Washing machine in the kitchen

Placing a washing machine in the kitchen is a good solution, which will help to make the small bathroom more spacious. There are different ways of installing this household appliance, so every home owner will be able to choose the most optimal option for himself.


Advantages and disadvantages

Typically, a washing machine in the kitchen is forced, when in the bathroom for it is catastrophically not enough space.

The advantages of this solution include the following:

  • As you know, most of the time the hostess spends in the kitchen, doing various household chores. If you place a washing machine in the same room, she will not have to run from room to room, torn between washing and cooking. In addition, this method allows you to meet the established standards of fire safety. The bathroom is highly humid, and the operation of such units in it is undesirable - especially while bathing someone from the household.
  • If you remove the washing machine from the bathroom, there will be much more space in it. At the same time, another working surface is formed in the kitchen. And you can start washing at any time, even when the bathroom is occupied by someone from the family.


As for the shortcomings of such a decision, they are as follows:

  • The noise of a working washing machine can prevent a household from watching TV or chatting during a gathering at a dinner table.
  • The smell of domestic chemicals used during washing is quite palpable, and its presence in the kitchen can hardly be called appropriate. Particularly undesirable is the proximity of such funds to food.
  • To start washing, dirty linen will have to be brought from the bathroom, since it is there that it is in a special basket. At the same time it will have to be sorted, measuring the detergent, and carrying it all to the kitchen.


It should be noted that all the listed shortcomings are not too critical, and they can be completely solved.

Get used to a washing machine in the kitchen will help some tips:

  • You can start washing late at night, when the household members have finished their meals and gatherings in the kitchen - then the noise of the car will not disturb anyone. You can also wash between meals.
  • To store the washing powder and other means, it is necessary to allocate a separate container or department in a closet with a lid or door, which is tightly closed. Then the smell will not interfere and will not affect food.
  • Instead of the traditional washing powder, you can use a special liquid product that is stored in a container with a reliable lid - it completely dissolves in water and does not spill out.
  • If the legs of the washing machine are well adjusted, then it will be much less noisy. It is best to use the floor in the kitchen not to use laminate, but ceramic tiles or granite. These materials are not afraid of moisture and possible leaks, in addition, they significantly reduce the noise level of the machine during the washing process.


How to install a washing machine in the kitchen

Unfortunately, not every model of the washing machine fits perfectly into the ready-made set installed in the kitchen, and this should be understood before proceeding with the installation of the unit. It is possible that just one extra centimeter will prevent you from placing your washing machine in a suitable niche. If you carefully plan all the nuances of installing this device under the countertop, you do not have to build a special cabinet for this purpose.


You just need to install a washing machine between two bedside tables, just under the countertop. Doors will be needed if there is a need to hide the unit behind the facade due to its unpresentable appearance. Making a simple bedside table, in this case, does not require extra effort.


It is necessary to take into account the height of the washing machine, since a standard household appliance can be a couple of centimeters taller than a countertop. When making a headset on order, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the washing machine, so that it can be easily placed in the corresponding niche.

If necessary, raise the countertop slightly. If it is not possible to change the configuration of the furniture installed in the kitchen, it is worth looking for an assembly equipped with a removable top that fits perfectly under the countertop.


Connecting and installing a washing machine

In order for the machine to function properly, it is necessary to provide the correct location of all communications - sewerage, water supply, electric current.


Piping. The connection of this unit to the water supply is possible in the kitchen only in one place - where the mixer is located. The triple tee with a tap crashes where a hose that supplies cold water is connected to the mixer.

To carry out this procedure, it is necessary to unscrew the flexible hose and install in its place, using a patch, a through-girder-tee. On the other side of the tee where there is no tap, screw the mixer hose, and to the tap itself, connect a hose that will supply water to the washing machine.


Sewerage. Properly equip the drain and connect the unit to the sewer will be even easier. The drain can be connected directly to the sewerage system - for this, it is necessary to disconnect the existing siphon from the sewage system and install a standard type sewer, connecting the siphon of the sink into one outlet and the hose of the washing machine in the other.

