat vinyl is a vinyl of hot stamping. Varieties: "Compact Vinyl", "Super Wash", "Silk Screen" (in the photo below). Their base can be just paper or non-woven. The design of such coatings is a variety of imitation fabrics, leather, etc. Flat vinyl is perfectly cleaned, but does not "breathe" and glues only on even walls.

Washable Flat Vinyl Wallpaper

  1. Embossed vinyl. Embossed vinyl is obtained by embossing the relief layer. So you can imitate decorative plaster or any other surface pattern.

Wall-papers for painting

  1. Structural wallpaper for painting - it's non-woven wallpaper for painting. Excellent finishing material, which breathes and cleans, transfers up to 8 cycles of dyeing with water-based paints.
  2. Steklooboi - a coating for painting, consisting of fiberglass and has increased performance, so they are often used for finishing non-residential premises with high traffic. They are not afraid of humidity or friction, but they are also breathable. The basis for fiberglass is often paper, and they are often painted with acrylic paints on a water basis. Performed in standard textures - rhombus, matting, herringbone and so on. Keep in mind that the glass piles are folded into a roll face-down inside.


Best and worst wallpaper for the kitchen

  • The best choice for the kitchen: the so-called "solid" vinyl wallpaper on non-woven basis, which "breathe" and serve 15 years.

Vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven base

  • The best washable wallpaper for painting: fiberglass wallpaper - they are much stronger than non-woven fabric.
  • The worst choice for the kitchen: paper wallpaper - not the best choice for the kitchen, even if it is a "duplex" (two-layer paper) with a moisture resistant coating. After all, these paintings can not withstand a large number of washing cycles, in addition, they burn out and serve only 5 years.
  • The best base: non-woven - unlike a paper substrate, non-woven fabric is not afraid of humidity, does not dry up, does not deform, covers cracks up to 2 mm, soundproofs, does not support combustion, better tolerates the movement of the building walls. And it's much easier to glue, as the strips will not stretch from the glue, which means that the pattern will be easier to dock.

Custom wallpaper - cork and metallized

There are other types of roll coatings that can be classified as:

Metalized wallpaper
  1. Metalized wallpaper is one of the most modern materials. How do they differ from standard roll coatings? The basis here is porous paper and aluminum foil, covered with a protective layer and paint to ensure better wear resistance. The protective layer also serves as a dielectric. These coatings differ in a truly original appearance with a smooth or embossed surface.
  2. Cork - it's eco-friendly coatings from the bark of cork oak. The basis they have is paper and non-woven. However, the color palette in this case is not too diverse - it is ocher, dark and light brown tones. Wallpaper from the cork are considered hypoallergenic and create a quality heat and soundproof layer. Than they can be washed? Wet sponges with detergent - moisture does not cause them harm, because the material on top is covered with a protective wax layer. By the way, such wallpaper can last about 20 years.

Cork wallpaper

Three more nuances on pasting washable wallpaper

Washable washable wallpaper
  • Most washable coatings have a heavy weight (more than 120 g / m 2), so you need to choose the appropriate glue. In addition, even if the base is non-woven, the glue must be applied to both the canvas and the walls.
  • For washable vinyl wallpaper, antiseptic glue with fungicides is needed.
  • And most importantly - the adhesive for washable wallpaper for the kitchen should be moisture resistant.

On the correct pasting of the kitchen with wallpaper, read here.

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