What color to choose for the kitchen (real photo)

To create the kitchen of your dreams, it's enough to radically change the color, because the right color palette for the kitchen is the first step to comfort, coziness and practicality. With the help of color, you can instantly transform the room: make it roomier and more comfortable.

What color to choose for the kitchen (real photo)

Choosing a color for the kitchen

White color

White color смотрится невероятно уютно на кухне. Белая палитра придает воздушности и легкости помещению. Эффектная кухня с правильно подобранной мебелью, техникой и кухонным гарнитуром, избавит от чувства нагроможденности и расширит пространство маленького помещения.

This color scheme can be found in many styles:

  • Scandinavian style, in which there is a pure white color, and only natural materials.
  • High-tech, where white is combined with chrome gray.
  • Retro and minimalism, where both "fire and ice" came together white and red.

Do not be afraid of white. Caring for modern materials has become much easier - stains disappear in a matter of seconds without harm to the surface. Finding in such a space pacify - at any time of the day and night in the kitchen of white color will reign harmony.

kitchen-white-color (1)kitchen-white-color (2)kitchen-white-color (3)kitchen-white-color (4)kitchen-white-color (5)

More details about the kitchens of white color and see more photos can be here.


In the world there are thousands of shades of green and almost all of them perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen. Light shades of green are excellent for rooms with windows "to the south", and the eternal spring will create bright shades of green in a room with windows "to the north."

The green palette is universal: playing with different combinations of shades, you can "add" or "remove" the meters, awaken the appetite or dull the feeling of hunger. A given color in combination with shades of yellow and red palette causes appetite, while green with brown and white suppresses it.

Designers recommend to use in creating an interior kitchen:

  • Light green. Bright shades of green fill the room with energy, give vivacity in the morning.
  • Pistachio. Pale, calm shades are pacifying.
  • Lime. Fresh shades motivate to step forward and to feats.

Green цвет и его многочисленные оттенки – отличная альтернатива традиционным белым и бежевым кухням. Благодаря многообразной палитре зеленых оттенков, на кухне всегда будет царить весна и свежесть, а также один из стилей, в котором безупречно смотрится этот цвет: прованс, кантри, классический и минимализм.

Advice! It is not recommended to make a kitchen in olive-colored, as this shade causes a feeling of anxiety and even depression.

kitchen-green-flowers (1)kitchen-green-flowers (2)kitchen-green-flowers (3)kitchen-green-flowers (4)kitchen-green-flowers (5)

More photos of green kitchens can be found here.


Red цвет – смелое решение для людей с безупречным вкусом. «Съедобные» оттенки красной палитры на кухне – малиновый, клубничный, вишневый, гранатовый – по утрам мгновенно пробуждают, а вечером придают экспрессивности и при меньшем количестве света, создают интимную обстановку.

Red цвет – цвет любви и тепла, поэтому он нигде не смотрится так хорошо, как на кухне, в месте, где можно собраться на большое застолье или романтический ужин.

In addition to the variety of styles in which there are shades of red (provence, retro, fusion, classical style), red is perfectly combined with other colors and that is important, with different geometric patterns.

Red цвет отлично смотрится на больших кухнях, но опасен для маленького помещения, поскольку он зрительно сужает пространство и сильно утомляет. Умный дизайн помещения в красном цвете станет изюминкой и гордостью обитателей квартиры.

kitchen-beautiful-flowers (1)cuisine-gorgeous-flowers (2)cuisine-gorgeous-flowers (3)cuisine-gorgeous-flowers (4)cuisine-gorgeous-flowers (5)


Juicy orange color causes appetite, which is especially necessary for families in which there are small children. To all shades of orange the most place in the kitchen: orange, tangerine, peach and melon colors will always cause only positive emotions, and create a feeling of eternal summer.

The orange palette is equally beautiful in both small and large kitchens, but this combination will be especially pleasant for children. For even more coziness, designers recommend adding orange details to those places where there is more light (window, "apron").

orangevie-kuhni (1)orangevie-kuhni (4)


Brown – это самый популярный и один из древнейших цветов, присутствующих в дизайне кухонь. На кухне коричневого цвета всегда присутствуют комфорт и уют, а все оттенки этого колера смотрятся благородно.

  • Dark shades create an image of a cozy hearth.
  • Warm colors give a feeling of luxury and greatness.
  • Light shades are universal, therefore perfectly in harmony with other colors.

