Which ceiling in the kitchen to choose

When undertaking repairs, you need to think through thoroughly all the details of interior design. It is important that all repairs are not only financially practical, but also durable. Some details, such as, for example, the ceiling are not made for one year. Consider the main options for a ceiling cover in the kitchen.

What is the ceiling in the kitchen to choose, the pros and cons, real photos

In today's variety of options for a ceiling coating, you can easily get confused by a person who is unreasonable in this matter. Therefore, in the beginning it is recommended to study in detail each type of ceiling, and only then start to mount it.

After determining the significant advantages and disadvantages of each variant of the ceiling, it will be easier for the buyer to determine the choice. Let us consider them below.

Stretch ceiling in the kitchen

The main material used in the manufacture of stretch ceilings is vinyl. To produce such a ceiling, thin webs are used, connected together by a high-frequency current.

As a result, the canvases are up to five meters in length, which makes it possible to make the ceiling seamless on small areas.


Pros of the stretch ceiling:

  • Quick installation.
  • It can withstand about one hundred liters of water per meter. This ability is very useful if you are suddenly flooded by neighbors. The tensioning cloth simply will bend, and after the water is pumped out, it will return to its original position.
  • Since the material used to make such a ceiling has an average degree of flammability, it can be rightfully considered fireproof.
  • Variety of design and colors.
  • Resistant to liquid precipitation and moisture, which in the kitchen predominates in excess due to the constant temperature changes.


  • Subject to mechanical influences, so you should be careful with sharp objects.
  • Reduces the height of the ceiling by four to five centimeters.
  • For large areas, a visible junction of the cloths is possible.
  • At first, after the installation of such a cloth may have an unpleasant smell.

Stretch ceiling can be of different design:

  • glossy;
  • matt;
  • satin;
  • With decoration. Most often used images of flowers, maps, birds, clouds, portraits, the starry sky.

There is a myth that the stretch ceiling can provoke the appearance of mold and fungus. But this is far from the case. Their appearance is associated with excess moisture.

Since the moldy place can not be treated with a special antiseptic without dismantling the entire stretcher, it is recommended to treat the entire ceiling with mortar before installing it.

The price of a tension ceiling has a significant run-up in the minimum and maximum indices. As a rule, the lowest square meter costs about five dollars.

The maximum cost is unlimited. If you consider the average price, you can bring the value of ten or fifteen dollars per 1 square meter.

The cost of stretch ceiling depends on the following:

  • the size of the ceiling;
  • what corners in the kitchen (round or square);
  • number of recessed luminaires;
  • need to bend uneven surfaces in the form of pipes;
  • type of ceiling: glossy will be worth more than all other options.

Gypsum plasterboard

It is most often used with defective ceilings: uneven slabs, targets or other irregularities that need to be masked.

gypsum plasterboard1


  • Flexible and moisture resistant material used.
  • Ability to hide wiring and other wires.
  • Allows you to zonate the room.
  • Additional soundproofing.
  • When the draft of the building itself is not given a crack.
  • Various design variations and color scheme.


  • Substantially reduce the height of the ceiling (from seven centimeters).
  • Complexity of installation.

By its installation, the ceiling of gypsum board can be:

  • single-level;
  • two-level;
  • multilevel.

With gypsum cardboard ceiling it is also possible to use additional decor in the form of mirrors, glass, wood.

As for the cost of such a ceiling, the prices start from ten dollars per square meter. The rest all depends on the chosen design and used decor.


The main advantage of this type of ceiling coating is a combination of aesthetic appearance and ease of courtship. According to their design, they differ in size and number of sections in one panel.



  • Easy to clean.
  • It is easy to transfer water from the upper floors.
  • They hide wires and other communication.
  • Resistance to temperature changes.
  • An additional layer of soundproofing.
  • Do not have a smell.
  • Acceptable cost.
  • Diverse design.


The most important drawback is the reduction in the height of the ceiling by a few centimeters.

Due to a variety of designs, the plastic ceiling has become popular with many people. Panels can imitate wood, marble, metal, bamboo and so on. As for the color, most often light colors are used for the ceiling.

Calculate the number of panels is not difficult. Most often the thickness is five to ten millimeters, the width is two hundred to five hundred millimeters, and the length is up to three meters.

The cost of such a ceiling is considered one of the most affordable. The price starts from three dollars per square meter.


What is the ceiling in the kitchen to choose, the pros and cons, real photos


  • Hides the unevenness of the ceiling.
  • They hide wires and other communication.
  • Quick installation.
  • Available materials used.


As in the above listed versions of the ceiling cover, the ceiling height is reduced.

The cost of such a ceiling depends on the material used. The average price varies from ten to fifteen dollars per square meter.

Two-level ceiling in the kitchen

With this kind of ceiling coating, you can easily hide the unevenness of the ceiling or the various pipes and wires.


The most common materials used to install a two-level ceiling:

  • plasterboard;
  • tension web;
  • rack ceilings;
  • ceiling panels;
  • a noble stone.


  • Well zoned room.
  • Visually make the kitchen more.
  • Well mask communication and wires.


  • The height of ceilings decreases by several centimeters.
  • The price depends on the chosen design and the material used.


Rack потолок позволяет воссоздать уникальный дизайн за счет хорошей гибкости самих реек. А разнообразие в цветовой гамме позволяет выбрать подходящий оттенок для индивидуального интерьера кухни.

ceiling_over 11


  • It tolerates moisture well.
  • Ease of care.
  • The gap between the slats allows you to change the lighting over time without dismantling the entire ceiling.
  • Durable and well tolerates mechanical effects.
  • Does not accumulate dust.
  • Low price.


