We clean the microwave in 5 minutes - 6 express ways

All the most effective and quick ways to clean the inside of the microwave are based on one principle - the creation of a steam bath and a vapor spray trap for cleaning products. The effect of the trap will be created by the stove itself, our task is to make an effective washing solution from the means, which, fortunately, probably already exist in your kitchen cupboard.

Method 1. Cleaning the microwave with citric acid or lemon juice (for medium and heavy contaminants)

This method allows not only to quickly clean the microwave oven from the inside of fat and carbon deposits, but also to remove unpleasant odors. However, if the chamber of your microwave oven is covered with enamel, then it is not necessary to regularly use citric acid for washing it.

What will be needed: water (400-500 ml), a container for water and 1 tablespoon of citric acid or 4 tablespoons of lemon juice from 2 medium lemons and the remains from them.


  1. Fill the dishes with water, pour citric acid into it, or squeeze out the juice from the two lemons cut in two, and then put the halves of the fruit themselves as shown in the photo below.

Cleaning the microwave with lemon juice

  1. Next, put the container in the chamber and turn on the microwave for maximum power for 2-5 minutes - depending on the degree of contamination.
  2. When the microwave turns off, it's worth to wait another 5-15 minutes.
  3. We take out the dishes, wipe the oven inside with a sponge or a rag, in difficult places, wetting the sponge in the same solution.

Method 2. Cleaning the microwave with a soda (for medium soiling)

Baking soda

If citric acid is not at hand, and you do not grow lemon tree at home, and generally prefer to use citrus for their intended purpose, you will be helped by baking soda, which settles on the walls of the chamber in the form of condensate and dissolves the dried spray and dirt.

What will be needed: water (400-500 ml), a container for water and 1 tablespoon of soda.

Recipe: наша задача – сделать раствор, который осядет на стенках камеры в виде конденсата и растворит засохшие брызги и грязь. Для этого наполняем посуду водой, насыпаем в нее соду, ставим в камеру нагреваться при максимальной мощности в течение 2-5 минут, а затем оставляем печь в покое еще на 5 минут. Дальше остается только протереть камеру начисто, в сложных местах смачивая губку или тряпку в том же самом содовом растворе.

Method 3. Cleaning with a "steam room" (for prevention and weak contamination)

This is the easiest way to clean the microwave oven, which you can do without, if the oven does not have strong and old stains.

Cleaning the microwave with a steam bath

What will be needed: water (400-500 ml) and a water tank.

Recipe: наполняем емкость водой, ставим ее в СВЧ-печь и включаем на 10-15 минут на максимальную мощность. Когда микроволновка выключится, не открывая дверцу, даем образовавшемуся горячему конденсату «поработать» еще минут пять, а дальше осторожно вытаскиваем тарелку с водой и начинаем убирать размягченную грязь губкой или салфеткой. Если же прослойка жира и нагара серьезнее, то воду нужно нагревать 2-3 часа при средней температуре.

Method 4. Cleaning with vinegar (for strong contaminants)

Vinegar will help to wash even the most neglected microwave effectively and quickly, but its smell in the process of cleaning will have to suffer. And one more thing - if the camera of your microwave oven is covered with enamel, then we do not recommend using this method too often.

Acetic acid

What will be needed: water (400-500 ml), a container for water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar (9%) or 1 teaspoon of 70% essence.

Recipe: первым делом приоткрываем форточку, чтобы запах кислоты мог выветриваться. Далее наливаем в тарелку воду, вливаем в нее укус, ставим раствор в камеру и включаем микроволновку на 2-5 минут в зависимости от степени загрязнения. Теперь даем испарениям уксуса еще немного времени на растворение грязи на стенках камеры и начинаем отмывать СВЧ-печь изнутри губкой или мягкой щеткой. Когда вы закончите, промойте технику от самого средства.

Method 5. Cleaning the microwave with a sponge and "Fairy" (for weak and medium contamination)

Perhaps you thought that it would be a normal mechanical cleaning? Not at all, although we can not do without it, but now we offer a slightly different method, which is suitable for washing a slightly soiled microwave.

Cleaning the microwave with a sponge and dishwashing detergent

What will be required: any sponge (except for metal, of course), water for soaking it, as well as any dishwashing liquid like "Fairy", "Dosi", etc.

Recipe: на обильно смоченную в воде губку выдавливаем моющее средство размером с 1-рублевую монету, затем хорошенько вспениваем его, сжимая и разжимая губку. Далее кладем ее в камеру и запускаем микроволновку при минимальной мощности на 30 секунд, следя за тем, чтобы губка не начала плавиться. Теперь открываем дверцу и отмываем размягченные парами средства налет жира и брызги той же губкой. В следующем видео вы можете наглядно увидеть процесс и результат чистки описанным способом.

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Method 6. Cleaning the microwave with a wiper (without a "bath")

And here is another good and safe way for cleaning with the use of household chemicals, though without creating the effect of "bath."

What will be required: a sponge, water, as well as any liquid for washing glasses.

Recipe: для начала отключите вашу печь от электропитания. Далее смешайте чистящий раствор из жидкости для мытья стекол и воды в пропорции 2:1. Раствора должно получиться столько, чтобы его хватило для чистки печи как снаружи, так и внутри. Далее обильно смочите губку в моющем растворе и протрите внутреннюю часть микроволновки, включая кольцо и тарелку. Засохшие пятна нужно замочить в стеклоочистителе в течение 5 минут. Далее хорошенько протрите всю камеру чистой тряпкой, смоченной в воде, чтобы на стенках не осталось ни грязи, ни остатков стеклоочистителя, ни его запаха.

And some more useful advice

  • The procedure for cleaning the camera from the inside is recommended as follows: first remove the ring and the glass plate from the oven, then wipe the top wall and grate, then - the sidewalls, then the bottom, and finally the door as shown in the photo below.
  • Microwave cleaning
  • Microwave cleaning
  • Microwave cleaning
  • Microwave cleaning
  • Microwave cleaning
  • Clean the microwave oven at least once or twice a month. During this time, the spots of fat will not have time to age.
  • In order not to run your assistant and rarely wash it, use a special plastic hood that protects the microwave oven from the splashes of hot food. The hood can replace glass transparent dishes or food film.

Caps for microwave and alternative to it

  • With citric acid and vinegar it is important not to overdo it during the heating of the solution or soaking, especially if the interior finish of the chamber is enameled.
  • Old age spots of fat that are not removed even after the "bath", you can try to remove a rag soaked in olive oil.
  • Be careful when bringing the microwave in order. Do not use metal sponges and sponges that crumble strongly. After all, the ingress of foreign particles into the lattice can cause ignition of the device. We also advise you to refrain from experiments with household chemicals and use only specialized products or those described in our article (glass cleaner, dishwashing liquid and "home" remedies). The use of hazardous chemicals can also cause the device to ignite.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners to clean the microwave oven, so as not to damage its housing.
  • And, of course, we recall that if the food "exploded" in the process of cooking or warming up, leaving splashes of fat and pieces of food on the inside walls of the oven, then it is better to remove them immediately.

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