"Edible gamma" - chocolate, coffee, caramel and nut - contribute to excellent digestion. In addition, the brown color looks great with any texture (glass, stone, wood) and with natural shades, creating a fresh corner of the nature of the house. This is especially true for urban residents.

Separate attention deserves a rare shade of brown - "wenge". Wenge is a few shades, but it is the deep brown shade chosen by admirers of refinement and luxury.

kitchen-brown-color (1)kitchen-brown-color (2)kitchen-brown-color (3)kitchen-brown-color (4)kitchen-brown-color (5)

The black

The black цвет, как многие уверены, уменьшает пространство, а также подавляет, но дизайнеры давно рекомендуют использовать этот цвет тем, кто, прежде всего, чтит элегантность.

Kitchens of black color are especially popular in luxury hotel rooms, but with the help of a black palette it's easy to create an elegant room even at home.

Black palette is used in the most interesting styles of cuisines: minimalism, high-tech, art deco, retro and gothic.

The black цвет на современной кухне в сочетании с хромированной поверхностью, глянцем и стеклом дарит ощущение бесконечности и глубины. Во время приема пищи, появится ощущение торжественности и помпезности. Особенно роскошно и элегантно смотрится кухня в черно-белом и черно-красном цвете.

kitchen-black-color (1)kitchen-black-color (2)kitchen-black-color (3)kitchen-black-color (4)kitchen-black-color (5)


Until recently, designers did not recommend using blue in the interior of the kitchen, as it turned out that all shades of blue suppress appetite. However, for people who are inclined to fullness, the "marine style" in the kitchen is an excellent solution.

Today the blue color is no longer afraid. It turned out that this shade of blue can visually expand the space no worse than white:

  • The ceiling of the blue color will resemble the sky.
  • The walls are associated with an endless, calm and quiet sea.

The only minus of blue color - minimal compatibility with other colors. But for residents of the apartment, in which the kitchen windows face south, the cool blue color will be a real salvation. In addition, the blue color is ideal for those who want to use more than two colors in the decor of the interior.

Advice! Creating your own stylish interior of the kitchen area in blue, it is important to remember the rule of "three": the first color - the main one, the second - the contrast of the first, bright colors only in accessories.

kitchen-blue-color (1)kitchen-blue-color (2)kitchen-blue-color (3)

The combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen

The choice of colors for the kitchen is one way of expressing one's own taste and opinions, which, in the final analysis, are driven by the power of imagination. Creativity and inspiration in interior design plays an important role and affects how this room will be perceived in everyday life.

When planning a kitchen, designers recommend using at least two colors of 50/50 or three in a ratio of 60-30-10, where:

  • 60% is the dominant color;
  • 30% - recessive shade;
  • 10% - the accent.

It is very convenient to combine colors using such schemes:

  • Contrast. Colors are equivalent to each other.
  • Analog. Select tints follow from the spectrum of colors of one color perception.
  • Monochrome. The main color and its shades are used.

To ensure that the selected colors in the end are not meaningless, do not spoil the picture, just use the nuances below:

  • white looks great with a red and eternal antagonist - black, but with gray and blue white can not be combined in the kitchen.
  • Green palette flawlessly combines with natural shades: orange, brown or red.
  • Red scale (if you take this color as a basis), you need to dilute it with white, black or brown, but it's dangerous to add green to it as a second color. Decor of yellow and orange color will not spoil the overall picture.
  • Orange цвет - one of the few colors that match blue in the kitchen. In addition, with an orange palette look great: green, purple and red.
  • Brown цвет in the kitchen looks good with natural shades - orange and green (pistachio, lemon). Unusually, but very attractive looks brown with blue and pink.
  • The black цвет nobly looks with any partner, whether light or dark, pastel or saturated colors. Particularly advantageous looks black with gold, silver or bronze.
  • Blue оттенок, especially turquoise or heavenly, will make an ideal pair with red, brown, yellow and orange, but with white or black it should not be combined.

Apply this or that color can not immediately: just change the color of one of the walls or buy furniture, and then, taking the color you like as a basis, gradually come to harmony.

Suitable color for kitchen

According to designers, the ideal colors for creating a kitchen are: white, green and brown, but each person, creating a unique design, has the right to choose his own color.

It is important to remember that the light perception is affected by:

  • the size of the room;
  • ceiling height;
  • lighting the kitchen with natural and artificial light;
  • goals for which the design is changing.

Knowing such subtleties, choosing the right color for the kitchen will not be difficult.

Even without the skills to create a steep interior, it is enough to use the above tips to make the kitchen room warm, cozy, never lost appetite, there was always a good mood.

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