  • Because of the suspended structure reduces the height of the ceilings by a few centimeters.
  • If it is necessary to change the ceiling coating in a particular part of the ceiling, the entire ceiling is dismantled.

The cost depends on the material of the rails. The average price of such a ceiling goes up to ten to fifteen dollars per square meter.

Wooden ceiling

The tree gives comfort and sophistication to the whole room. In addition, this material "breathes", which proves its high environmental friendliness.

tree ceiling8


  • Preserves heat.
  • An additional layer of soundproofing.
  • Hides communication and wires.
  • Aesthetic appearance.


The main disadvantage of such a ceiling coating is that the tree does not tolerate moisture well. And there is plenty of it in the kitchen. But with this problem will help to cope with various impregnations for the ceiling. They will save the tree from rapid rotting.

Most often, the wooden ceiling is used in country style, where the tree creates a cozy home environment. A great option for those who love nature and a quiet lifestyle.

The cost of such a ceiling depends on the type of wood used, as well as design. If you take the coffered ceiling from oak, then the price starts from one hundred and fifty dollars per square meter. Not everyone can afford such financial costs for a ceiling covering.

Wallpapers on the ceiling

Probably the oldest and time-tested type of ceiling cover. In addition, a very budget option. The main thing that should be done before buying wallpaper, is to determine the quality.


Typically, for the ceiling choose a light wallpaper, with a high permeability and moisture-proof. It should be noted that it is better to choose neutral colors, since they hide accumulated fat.

Also before gluing it is recommended to level the ceiling, plastering it or breaking it with moisture-resistant plasterboard.


  • Affordable price.
  • A wide range of.
  • If you use a moisture-resistant wallpaper, it will be easy to take care of the ceiling.
  • Possibility of repainting.
  • Easy sticking.


  • They do not tolerate the effect of steam.
  • Short service life.
  • Perfectly level ceiling.
  • It is impossible to hide wires and other communication.

Table of approximate cost of works and material (rub)

Type of ceilingsCost of work for 1 m2Cost of material per 1 m2TOTAL
Stretched ceilingof 300of 300600
Plasterboard ceilingof 500of 300800
Plastic потолокof 500of 150650
Suspension потолокof 300of 500800
Two-level ceiling (tension)of 500of 6001100
Rack потолокof 600of 5001100
Wooden ceiling( дуб)0m 500of 60006500
Wallpapers on the ceilingof 200of 200400

Choose the color of the ceiling for the kitchen

Whatever material for the decoration of the ceiling is not used, the color palette is of great importance. Most often, white and other light shades are chosen for the ceiling. But there are also very eccentric variations of design, where the place is also in dark tones.

White ceiling

The traditional color of the ceiling coating. Its main advantage is that it visually increases space and makes the room lighter. The glossy ceiling of white color looks spectacular.


Black ceiling

It's worth to be careful with this color. It is best to consult with experienced designers who will suggest the best option for a dark shade on the ceiling.

При правильном приеме может возникнуть иллюзия отсутствия потолка. Black ceiling подойдет только для кухонь с высокими потолками.


Red ceiling

As a rule, red color is preferred by purposeful people, with a persistent attitude and with obvious qualities of an unsurpassed leader. For the ceiling, red color is used quite rarely. But if you apply it, you get a very beautiful interior.


One of the conditions for the presence of such color on the ceiling is its competent combination with other shades of the kitchen. In the end, you will get an incredible luxury effect.

It is worth remembering that the red ceiling will be in the center of attention in such a kitchen, so the rest of the interior should be performed in more restrained colors. Red color arouses appetite, so for the kitchen it will be very appropriate.

Picture on the ceiling

Modern technology allows you to accurately transfer the image to the ceiling. Plus to all the competent lighting and then you get an incredible beauty ceiling.


Most often, the pattern is used on stretch ceilings. For the kitchen, the ideal option will be images of flowers, sky, animals, kitchen accessories. An excellent idea can be the placement of photographs of household members on the ceiling.

Which is better: glossy or matte ceiling?

It is difficult to say exactly which type of ceiling is best for the kitchen. Everything depends both on the personal taste of the owner of the apartment, and on the size of the room and lighting. If the kitchen is large areas, then designers are advised to give preference to a matte option.


For connoisseurs of gloss is better to choose then for the kitchen a two-level ceiling.


Glossy ceiling in beautiful light can seduce its beautiful reflection. In addition, this type of ceiling visually able to increase the kitchen, which serves as an excellent solution for a small room.

The matte ceiling still applies more to the classic type. One of its advantages is the absence of visually visible joints of the ceiling coating. Also on the matte coating, dust will not be visible. Not in vain basically choose for the kitchen is a matte surface.

But for small kitchens, the combined ceiling also fits. Using glossy inserts on the matte coating visually make the room more spacious and more expressive.

Analyzing all the above information, everyone will be able to find the perfect ceiling cover for themselves. Do not blindly chase the fashion or give in to the visual effect obtained from the seen in the next apartment or a beautiful picture on the Internet.

If you have not decided on the choice of material for the ceiling, then ask for help from experienced designers who will select an interesting and suitable design for your kitchen.

You can also see the photo of real ceilings in the kitchen, maybe after that your inspiration will come to you.

Ceiling in the kitchen (real photo)

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