The rubber cuff in the sewer will help to seal the drain of the washing machine. Another way to connect the drain - to the siphon, you have to buy one in which there is a branch pipe for connecting the unit.


Electricity. Provide supply of current to the washing machine is more difficult than connecting it to the water supply and sewerage. Since the washing machine is a sufficiently powerful device, it will be necessary to create an individual line equipped with a circuit breaker for it. It is best to provide such a moment at the repair stage.


If the washing machine is installed in the kitchen after the repair, there is no need to cut the walls in a new way - it will be necessary to stretch a separate branch. To do it right, you have to think carefully.

External wiring, for example, can be hidden behind a special cable channel. Another option is to connect to an electrical outlet through an outlet from which the hob is powered (then turn on the washing machine and the hob in turn, so as not to overload the wiring).


Models of washing machines that can be placed in the kitchen

Built-in washing machine - such an aggregate can be hidden behind the furniture facade completely, using hinged panels for this purpose. This is an ideal option for the kitchen, as the room will look stylish, modern and attractive.

Washing machine in the kitchen: the most popular accommodation options, 60+ photo examples

Details of the washing machine, wires and other communications will not be completely visible. This model is equipped with special hinges, with which the cabinet door is attached to it. In addition, the decorative panels on it from the side and from above are simply missing.

Washing machine in the kitchen: the most popular accommodation options, 60+ photo examples

Washing machine, which costs separately - Such a household appliance can also be used for installation in the kitchen. The main thing is to choose a model that fits in size and fits under the table top.


There are two ways to place a washing machine of this type: the front panel is closed with the door, or it remains open.


Choosing the installation method with the door, it is important to pay attention to the unit approached the furniture, not only in height, but also in depth.


How you can place a washing machine in the kitchen - the best options

Embedding machine in a kitchen set - this is the best way to completely hide the household appliance behind the furniture facades. Thus, it will not stand out against the general background and spoil its kind of interior, and all the surfaces in the kitchen will look the same.

Equipped with a similar method, the kitchen looks more attractive and tidy, in addition, it seems more spacious. This method of placing the washing machine should be selected if the room is small.


Unfortunately, built-in units have their own drawbacks: they are more expensive, manufacturers offer consumers a smaller choice of models. If you need repairs, you have to remove the door and pull the appliance out of the box, which is very inconvenient. The only difference between built-in washing machines and conventional ones is the lack of decorative panels.

On the front panel of this model are installed hinges, which are necessary for the placement of the facade. It is also possible to build a washing machine with a top load, but specially for it you will have to equip the folding countertop. To arrange such an assembly, for example, you can in the bar.


Washing machine behind the door - To realize this idea, it is necessary to buy a washing machine with a depth of no more than 45-50 cm. Technics of this size fit nicely in a niche, and there is still room for all hoses and other elements. It is important to remember that the depth should be measured at the most convex points of the door of the washing machine, and not by its body.


Installing the washing machine under the windowsill - a good way of placing the unit, especially if there is a sink nearby (in this case you do not have to re-pipe and drain). To implement such an idea, you need to equip a wide sill and pick up a washing machine, suitable for height. The worktop directly above it will serve as an additional workplace.


Placement of the washing machine in the cupboard - The floor stand must correspond to the height of the unit. From the top it is covered with a table top, and inside it can be located not only a niche under the washing machine, but also a separate place for washing powder and other accessories for washing. In one such design, the washing machine and the sink can be accommodated, thereby saving space.


Installing the washing machine in a free place in the kitchen - this method is chosen if the kitchen is fully equipped, and the configuration of the headset is not possible. The unit is simply placed closer to the sink, in an empty place. For a small kitchen is recommended to choose a model with a small depth (up to 50 cm). It is even better to choose a compact washing machine with top loading.


If the layout allows, you can arrange the unit away from the working area and hide it behind the screen. However, the best place for him is next to the dishwasher and a sink, as connecting all the necessary communications in this case will be much easier.

The operation of the machine in such a place will also be more comfortable. In the kitchen, a single "wet" zone is formed in which all the necessary cleaning and cleaning products will be stored.

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